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Qiang (5577)

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Journal of Qiang (5577)

Saturday July 16, 2005
08:38 AM

Larry Wall interview video from YAPC::NA::2005

I had great honor to do a really short interview with Larry on the IBM boat cruise using my digicam. I am trying to write down the conversation and translate it to chinese. but the background is really noisy and i have hard time to catch larry's words. can you help? 47MB 2min 43sec

Gary, thanks for the recording :)

Thursday June 30, 2005
01:09 AM

YAPC::NA over

so my first YAPC::NA is over..

I wrote up a blog type of YAPC in chinese here. including pics and videos i have taken.

here are some of them in english without pics/videos :)

i think i am bit surprised when half of the people in the room raised their hands when asked how many are first time in YAPC.

i think one of the greatest thing for this YAPC is that there are many interactions, it's so easy to join a conversation or start a conversation with other people. i guess i am not regret that i didn't bring my laptop to the conference. :)

oh, the talks. I missed the MVC talk, unfortunatelly. i like Michael Peters's CGI::App talks very much. he is able to give two talks on basic and how to use cgi::app.

two highlights from his talks :

1. you can use cgi::app directly in mod_perl because of the way cgi::app being done. no worry on namespace pollution. and he mentioned that cgi::app works in mod_perl 2 as well.

2. there are some useful plugin, such as the sessions one. no need to handle the session on your own.

that made me want to try CGI::Application.

UPDATE add the cgi::app and mod_perl part

Monday June 27, 2005
11:26 PM

my first YAPC !!

after months waiting, YAPC is finally here!

as one of the toronto perl mongers, in morning, i helped out with the registration process( and forgot picking up my yapc t-shirt and end up with a x-large one ;-*

I have met with Larry, Autrijus, Uri. oh, i saw steve the guy who wrote the camel code. he is from ottawa.

i spend sometime chatting with my asian friends and hoping to find more chinese perl hackers who will contribute the perlchina translation project. no luck yet.

i also met meng meng wong, the guy who runs and wrote the spf (spam filter thing?) and he brought along one of the cool toy from viena ( what do you call the thing that you step on and lean forward/backward to make it move?). it lost the right handle during the flight. hehe

the last two days talks are more interesting to me. so i am looking forward to it (DBI, UTF-8, pugs). and i can't wait for tormorrow's boat cruise too :)

Tuesday June 14, 2005
11:47 AM

307 registration .... A bigger YAPC::NA this year ;)

If you are on the TPM mailing list, you probable got the email from Richard, our YAPC::NA organizer.

Our current registrants + speakers + volunteers count is 307. .... This will be the biggest YAPC since 2000

Year Number
--------- ----------------
2002 261
2003 163
2004 241

I just registered few days ago. you should hurry up :)

see ya all in about 12 days :)

Saturday May 28, 2005
10:53 AM

Sunday ShangHai PerlChina Mongers meetup

what do you know.. we are organizing the second meetup since the first one from March in BeiJing. Differences are this time is in ShangHai and Autrijus won't be here.

This meeting is sponsored by asterlink, a company developing VoIP based on asterisk. Also, for those have been around, you know we have been talking about making PerlChina T-shirt since day one. now asterlink is going to sponsor this. Yay! (autrijus, you can wear one while coming to YAPC::NA this year :)

The meeting is held in LPI Lab in FuDan University and we are expecting 30 people showup. there will be talks, lunch then social.

meeting page is at our group url is

we will have videoes and pics posted afterwards.

hm, I am wondering if there are foreign perl mongers working/visiting in china. :)

Friday May 13, 2005
10:30 PM

O'Reilly books for user groups received

I am surprised to received O'Reilly books today in the package. 3 books, include Perl Cookbook, Learning Perl Objects, References, and Modules, Linux Desktop hacks.

I guess the reason i received them is because I registered the perlchina user group on oreilly's website. but I have never got any email about this. a happy surprise,indeed.

the books should go to the PerlChina members who contribute a lot time to translate perl article to chinese. Luckily I have a friend going to china next month.

and I am supposed to receive 2 books from APress as well (Perl 6 now, Randal's column collection).

so much more for the perlchina user group :)

oh, this is just in. OReilly is going to give a book of your choice for user group that puts up a Where 2.0 Conference Banners on your group website. see here

Tuesday April 19, 2005
12:08 PM

look! encoding problem.

recently, we ( have been trying to setup the mailing list with a web archive.

currently we are using google groups which has the search feature
and subsequently, as well
( )

however, comaparing both web archives, you can tell both suffering from the encoding problem, one thread shows up fine in one but not the other. I am not sure whether this is a client problem or not. Or should google/mail-archive be able to handle it correctly ?

i am not sure if other lists have this kinda problem. but this is sucks..

Saturday March 26, 2005
02:32 PM

got APress support in time for perlchina project.

We just got a push from APress that they will be glad to donate perl books to our members who contributing the 'perlchina translation' project.

a little backgroud, We have translated about 30 articles since January perlchina started and more are coming. In return of showing appreciation for their effor, we decide to pick 4 or 5 best translated articles every two months and give the translator a Perl book/t-shirt/mug . but the fund is limited and APress 's donation is definitely a big help.

this is the first time I have involved in building an online community. since january, we have gathered a small community of chinese perl users around perlchina. It's been exciting. But I have heard too many communities died out for one reason or another and I keep wondering how we can survive and seeking advice.

we have the wiki site for translation collaboration. forum for member communication. I am going to set up a newsletter to keep other less frequent users updated. hmm, it would be nice to hear how perlmonks becomes what it is now.

oh by the way, the translated article i like the most is "brian's Guide to Solving Any Perl Problem" it's in chinese

I wish someone could give me a link to that article when i started learning perl or programming. (even so, that article wouldn't have born yet :)

Saturday January 15, 2005
05:48 PM

perl and china

the PerlChina site has been up and running for almost half month. Everything seems to be going well.

The site's purpose is to offer a place for chinese perl users to hang out, and gather resources to contribute to the chinese perl community by translating articles/docs/books and answering questions on forum.

users are from Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian and other cities. we are developers ,sysadmins and students.

few articles from (Maypol,XML,Class::DBI etc) have been translated and more is working on. Merlyn's columns are well-written and We are waiting for his publisher's permission.

we are also looking at for ideas how to operate the site and form a successful community.

P.S myself is working on Sean Burke's LWP article on and he is offering help too. Thanks!

Thursday January 06, 2005
04:11 AM

chinese translation on perl subject

me and few chinese perl users are thinking/working on translating some perl resources to chinese.

currently I am focusing on perl introduction (Perl featuers, culture, what does perl do, etc) The main purpose for this work is to introduce perl to chinese users and let them know how useful perl is.

the materials i want to translate include:

* some cool use of perl

* importance of Perl

* LWP basic

* progress meter

* some Merlyn's columns - thought I think i need to ask for permission first.

* i will look into tutorials from perlmonks later.

anything else ?

suggestion welcome!

rearranged sentences