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jk2addict (4946)

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Journal of jk2addict (4946)

Monday August 09, 2010
09:49 PM

CPAN Testers 2.0: The death of via email is wrong.

I finally got around to installing perlbrew, 4 flavors of perl and updating some modules for recent perls. I've been sending a lot of email test reports lately.

Last night I got the email from bitbucket about CPAN Testers 2.0 and the death of sending reports via email with wiki links/instructions on how to setup .cpanreports/config.ini for a metabase id/transport via HTTP.

This is all well and good, but it feels wrong to me. I use CPAN::Mini. The point of which is partly to have CPAN when you're not online. The same reason I use git. With SMTP emails I could just queue up test reports in the local postifx and they would get delivered later when I'm online.

Now, that's is no more. I'm forced to be online to send HTTP reports. Seems like a bad idea. NOw, the only thing I can do is toggle off reporting when I'm offline, which really means I'll hate doing that and just turn off reporting all together.

Why did reports via email have to go away?

Wednesday October 14, 2009
09:35 AM

The "Magic" Wall

I need to build a site for a local organization. Since they need to edit most parts of it like a blog, I'm using WordPress and creating a custom theme/categories, etc.

Overall, I love WordPress. The API docs are awesome; look good, easy to read, plenty of content and examples.

It sounds easy. I have a "page" in their admin that uses an assigned page template file to render it's contents. Within that template, I wanted to add other code to pull and sift through non related event data by month/year. Starting from something normal, I just added ?&month=3&year=2009. Everything works. Live is good.

Then, as I cycle through previous/next months, as soon as I hit year=2010 or year=2008, I just get 404s. Hrm.

Ok, maybe year is a reserved param name in their friendly permalink magic. Fine. So, I'll change year=2009 to y=2009. Works great. But for consistency sake, I change month=3 to m=3. Now I get 404s again. Another reserve variable.

That's when I blow my stack. I can't stand that kind of magic. It drives me away from products. This is a PAGE with a page template. This is not a post page, or a category page, post archive page, or any other page where something like year= should even be interrogated to spit out that pages single entry.

I hate reinventing the existing wysiwyg/editing CMS bits, but I'm about to ditch WP in favor of a framework I control top to bottom without query string vs friendly url shenanigans.

Monday September 28, 2009
08:16 AM is dead to me

Quite literally.

Hasn't worked in two weeks. Totally devoid of results and the front page looks bare.

Rather than fix these things, I think it's time someone just shut off the site entirely. Seems like the kind thing to do, like putting your pet to sleep to stop the misery.

Friday September 11, 2009
09:01 PM

Why Rails Wins Sometimes

This is an awesome resource:

Yes, CPAN has a wealth of it only it was presented like this or our frameworks had something this good.

Wednesday August 05, 2009
09:36 PM

Svn, Git and GitHub Help

I want to collaborate with another using GitHub. Now for the trick: I want to keep that repo on GitHub up to date with any changes made from a source Svn repo.

My first attempt was:

git svn clone
add remote
git pish to github

Of course, and few svn rebases later, I've got jacked up logs ad merge conflicts over and over and over.

I guess I just learned the rule: never use the same branch for svn rebasing and github sharing.

So, what's the sanest way to start with a clone of a svn repo, push that too github, collaborate, but occasionally pull in changes made in the svn repo?

Wednesday May 27, 2009
09:30 PM

TT.NET: It's alive!

It's very fugly. Very alpha. Very clueless.

But, it can turn [% GET 'Hello World' %] into Hello World using an ANTLR grammer, an AST to C#, compiled and invoked with a test.

It will be long road, but it should prove to be a fun learning experience for things I don't normally mess with.

Sunday May 17, 2009
08:07 PM

Dear GitHub

I liked you when I first started using you. Now you just keep getting slower, and slower, and slower and slower.

BitBucket screams in comparison.

Please fix your site.

Wednesday May 13, 2009
08:51 PM

There's nothing more frustrating

than spending weeks on something and getting absa-frigging-lootly nowhere.

I couldn't have a bigger hate of ANTLR than I do right now.... closely followed by Thunderbird and VirtualBox, who won't send a damn email if I've copy pasted ASCII text from a VM bitching about UTF characters.

Wednesday May 06, 2009
08:17 PM

TT.NET: What could go wrong. :-)

I have this habit of getting off task with what ever new idea tickles my focus. I am tangental yak shaver of the ooh-shiny variety.

So, I'm working on MVC Marathon, a site called BurningPlate, coding ASP.NET MVC in C#. When it comes time to saddle up and write some views and tests, I wonder what ViewEngines there are. I see on for NHaml and StringTemplate.

Then I wonder what if would take to get Template Toolkit templates under .NET.

One ANTLR Reference book and a few days later, and I'm screwing around with grammers, lexers, parsers and AST.

What a learning session this is going to be, but if I get far enough, it will change the boundaries of what tools I have in my toolbox.

Tuesday February 17, 2009
08:33 PM

Dear Apple

A big thank you for fucking up perl in Thursdays update. This is definitely how I wanted to spend my Tuesday night.

IO is toast. Now that that is reinstalled, looks like Time::HiRes is next.

Time::HiRes object version 1.86 does not match $Time::HiRes::XS_VERSION 1.9719

Can't wait to see how far this rabbit hole goes.