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bronto (1193)

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Perl "programmer" since ~1995. System Administrator

Journal of bronto (1193)

Tuesday March 01, 2005
05:24 PM

Back from the past

I read a name in a mailing list last thursday; that name was the same one of a friend of mine when I was a child, Michele B. (oviously I'm not going to write his surname here!).

I decided to try the luck and write him, asking if he lived in my same town when he was a little child.

He said yes. He was the same Michele I played with until we were 5 and he followed his parents away from the town. I remember I missed him a lot...

On saturday, I went to my parents' house in town, and spent a couple of hours with a box of old photos. It took a while, but I finally got home with four photos, that I passed through the scanner and put on the Internet for Michele to see them.

There was Michele (nearly) alone in the first, his mother in the second, his father in the third.

The fourth was a group photo taken during my fourth birthday party. I was amazed looking at the smiles of all the children there: no sadness, no bad remebers, no worries in those eyes, just happiness.

Looking at those smiles, I realized that no adult man can smile the same way (unless they are really happy with their life). And that I missed a friend so much.

Welcome from the past, Michele. I hope we won't lose each other again, and that we can meet soon.

Friday February 18, 2005
02:11 PM

They decided I am a communist

They decided I am a communist.

They decided that, because I promote Linux and free software, that this has political consequences.

They decided that free software has a strong left-wing political connotation; hence: if I promote free software, I am promoting other ideas with it, even if I don't mean to.

I promote free software because I think it is made in the interest of people that will use it.

I promote Linux because I like it and it is free.

I put (stupid) modules on CPAN in the hope that they will be useful for at least one human being.

But they decided what I am doing. And they decided I am a communist.

I don't mean to do anything political, for neither left- nor right-wing sides of the board.

But they give meanings to the things I do, meanings that I never gave to them.

I want to be helpful to people, I want to do something useful for people. They decided that this is being communist.

Screw you!

Wednesday February 16, 2005
06:21 AM

Sono tutti così

Sono tutti così

Hanno un abito scuro, la camicia chiara, le scarpe e la cravatta abinate, gli occhiali scuri sopra i capelli, a mò di fermacapelli.

Hanno lavori dai nomi anglosassoni. Oppure hanno una piccola impresa. Oppure sono politici, oppure amici di politici, finché durano. Hanno potere; qualcuno poco, altri molto di più; tutti abusano del potere che hanno. Gratis, per il solo piacere di farlo. Masturbano il loro io costringendo altri a fare cose inutili, a elemosinare i loro diritti. Producono tappettini umani, servilismo, pedine del gioco della vita, e sfruttamento.

Parlano fra loro, di persona o al cellulare. Parlano di cose vuote, usano parole altisonanti. Parlano di cose lontane anni luce dalla gente comune. Di convention e di barche, di giri di soldi di decine e decine di migliaia di euro; come se fosse niente.

Vanno in giro su macchine costose. Alcuni hanno avuto almeno il buon gusto di comprarle con i soldi che in qualche modo hanno guadagnato. I più infami se la sono fatta dare a spese di altri, malgrado avessero tutte le possibilità di comprarsela. C'è più gusto. E poi, se posso averla, perché no? Che la facciano altri, la fame...

Parlano di marketing e di business. Parlano di appalti e di funzionari compiacenti. Parlano di noi come se fossimo cose. Parlano di tecnologie e non le conoscono. Giudicano il lavoro degli altri e non lo capiscono.

Hanno fatto soldi e continuano a farli. Forse, almeno all'inizio, se li meritavano. Oggi vivono sul lavoro degli altri. Sono responsabili senza prendersi responsabilità. Fanno cazzate e non hanno mai colpe. Portano alla rovina aziende e persone, e non pagano mai. Per loro pagano gli altri.

Loro no. Loro se la cavano sempre. Loro galleggiano sempre. Come gli stronzi.

Loro usano gli altri come gradini.

Che triste essere sotto di loro.

Che triste dipendere da loro.

Che gioia non essere come loro.

Wednesday January 26, 2005
10:31 AM

Sadness and despair

I started this day with the best intentions, but less than 30 minutes later has become a complete hell...


We're at the mercy of so few
With evil hearts determined to
Reduce this planet into hell
Then find a buyer and make quick sale

George Harrison, "Save The World", Somewhere in England

Ah, and the firm with which Laura was collaborating is shutting down... gia` avevamo poche certezze sul suo lavoro; adesso... :-(

Tuesday January 18, 2005
12:45 PM

Gift of Faith

All this pain surrounding me
Hopelessness is all that I see now
Does it have to be this way
Brought up on hypocrisy
The seeds they sow don't last forever
They just fade away

Don't be confused by the lies
Of the fools and deceivers
Hope and believe in the things
That we need to survive

We can make it if we'd only take the gift of faith
We can change it if we'd just accept the gift of faith

Take away my dignity
Take away my hope and my freedom
You got a world full of rage
Don't cover me with apathy
Don't buy and sell what I believe in
Don't lock me in a cage

In a world where no one's alone
Trust should come easily
Just reach out your hand
And I'll give you mine

We can make it if we'd only take the gift of faith
We can chage it if we'd just accept the gift of faith

Don't be confused be the lies
Of the fools and deceivers
Hope and believe in the things
That we need to survive

We can make if if we'd only take the gift of faith
We can change it if we'd just accept the gift of faith
We can make if if we'd only take the gift of faith
It's yours to choose but only fools refuse the gift of faith

Written by: Steve Lukather, David Paich, Stan Lynch
Performed by Toto in the "Tambu" LP

Friday January 14, 2005
08:31 AM

Bad luck with Perl site these days

Uhg... the "use Perl'"'s RSS feed seems to be bad since two days, got slower and slower days ago, and it doesn't work any more today; has been down for ages (but is online again today)...

Ugh... bad luck with perl sites these days! :-\

Friday January 07, 2005
03:55 AM


Months ago I started looking for something new and useful to learn with Perl. I took a look at all the books I have and I read less. Many things came in to mind, the most interesting of which were GUIs and threads.

Discussing with Stefano, a friend of mine and a great Java/J2ME programmer, I decided to focus on a simple, long-term project: a little chat with a GUI that uses HTTP to send and receive messages. We decided that we'd build the same application with both Java and Perl and write an article together; obviously, since I had to learn everything about GUIs and threads and I had not a lot of spare time, we imposed ourselves no deadline.

I started months ago with trying to make sense of threads, reading the whole Camel Book's chapter on the topic and the perlthrtut. Before digging into the real application I experimented a bit at first.

Then many non-perl things happened, and I did nothing more on the project.

A couple of nights ago I went back to it and, finally, I had a program that manages connections on a port with a thread and pings the localhost with another. Now that I start to understand how things work, it doesn't seem that hard to create a threaded program that listens on a port for HTTP connections and, when asked, fires up an HTTP connection to another HTTP server.

Considering that, all in all, it required me a short time to understand how to work it out and that I worked on the project from time to time I am quite happy of myself, and it is giving me the necessary boost to experiment with the chat GUI.

Obviously, if they'll leave me the time to experiment with that...

Tuesday December 28, 2004
07:59 AM


And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love
You make

So said that short Beatles' song that you may or may not know, but that's not important.

I am starting to close this year's gates and go into the next one, and it looks like a wind of change is timidly starting to blow. My application for a job abroad has been dropped after two consecutive interviews, but at least I had them; that looks different from the old days of 2002 when I sent hundreds of CVs around, got just two interviews early in the year and silence for the rest. Maybe I'm grown, maybe new positions are coming out, maybe...

Maybe I'll learn new, great things and for some time I'll be definitely happy of what I am doing.

Maybe I'll find so many closed doors that I'll wonder what is keeping me here

Maybe I'll surrender and stay here

Maybe I won't renounce to always improve

Maybe I will be just happy that my child is here (well, he will in the new year) and I won't care if I can't spend that small part of my small spare time for programming in Perl or experiment new things

Maybe I won't stop trying to be useful to other people, even when I think that what I am doing is stupid, or is not enough for anybody.

Maybe I'll discover I really have been useful, and people apreciate what I do, and they are happy, and I'll be happy of that

Maybe, as always, at the end of the new year I won't be able to express that strange sense of happy melancholy that my heart is feeling


Happy new year, everybody


Tuesday July 27, 2004
10:50 AM

Un anno in Tiscali

I thought if it was the case to write this in English or in Italian, but... does anyone care about this journal? Does anybody outside Italy? Does anyone outside... me? :-\

Il 1 Agosto 2003 prendevo servizio in Tiscali.

Ci sono ormai da un anno. Ho fatto un bilancio, ma per motivi che potrete facilmente immaginare non lo pubblichero` su web.

Cos'e` successo in quest'ultimo anno? Beh, ho superato la crisi del cambiamento, ho fatto un po` di ferie a Natale, ho fatto l'esperienza della reperibilita` 24h, ho avuto un incidente d'auto, sono impazzito dietro ad un mutuo, ho traslocato da Capoterra a Decimomannu... che altro? Ah, si: Laura ha trovato un lavoro che ha perso qualche mese dopo, e questo ha modificato radicalmente i miei piani per l'estate (leggi: niente viaggio in Francia, niente Italian Perl Workshop). Mi sa che basta cosi`...

Wednesday July 23, 2003
12:49 PM

Moving again, but this time...

...this time it is me to move. At the endo of the month I'll leave CRS4 to Tiscali.

I hope I did the right thing, only time will tell... We are in God's hands