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sky (1411)

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Journal of sky (1411)

Monday August 06, 2001
04:06 PM

Road rage!

[ #629 ]
Ok, so we are back from the conference! Me, Malin, Claes and Ingy drove back from Amsterdam. We were planning to stop in Copenhagen for the night, but ended up driving all the way, in 14 hours. It is 1300km with a 40 minute ferry trip in it. We averaged around 120km/h during the trip.

I think Autobahn scared the shit out of Ingy, I was realy annoyed and was driving in speed between 180 and 225 km/h. Unfourtnatly it then started POURING down water and we had to slow down. Then there was heavy traffic around Hamburg and then it was 200 again. So back in Sweden there was heavy winds and bad rain. I got some sleep and then I took over when we had 350k left. Now in Sweden you are suposed to do 110, I did 180 and this is where Ingy got realy scared! I just wanted to be home and sleeping.

It is good to have Ingy here, he is a cheese lover, that lets me buy more cheese, I am also a cheese lover butI try to cut down. We have been talkign alot of perl things and this YAML thing looks like a good idea. I want to make YAML work well with POE.

I had a long discussion with Kevin Lenzo, and I will come back to some of the things we discussed, but it would make POE even cooler.

It was greating meeting all the people!


07:48 AM


[ #622 ]
Back from the conference, still very tired, getting my life straight again.

oh, we cought an Ingy in amsterdam and brought him back to Sweden


Saturday July 28, 2001
09:38 AM

Stress stress.

[ #527 ]
I finally got my act together and released threads::shared 0.02, which is a lot better than threads::shared 0.01! I also relased threads::queue 0.03 which is a good example of threads::shared.

Following up on that I submitted two patches to POE that allows you to specifty an option called thread which, yes, starts that POE session inside a thread!

Monday 4 AM in the morning it is off to Amsterdam, we are going to drive it in one way, me and my gf sharing the wheel, so lots of rest needed.

Now back to my regularly scheduled polishing on the POE speech.


Thursday July 26, 2001
04:45 PM


[ #508 ]
So, what have I been up too lately? I can tell you! Finishing up my speeches for YAPC Europe. The threads speech is rather good by now, but the POE speech I am rather unhappy with :(.

On happy news, threads::shared is going to come out soon and support shared references. Also scalars are now implmented using magic which is like, uhm, 30 times faster than TIESCALAR!

I had a vivid dream aboug magic, so I am starting to grasp it now!


Friday July 20, 2001
06:08 AM

Friday is here!

[ #466 ]
I have been up early and gone to the gym now for 5 days in a row, and I feel wonderfull! It is a realy good deal and eating breakfeast out every day is a blessing. A nice little smörgåsbord of things I can choose of. Less groceries to buy! No need for a newspaper at home, easier to get up in the morning!

I am struggling with adding threading to POE and writing my speeches.

I also found a nice bug in linux 2.4.4 where perl creates a too big file and then can't remove it, sigh.


Thursday July 19, 2001
02:29 PM

wow, me brane hurts

[ #463 ]
Ack, after roughly 4 days of debugging, pouring over million lines of traces, viewing debugging prints, adding debugging information to perl, fighting with gdb. Finally I discovered that after a const..const op, we stopped calling peep, since peep moved constants to the pad and that is where we were lookng thing turned sour! But it turned out that AMS (who has been helping alot with this aswell), found this bug and fixed it partially a month ago or so, with his patch applied it works, no more targ errors. So now I can start actually doing what I wanted, add thread support to POE.

Take care, Arthur

Wednesday July 18, 2001
05:18 AM

Ok, debugging error.

[ #444 ]
I decided to start hacking some POE, so I fired up POE-0.15 on perl 5.7.2, it broke, test cases wouldn't pass. So I decided to take a look and got stumped prety fast.

sub ST_TIME () { 5 }
print ST_TIME if(ST_TIME == 5);

Now, what would you expect this to print, '5' ofcourse, but no! It prints 10! Appernetly something changes the value of the constant, that seems to be a ASLICE that is mucking up the error. Now AMS is busy running huge traces to find the bug, and I am helping but I don't know what use I am.

I also found a bug, Time::HiRes::sleep; fails with no arguments, this is clearly not a clean drop-in replacement for perls builtin sleep;


Monday July 16, 2001
07:17 AM


[ #426 ]
Today I started out going to the gym doing workout, this is realy wonderfull, I feel totally whacked, I am tired but osmehow it feels good. Oh and having a breakfeast included realy comforting.

I finished the latest book of Wheel Of Time during the weekend, I must say I am a bit disappointed, it has lost a lot of action. It does however end pretty well so I hope something will happen in the next book.

I am finally past gnat in entries in the journal, now onwards to pudge!

I bought Gorillaz new album. It is very good. I actually bought it after hearing and seeing it on MTV, the first thing I have bought because of that.


Sunday July 15, 2001
01:34 PM


[ #425 ]
A depressing weekend has passed, depressing because of extremly awfull weather and bad heacahce for me. On the plus side I feel rested and ready to write some code tomorow.

pudge notes I should slow down, he also notes one should relax at times, he ends by saying I should channel some energy into macperl. He should be happy by the fact I slowed down this weekend, I rested quite alot and I started looking at macperl! I didn't get very far but I have started.

My current todo is, memory leaks in ithreads, perforce access, weakref, shared::reference, forwardport Threads, component HTTPD, finish speeches!


Friday July 13, 2001
04:00 AM

Weekend arrives.

[ #414 ]
Finally friday arrives, I have been feeling fridayish since tuesday, does this mean I need a vacation? Probably! So we are going away over the weekend to a little cottage next to a small lake that belongs to my fiancé. Hopefully we will get some nice weather, the water should be warm enough for a swim now and then. (I just pray there will be no rain). I am bringing some big books, Robert Jordans Winter's Heart which I have been reading for some time, The Great Book of Amber where I got book 7-10 left to read, and finally Codes & Ciphers that my fiancé bought for me when she was in London. She also bought Madonnas Sex Book, even if it is the Japanese edition it is very cool.

I will ofcourse bring along my Powerbook G4 which I am very very pleased with. I think I might load macperl onto it. My fiancé said she wanted to read some perl books to get up to speed for YAPC Europe. I need to finish my speeches for said event. Ouch.

p5p will probably be happy without me breaking anything for the weekend, I am going to withhold my patch for fixing the regex_pad leak until I get back cause I don't want to break anything and then leave on vacation. So I guess 5.7.2 will be a bit leaky! I am atleast happy we don't segfault. The leaks will be fixed before Jarkko returns and the 5.8 RC comes out.

Take care over the weekend folks!