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triv (2745)

  reversethis-{gro.virt} {ta} {lrep.esu}

I hack perl for, I maintain Net::DNS, I play drums in a band.. I do this, I do that.. yada yada yada...

Journal of triv (2745)

Wednesday June 26, 2002
10:04 PM

mod_perl on OS X

I was at Jesse's talk on RT today, which was cool, and I got in a conversation with pudge about mod_perl and OS X. In talking to people it became clear that I was kinda rare in getting it to work right. So here's how I did it, and it was really really simple:
  1. You'll need to the developer tools, both the old 10.1 tools and the more recent ones worked for me.
  2. Build perl 5.6.1
  3. Get the mod_perl sources, unpack, etc... etc...
  4. Then just configure the source tree the "Flexible Way".

All and all, it is pretty simple. I've been using it for about 6 months now without any problems. Things should get even better once 5.8.0 matures, as it is even more OS X friendly.

03:51 PM


I'm in the break for Damian's cool Perl6 talk. I'm getting excited about perl6, though I still have some reservations. The regex syntax sounds really powerful, maybe a little too powerful.
02:04 PM

tibook badness

my brand-spanking-new tibook doens't seem to like picking up wireless connections. At all. Period. I've given up on it. I was so mad at it during Jessie's RT talk, that I slammed the screen shut and stared at it.

Stupid Thing

So I'm using cat 5. I'm the guy with the length of blue cat5 that Larry almost tripped over, right off the stage during Damian's talk.

11:05 AM

mod_perl and OS X

I just discovered that I'm kinda rare for having got mod_perl to work on OS X. Funny thing is that I've been doing most of my devel for dyn on my OS X box, running a whole copy of the system.

In other news, I played around with the patch on Net::DNS that Matts found. It's slower than the old code. Fudge!

Monday June 24, 2002
12:27 PM

The saga continues

Got activeperl installed on XP under Virtual PC. Installed nmake, installed Net::DNS. Can't reproduce the bug. (The bug being the Net::DNS::Resolver doesn't get the right IP for the local recursive DNS server.)

However, the bug report was for windows 2000. So I install w2k, activeperl, nmake, and Net::DNS. And... I can't reproduce the darn bug!

On the plus side I had an epiphany last night about how Net::DNS::Resolver should be reorganized. Right now it's very monolithic, with lots of the "copy and paste" code reuse methodology.

I don't have the details plained out, I have to wade though the code and figure those out, but here is my plan:

Net::DNS::Resolver keeps the same interface, it's for setting options, building packets to be sent, and getting the results of sending those packets. Interally, it uses Net::DNS::Connection::UDP or Net::DNS::Connection::TCP classes, instead of Net::DNS::Resolver::send_tcp() or Net::DNS::Resolver::send_udp(). To keep the options going back and forth nicely, I'm leaning towards some sort of options object, but that's not in stone.

I'm thinking that Net::DNS::Connection will be a super class of Net::DNS::Connection::UDP and TCP. The super class will be smart and try UDP first, and then use TCP if you run into packet fragmentation. (Or if you're doing a AXFR....)

I currently have in peices scattered around my home directory. I'm also working on Text::ReflowEmail. But that's a whole other story.

Sunday June 23, 2002
02:11 AM

Virtual PC

I have virtual PC with windows XP on my mac. I mainly use it for seeing how websites render on windows, and things like that. I figure this is a perfect way to test Net::DNS. So I install activeperl on it. Hangs halfway though the install. Tried 3 times. jordan's suggestion of finding a windows maintainer is sounding better and better.
Saturday June 22, 2002
03:46 AM


Net::DNS on windows seems to have issues. I guess this means I need to run windows. I hate that.
Friday June 21, 2002
12:30 PM


Tim (krellis) is visiting. First night he's in, we decide to get the cool VoIP phone working. Networks hijinks!!

I had a DSL with all my machines NATed behind one of those magical Netgear 'router' thingys. Now, the phone talks to the controller thing, and the controller tries to talk back to the IP the phone has. In this case, the controller is trying to talk to, the internal IP. Enter network hijinks.

We setup one of my freebsd machines to do the PPPoE magic, and run NAT for me. so far so good, when we set up a IP tunnel, so that my interal 192.168.0/24 can talk to the office $something/27 directly.

Plugged in the phone, and poof. I have a Massachusetts phone at my apartment in Lansing, Michigan. I feel so l33t.

Thursday June 20, 2002
03:08 PM

I hate sun

The Net-DNS homepage was, until last night hosted on a Sun X1 at dyn's ithaca server farm. All was well. Then, we notice, hey... sodium (the box's name) thinks it's July 8th.

We fix the time, it drifts off by a day or so in a few minutes. Something is clearly not right with the thing. Our solaris guy reboots the box, what the heck. It works for windows.

Later that night, I try to log into the darned thing. It's not up. I ask the solaris guy, "Yeah, it didn't come back up".

Around this point I realize, that the only complete copy of the site was on sodium, and that I had bits and peices on other machines, but that's it. Luckily google's cache had some missing stuff, and I just can generate the docs from the distrabution in one line. Copied the tarballs from cpan, and things were looking good again.

I really don't want to do that again.

Tuesday June 18, 2002
04:24 PM