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Journal of gabor (1626)

Sunday February 08, 2009
03:45 AM

My first real Perl 6 package on CPAN

Yesterday night I finally uploaded my first real Perl 6 package to CPAN. It is very basic but you can install it using the standard tools (well, almost seamlessly) and you only need to configure two environment variables to use it.

Perl::Conf is a very basic implementation of an ini file parser. (see the README file for some help with the installation)

Today, in the morning I described the issues I encountered in my blog and even sent it out on the Test Automation Tips newsletter.

Once everything was done I decided I read some news, that's when I encountered the PerlBuzz article of Andy Lester discussing the question should Perl 6 use the CPAN?

Well, I think I gave my answer already.

Thursday February 05, 2009
03:27 PM

Upadated Perl 6 training materials

More than two years ago I started to write Perl 6 training materials but then after a while I stopped maintaining them.

Last week I went over the examples and fixed almost all of them to work with the most recent version of Rakudo. I even wrote unit tests for almost all the examples so I'll notice when they break next time.

Feel free to use the Perl 6 slides for any non commercial purpose.

I almost have not touched the text of the slides so they might not be correct.

That will come next.

Tuesday February 03, 2009
01:50 AM

Test Automation Training in Oslo

In April I'll spend almost two weeks in Oslo.

First, the Nordic Perl Workshop will take place between 16-17 April 2009. I proposed two talks there.

After the workshop, between 18-20 April there is going to be a 3 days long Perl 6 hackathon in which I hope to participate.

After that, between 21-24 April 2009, I am going to give the newly extended version of Test Automation using Perl course that is going to be 4 days long.

Both the hackathon and my training is going to take place in the same location as last year, in the offices of Linpro. If you are interested in the course, please contact me by email.

Wednesday January 21, 2009
04:34 AM

Mocking real world to test a wrapper

I've just sent out the latest entry of my Test Automation Tips about Mocking real world to test a wrapper.

I was surprised to see that there are over 200 subscribes already.

Wednesday January 14, 2009
05:56 AM

Test Automation using Perl Training in Frankfurt, Germany

While without any real association with the German Perl Workshop but right after it, between 2-4/March, I am going to give a 3 day long Test Automation using Perl Training in Frankfurt, Germany.

If you are interested to attend or if you know someone whom might benefit from the training, please contact me by e-mail for more information.

Monday January 12, 2009
06:00 AM

Portable Strawberry Perl with Padre, Parrot and Rakudo

I am happy to let you know that finally the unofficial Portable Strawberry Perl (beta 1) with Padre 0.25 is available for download.

This is based on the Portable Strawberry Perl (beta 1) release by Alias and this is just a hack, but it works.

Not only that, but it also includes a development version of Parrot and Rakudo along with the Perl6 plugin of Padre. So not only can you use Padre from this download but you can also write, syntax highlight and run Perl 6 code right from Padre.

It isn't small, 60 Mb download, 300 Mb unzipped but it is worth it!

For instructions go to Portable Strawberry with Padre, Parrot and Rakudo

A few words on Getting Started with Perl 6

Friday January 09, 2009
03:52 PM

Padre 0.25 released

I was hoping to make the releases less frequent but apparently the Padre developers keep churning out code and features so the limit of the Changes file was reached again and thus a new version was released.

Let me pick a few items:

  • Switch to the gnome icon set for Debian compatibility. (ADAMK)
  • Moved Padre::Plugin::CPAN functionality into the core so that we can do various sorts of tighter CPAN integration (ADAMK)
  • Padre::Wx::DocBrowser now uses Padre::Task::DocBrowser (let's hope properly) (Andrew Bramble)
  • Automatic indentation style detection now the default (SMUELLER)
  • User interface now "locked" by default (SMUELLER)

You can get it from your CPAN mirror

Enjoy and report bugs as usual

Tuesday January 06, 2009
05:57 PM

Padre 0.24 released

I am happy to announce the release of v0.24 of Padre.
As most of you probably did not have much time to look at 0.23 that came out 2 days ago let me include the changes of both versions.


  • Padre::Manual added (ADAMK)
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) translation added (GARU)
  • Spanish translation added (PacoLinux)
  • View Document As... (some other type of document) (FAYLAND)
  • Moving to the glorious RFC4646-based second-generation Padre::Locale implementation. "Portugese" is no longer Brazilian :)
  • Used Padre::Current to break backward compatibility of all the plug-ins. Plug-in authors will have to fix their code.

Full list of changes can be found in the Changes file.

Sunday January 04, 2009
11:58 PM

Padre 0.23 released

About 8 hours ago I have released v0.23 of Padre, the Perl IDE based on a revision from a day earlier. This should be a relatively stable version before the latest refactoring that have not stabilized yet at the time of this release.
As that latest refactoring also changed the API and some (or maybe all?) the plug-ins have actually upgraded already I believe we are going to release 0.24 very soon.

In any case if you would like to upgrade Padre and use it with the plug-ins as they are installed on your computer you can already find it on CPAN.

See list of changes.

Sunday December 21, 2008
12:11 AM wish list

Here is my wish list for
  1. Be able to type in for, foreach, while, etc. or even $_ or $a and get a link to a good explanation.

    For this the X<> tags, added in 5.10, need to be indexed.

  2. Have localized version of the site.

    Eg. (future link) should have the same thing just with the French documentation based on POD2::FR and (future link) should have the Italian version based on POD2::IT, with each site linking to the other translation sites.

  3. Get access to the source code of so I can reuse it and/or implement some of the above myself.