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MarkyMoon (3661)

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Journal of MarkyMoon (3661)

Thursday April 29, 2004
01:17 PM

Snoop Doggy-Dogg got 'im a Jobbie Job!

After months of throwing resumes into what was starting to resemble a black hole, I've finally landed a new job! Actually it's a contract gig that could possibly turn into a full time position, which is just fine with me.

The interview was 2 weeks ago but I hadn't heard anything back and was about to write it off. But I called them yesterday to find out if they had made a decision. The HR person said that they hadn't made up their minds but that I was still in the running. It turns out that about a 1/2 hour after I called they had a new project that they could definitely use me on. So I hope I can impress them enough to get in permanently.

The funny thing is, when I interviewed the HR that I was supposed to meet with had called off so they had me interview with the lead programmer and lead graphic designer on the project with the opening. I preferred this since I never graduated from college (I know... my bad!) and sometimes I think that HR interviews work against me not having a degree. The fact that I'm trying to tunnel my way out of print into web development/backend stuff doesn't help me either since very little of my prior (non-freelance) experience is in this area.

This time however, I had the chance to answer specific questions from the people I would be working for, which is much better than generic HR questions anyday -- " Why do you want to work here?" when the obvious answer is " I have a nasty food-beer-lodging habit to support" which is almost never the answer they're looking for.

The feeling of relief after all this time (14 months) is amazing!

Friday April 23, 2004
06:35 AM

Rat Fink

I think installing Fink has screwed my iMac royally. Recently I haven't been able to run Illustrator or Quark on my new computer. Since I do graphic design this is _NOT_ a trivial matter. The added complication of being unemployed means I can't afford to upgrade to newer (OS X) versions of either program. I can't figure out why they won't run, so I starting trying to work backwards to figure out what big system change I've made that might have caused the problem.

Lo and behold, from looking at my logs and file modification dates it seems that the last time either worked was immediately prior to installing Fink. Farging bastoid!

Shout it from the mountaintops... F#@! Fink!!!!

Saturday March 20, 2004
03:28 AM

Diggin' up bones

Started rewriting a site that I originally created back in '98-99. It's not active anymore and is only archived on my portfolio site, but I figure I have the time (unfortunately) so why not clean it up. I don't know... maybe it's "cheating" to bring an old project up to today's coding standards. <rationalize>On the other hand a portfolio is also to show what you can do now.</rationalize> But fsck it, I need a job!

I'm also worried that although the site looks good, it's full of the kind of crap that you had to do back in the 4.0 browser days to get things to look the way you wanted. Anyone viewing the source code now would probably be unimpressed. Invisible pixel tricks, evil javascript and yes... even frames I'm ashamed to say! But I know better now. XHTML, CSS and Perl for it's resurrection.

It had a big portfolio with lots of images and about 8 zillion pages which I'm now going recreate using I knew nothing of this thing called Perl back then. It would have been so much easier to make/update. Thank you Larry and Lincoln wherever you are!

...Igor bring me that hammer... and a Rolling Rock!

Thursday March 18, 2004
11:02 AM

Accidental Stalker

Since I don't write Perl for a living I keep finding myself needing to go back and relearn something I thought I had halfway started to understand 6 months ago. I feel like I'm not making the progress I'd like, so I decided I needed a real project to work on. Something to keep me motivated and moving forward towards JAPHdom.

I've been thinking about trying my hand at writing a module for a little while, but was having a hard time coming up with an idea that might be remotely useful for at least one other person _AND_ within my meager set of Perl skills. I've been getting slightly interested this whole blog thing lately, although this is about as close to a blog as I'm likely to ever have. Since this is only my second journal entry it's safe to assume I'm not that into keeping track of my own activities. That's what the F.B.I. are for anyway. (Now, if i could keep track of my car keys... that would ROCK!)

Anyway, I've been finding lots of interesting geek blogs and wikis with plenty of good tips, what projects people are working on... that sort of thing. Way more interesting than the usual angsty dear-diary stuff.

Then I finally had what I think might be a halfway decent idea. (You're as shocked as me I'm sure!) Since I'm a Mac fan I thought perhaps I'd try something Mac and blog related.

Not wanting to reinvent any wheels, especially since this wheel will probably be kind of square and wobbly, I started looking around CPAN, Sorceforge and Perlmonks to make sure nobody had done/is doing the same thing. I also wanted to see what was already out there that I could use in this project.

While doing my searches I kept running across the same author names or links to things they had written. Two of the frequently recurring names weren't new to me, pudge and brian d foy. But while I was searching topics that were even remotely similar I kept finding links to Petdance/Andy Lester's modules or finding his answers to other people's questions on Perlmonks. I'd only recently become aware of Petdance when he kindly offered to speak at a meeting . Chatted with him breifly once on iChat - a nice guy and obviously very knowledgable.

Since then I have run across his name so many times that it is starting to make me feel slightly creepy.

So yesterday, I was really happy to receive a copy of Perl Medic - Transforming Legacy Code by Peter J. Scott that I had requested for the group library. I love getting good mail and a new book is high on the list of good mail.

With a little glee, I crack the virgin binding open to a random page to start checking the book out.

And there, about 3/4 of the way down page 57 two words leapt out as if they had been set in 72 pt. type with some kind of shimmering electric font -- Andy Lester!

I just want to say that in case he ever stumbles across this - I'm not a stalker! I promise!

Wednesday January 14, 2004
11:23 AM

Rubbercity Perl Mongers Unleashed!

I figured I'd better have something good for my first entry, so...

After moving back home to Akron, Ohio from Portland, Oregon I quickly realized that one of the things I missed most was Perl Mongers. has a pretty amazing group of perl hackers and was a great opportunity to hear the different ways people (ahem...) use Perl to get the job done faster/better.

Thanks to grep's encouragment, and the fact that my wife insists that I occasionally go out into the real world, I decided to do something about Akron's lack of it's own PM. Although I doubt my own skills on a regular basis, I am but a lowly Graphic Designer you see, I am glad that I've jumped in and started the group.

If you happen to live in the Akron area and want to get more info, the group's (temporary) address is .