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james (1129)

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Journal of james (1129)

Thursday January 30, 2003
06:24 AM

Tracking down segfaults

A couple of us spent ages tracking down a segfault last night. This fault has been annoying us for a while, as we couldn't isolate when and where it was happening. Yesterday we found out roughly where it happened, and called the pack to chase.
After about four hours of gdb, printlines and hoping for the segfault to appear we got it. One line in the MIME::Lite module, that occasionally would cause the system to segfault:

    open SENDMAIL, "|$sendmailcmd"

Phffft. Something is going wrong in open somewhere, sometimes. Time to change the implementation methinks.

Wednesday January 08, 2003
05:38 AM

Tabs in Safari

Okay, maybe not safari, but you can get WebCore and JavaScriptCore, and build your own tabbing browser :-)

05:08 AM

My $.02

Lots of people have already written about Safari, which I think is a pretty good web browser for a beta. I'm going to talk about the X11. XDarwin was pretty slow on my 500Mhz iBook, but the Apple X11 that was just released is fast. Very fast. So now I have a proper IRC client at long last :-)

Monday December 02, 2002
05:54 AM

Regexp::Copy bug

I fixed a fun bug in Regexp::Copy this weekend. As you copied regexp's into another rather than replacing the magic, the magic would grow and grow and grow. Hmm. Fixed now.

Thursday November 28, 2002
09:03 AM


The uploaded file


has entered CPAN as

    file: $CPAN/authors/id/J/JD/JDUNCAN/Regexp-Copy-0.02.tar.gz
    size: 2646 bytes
      md5: b0c38609e93d2799090f3b315f0a385e

Wednesday November 27, 2002
12:48 PM

Storable on qr//

I've had a right old time today. It started with something pretty simple, be able to freeze and thaw regular expressions with Storable.

It didn't work easily, and I've had to go down roads I've not been down before (namely, XS). So I'm a little nervous about sending it out onto CPAN. However, if people want to be able to:

    use Storable qw( freeze thaw );
    my $struct = freeze( qr/a pattern/ );
    my $re = thaw( $struct );

all they need to do is download and install and stick:

    use Regexp::Copy;

at the top. Provided no-one uses it and finds that it goes horribly wrong then I'll release it on to CPAN in the next couple of days.

Thursday November 21, 2002
09:56 AM


Its been a while since I wrote in my Journal. Quite a lot has happened in between however, so its probably worth jotting down a few things.

I moved. We bought a house, moved into it, have started rennovating it, and that is taking an awful lot of my time.

We've bought a car. We were sort of hoping that we wouldn't have to, being 'londoners' we were used to having an irregular bus service and striking tube workers and therefore didn't need one when were living in the city. However, now we are on the outskirts and it becomes a little more necessary. So we bought a car. A mini cooper (the original one instead of the new expensive one) in British Racing Green. Mmmm.

Anyway, between work, and the house, and all the other annoying random crap that fills ones life, I've not had much time for anything really. Ho hum...

I have been putting Pixie and Pipelines and OpenFrame all together in the writing of Katrien's website however, and that is proving to be quite an interesting diversion from work, but at the same time providing me with all sorts of crackfuelled schemes to try out.

Perhaps I should make more time... who knows?

Monday October 14, 2002
11:08 AM

First mention of an "Application Server"... the context of a web application server that I can find is this.

The sad thing is that it came for an aol user :-)

The idea had been around for a while of course, but more in hardware (as in serving an application from a box) instead of software (as in serving an application from inside a piece of software called an application server).

Friday October 11, 2002
06:36 AM

'Enterprise' software

The first use of the term 'enterprise system' I can find is in this conference schedule:

AAAI84 - June 27 1984

Thursday October 10, 2002
11:32 AM


The solicitor finally got in touch to let me know that we'd exchanged contracts and that everything had been set. We move in next thursday.
I've got to call all the utility companies, pack up everything that we own, book a removal van, and sort out ADSL. Where am I going to find the time ?