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Finally, some Test::Builder2 examples!

Posted by schwern on 2010.09.09 3:33 (#40528)
User Journal

For my presentation tonight on Test::Builder2 I threw together some quick examples of some of its killer features, in particular demonstrating changing how Test::Builder2 behaves using method modifiers and applying object roles.

First, demonstrating end-of-assert actions, there's die on fail but even cooler is DEBUG on fail! That's right, run your test in the debugger and have it automatically set a breakpoint on a failure. How cool is that?

I'm sure somebody with better debugger foo than I can make it even cooler and stop at the top of the assert stack rather than inside DebugOnFail.

The second is reimplementing Test::NoWarnings safely. TB2::NoWarnings demonstrates hooking into the start and end of the test as well as safely altering the number of tests planned by trapping the call to set_plan.

You can safely use them all together, though its a crap shoot if DebugOnFail or DieOnFail will trigger first.

While roles and method modifiers are relatively new to the Perl community, using them in lieu of designing my own event system for TB2 has two great advantages. First, I didn't have to design and debug my own event system. :) Second, rather than having to learn the quirks of a one-off system, you learn the quirks of Mo[uo]se and then can apply that knowledge all over the place.

There's a pile of stuff to be done in TB2, a lot of them are fairly small and self contained. Have a look. Patches welcome.

Test::Builder2 at 10k Feet

Posted by schwern on 2010.09.09 3:15 (#40527)
User Journal

Here's a diagram of the "flow" of assert results through Test::Builder version 1.

                     | foo.t |
     .-------------.     |     .----------------.
     | Test::More  |<--------->| Test::Whatever |
     '-------------'           '----------------'
            |                           |
            |                           |
            |                           |
            |     .---------------.     |
            '---->| Test::Builder |<----'
                       | TAP |
                  | Test::Harness |

You write foo.t using Test::More and Test::Whatever. These both
use the same Test::Builder object. It spits out TAP which
Test::Harness converts into something human readable.

The big problem there is Test::Builder is monolithic. There's no
further breakdown of responsibilities. It only spits out TAP, and
only one version of TAP.

Here's what Test::Builder2 looks like:

                 .----------------| foo.t |-------------------.
                 |                '-------'                   |
                 |                    |                       |
                 |                    |                       |
                 v                    v                       v
          .------------.     .----------------.     .------------------.
          | Test::More |     | Test::Whatever |     | Test::NotUpdated |
          '------------'     '----------------'     '------------------'
                 |                    |                       |
                 |                    v                       v
                 |           .----------------.       .---------------.
                 '---------->| Test::Builder2 |<------| Test::Builder |
                             '----------------'       '---------------'
           .--------------.    .-------------.
           | TB2::History |<---| TB2::Result |
           '--------------'    '-------------'
    .--------------------------.      |       .---------------------.
    | TB2::Formatter::TAP::v13 |<-----'------>| TB2::Formatter::GUI |
    '--------------------------'              '---------------------'
                  |                                      |
                  v                                      |
  .-------------------------------.                      |
  | TB2::Formatter::Streamer::TAP |                      |
  '-------------------------------'                      |
                  |                                      |
                  v                                      |
               .-----.                                   |
               | TAP |                                   |
               '-----'                                   |
                  |                                      |
                  v                                      v
          .---------------.                     .-----------------.
          | Test::Harness |                     | Pretty Pictures |
          '---------------'                     '-----------------'

It starts out the same, foo.t uses a bunch of test modules
including Test::More and Test::Whatever using the same Test::Builder2
object, but it also uses Test::NotUpdated which is still using
Test::Builder. That's ok because Test::Builder has been rewritten in
terms of Test::Builder2 (more on that below).

Test::Builder2, rather than being a monolith, produces a
Test::Builder2::Result object for each assert run. This gets stored
in a Test::Builder2::History object for possible later use. It also
gets handed to a Test::Builder2::Formatter object, the default is
Test::Builder2::TAP::v13 which produces TAP version 13. This is fed
to a Streamer that prints it to STDOUT and STDERR which is read by
Test::Harness and made human readable.

Because Test::Builder2 is not monolithic, you can swap out parts. For
example, instead of outputting TAP it could instead hand results to a
formatter that produced a simple GUI representation, maybe a green
bar, or something that hooks into a larger GUI. Or maybe one that
produces JUnit XML.

Here's how Test::Builder and Test::Builder2 Relate.

        .-----.                                         .-----.
        | TB2 |                                         | TB1 |
        '-----'                                         '-----'
           |                                               |
           |                                               |
           |                                               |
           |                                               |
           v                                               v
    .-------------.        .--------------.         .-------------.
    | TB2::Result |------->| TB2::History |<--------| TB2::Result |
    '-------------'        '--------------'         '-------------'
           |                                               |
           |                                               |
           |                                               |
           |              .----------------.               |
           '------------->| TB2::Formatter |<--------------'
                              | Output |

Test::Builder and Test::Builder2 coordinate their actions by sharing
the same History and Formatter objects. If you call TB1->ok() it
produces a Result object which it hands to the History singleton and
the Formatter singleton. If you call TB2->ok() it produces a Result
object which it hands to the same History and Formatter objects.

This allows most of the Test::Builder code to remain the same while
still coordinating with Test::Builder2. It also allows radically
different builders to be made without Test::Builder2 dictating how
they're to work.

The downside is that roles applied to Test::Builder2 will not effect
Test::Builder. Because of this, Test::Builder may become more closely
coupled with Test::Builder2 in the future.

Diagrams by App::Asciio.

use Perl; Shutting Down Indefinitely

Posted by pudge on 2010.09.08 17:07 (#40525)
use Perl

See here.

A month of Test::Builder2

Posted by schwern on 2010.08.27 23:08 (#40517)
User Journal

I've had a grant open for Test::Builder2 for, oh god over two years now. Since I started it, Perl 6 has had a release! I think its the second oldest running dev grant.

I've cleared the decks of other responsibilities and can dedicate September to, if not finishing, then at least releasing something people can poke at. First alpha release was supposed to be "two weeks after the start" ha ha ha! oh god. The design has evolved and simplified greatly in the intervening two years, but its time to get something the hell out the door. At least a Test::Builder2 Star if you will.

There's critical components missing. There's no diagnostics, YAML or otherwise. The issues with nested asserts are still congealing. Plans are not enforced. Result objects are in the middle of being remodeled... again. But Test::Builder is using what parts of Test::Builder2 are usable. Multiple output formats and streams work. Asserts can be nested in the common, simple cases without having to fiddle with $Level. And you can hook into various events.

Step one is I'm going to seal up what's there, write docs where they're missing, and release something.

A release before October or the grant dies.

Flore Louise Apolline Bruhat-Souche

Posted by BooK on 2010.08.20 17:17 (#40510)
User Journal

On Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 9:30, Flore Louise Apolline Bruhat-Souche was born. She weighs 3.02 kg and measures 48 cm.

Word already spread through IRC (#perlfr and #yapc mostly) and via email and telephone.

The mother is fine, the father is slightly tired and the big sister is happy.

There is one photo online.

Will parrot be the last one standing?

Posted by nicholas on 2010.08.20 4:37 (#40509)
User Journal

I'm a bit behind the times here, but I read today that one of the two remaining developers of IronRuby has left Microsoft:

Overall, I see a serious lack of commitment to IronRuby, and dynamic language on .NET in general. At the time of my leaving Tomas and myself were the only Microsoft employees working on IronRuby. l*

So if Microsoft's interest in dynamic languages is wilting, and Oracle's litigation scares everyone away from Java, will that leave Parrot as the last one standing?

* yep, that's a formatting bug. I assume that it's not worth reporting while the site's future is unclear.

Cute caps

Posted by jdavidb on 2010.08.19 16:55 (#40507)
User Journal

I'm doing some quick code generation (the output is Java), and I found myself writing the below routine. I like it because of the names I picked for the variables. Not exactly self-documenting (although it is when you think about it), but this is throwaway. You can probably tell what the code is doing and why I named the variables as I did, and you might be entertained.

sub uc_prop
  my($prop) = @_;
  my $p = substr($prop, 0, 1);
  my $P = uc($p);
  my $rop = substr($prop, 1);
  return "$P$rop";

Alien::SVN - new release, new management

Posted by schwern on 2010.08.18 17:33 (#40503)
User Journal

Those of you still stuck using Subversion will be happy to find a new release of Alien::SVN. It drags it forward to 1.6.12, doesn't do much else.

Also, Alien::SVN has finally found a new manager! From out of the blue comes Matthew Lanier with a patch and the will and a PAUSE ID. He'll be taking care of things from now on. Its his first CPAN module, be gentle. Godspeed, Matthew.

use Perl;

Posted by pudge on 2010.08.11 18:34 (#40493)
User Journal

I am no longer working for Slashdot/Geeknet as of September 30. I am actively seeking new employment. Unless you want to hire me, you don't need to care, unless you also care about use Perl;, because it has been generously hosted by Geeknet since I started the site over 10 years ago, shortly after I was hired by Andover.Net to work on Slashdot.

Long story short, I have not done much with the site in recent years, so my options at this point are to do nothing; migrate the site to a new server and keep it running as-is; or take the data and do something with it on a new site. Or something I haven't thought of.

I am hereby accepting proposals for what to do with use Perl;. In short, I would like to donate it to someone who will give it a good home. If you're interested, give me your best pitch.

Cross-posted on <pudge/*>.

Matt Trout, aka mst, is insane

Posted by pudge on 2010.08.11 11:41 (#40492)
User Journal

Wow. I occasionally, but not too often, go into #perl. Very busy with family and life. So I go in today, and for no reason, mst bans me and tells me to not come back.

What's up with him being such an irrational dick?