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dagolden (6584)

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Journal of dagolden (6584)

Monday August 07, 2006
06:59 AM

Vanilla Perl Build 7 released

Vanilla Perl Build 7 was released this morning. Very minor changes: addition of a GNU make from MinGW and a developer release of with improved behavior on Win32. This will be used for some early testing before rolling similar changes to the next alpha of Strawberry Perl.

Thursday July 27, 2006
02:09 PM

Class::InsideOut 1.01... with added sugar

Class::InsideOut 1.01 just hit CPAN.

After seeing Damian's "Sufficiently Advanced Technologies" presentation, I decided to add some automation for common cases. register() now blesses for you and even provides an anonymous scalar reference. A basic constructor is as simple as this:

sub new { register shift }

Going one step further, an optional and very simple constructor is provided on request that automatically initializes properties from the arguments to new(). A minimal Class::InsideOut-based class is now as easy as this:

package My::Class;
use Class::InsideOut qw/ new id public private /;

public  name => my %name;
private age  => my %age;


Wednesday July 26, 2006
09:13 AM

Strawberry Perl: 329 downloads in two weeks

I happened to check the vanillaperl logs and found that Strawberry Perl 5.8.8 Alpha 1 was downloaded 329 times in the first two weeks after its release on July 9. I didn't really have any expectations, but that was a welcome surprise.

However, now I want to challenge those 329 people to start giving some feedback. We've had a handful of new bug reports filed on various CPAN modules, leading to several fixes, including big things like DateTime. Andreas König has contributed a developer release of that will fix some annoyances as well.

But we want more! More feedback and more users.

If you've used Strawberry Perl, please take a moment to add your thoughts to the Strawberry Perl Feedback page at

If you haven't used it, download Alpha 1 today from

Tuesday July 25, 2006
06:01 PM

Test::Number::Delta 1.00... now with matrices

As the synopsis says: Compare if the difference between two numbers is within a specified amount. Arriving soon at a CPAN near you.

Ron Grunwald sent an email asking if I'd add support for arrays to Test::Number::Delta. I decided to go one better and make it recursive to handle matrices as well.

  use Test::Number::Delta tests => 1;

  my @a = (   [ 3.14, 6.28 ],
              [ 1.41, 2.84 ]   );

  my @b = (   [ 3.14, 6.28 ],
              [ 1.42, 2.84 ]   );

  delta_ok( \@a, \@b, 'compare @a and @b' );

  not ok 1 - compare @a and @b
  # At [1][0]: 1.4100000 and 1.4200000 are not equal to within 0.000001

His email was also a good reminder that it had been stable for a while and I'd been meaning to bump it to 1.00 and call it "released".

Sunday July 09, 2006
05:43 PM

Strawberry Perl 5.8.8 Alpha 1 released

I'm declaring my YAPC::NA 2006 hackathon over. Perl::Dist (Perl::Dist::Builder), Perl::Dist::Vanilla and Perl::Dist::Strawberry are all submitted to CPAN, and checked in to Alias's subversion repository.

Details on Strawberry Perl follow:

Strawberry Perl Alpha 1 is available from

This is an alpha release and is not recommended for production purposes.

The Vanilla Perl Project is an experiment to provide binary Perl distributions for the Microsoft Windows platform that include a bundled compiler. Bundling a compiler provides the ability to install XS CPAN modules directly from CPAN, making the Win32 Perl development more akin to Unix perl development.

Strawberry Perl Series

The purpose of the Strawberry Perl series is to provide a more practical Win32 Perl release for experienced Perl developers to experiment and test the installation of various CPAN modules under Win32 conditions, and to provide a useful platform for experienced Perl developers to start doing real work.

In addition to the modules in Vanilla Perl, Strawberry will also include the entire dependency tree for Bundle::CPAN, as well as an additional set of upgraded versions of dual CPAN/core modules that have win32-specific fixes.

Wednesday July 05, 2006
02:19 PM

YAPC::NA Hackathon leads to Vanilla Perl Build 4

I'm pleased to announce the arrival of Vanilla Perl Build 4.

At YAPC::NA, Alias challenged me to have a new release of Vanilla Perl and an alpha release of Strawberry Perl out on Thursday during the hackathon. Of course, when he said Thursday, he didn't realize that would be Thursday of this week. The installer can be downloaded from

This work builds on the excellent results of the original vertical metre of beer challenge and subsequent bug-squashing as chronicled at

The biggest change during the hackathon was automating the process of building a Vanilla Perl. This is now available on CPAN as Perl::Dist::Vanilla. While more refactoring is necessary, this is the first step towards creating a general tool for the creation of custom executable installers for Win32. For more changes in Build 4, see the Changes file.

Here's more about the project from

Vanilla Perl Project

The Vanilla Perl Project is a experiment to provide binary Perl distributions for the Microsoft Windows platform that include a bundled compiler. Bundling a compiler provides the ability to install XS CPAN modules directly from CPAN, making the Win32 Perl development more akin to Unix perl development.

Vanilla Perl Series

The Vanilla Perl series provides a Perl 5.8.8 distribution that is as close to to the Perl core as possible, with a small set of upgraded versions of dual CPAN/core modules that have win32-specific fixes.

Vanilla Perl is experimental and is not intended for production purposes. It is targeted to master-level Win32 Perl developers and those who wish to experiment with building their own custom Win32 Perl distributions. Vanilla Perl releases are numbered only as sequential 'builds' and will not follow any alpha/beta/release plan.

I'm continuing work on Strawberry Perl and have high hopes to have a release later this week. Allison and the TPF are also conducting a license review to confirm that it can indeed be released under the same terms as Perl. Stay tuned for more win32 Perl...

Friday June 09, 2006
01:15 PM

Giving an Inside-Out Objects talk at on June 13

I'll be speaking at the technical meeting on June 13 at MIT.

I plan to give a beta-test of my YAPC::NA talk, Eversion 101: Introduction to Inside-Out Objects, which is a revision of the talk I gave at Perl Seminar NY in January.

Friday May 12, 2006
08:36 PM

Major new releases of Class::InsideOut and Sub::Uplevel

It's been a productive evening for finalizing some big releases.

Class::InsideOut version 1.00 has been released. This is my declaration that the API and basic functionality is stable. I hope people will try it out on real problems so I can work out any unexpected bugs in time for YAPC::NA.

Sub::Uplevel version 0.12 has been released. 0.11_01 had been out for a while for testing, so after notifying major users and without any complaints received in return, I'm releasing it as final. This incorporates the "uplevel stack patch" that closes out the remaining bug on RT and should also solve some oddities people have encountered with Test::Exception.

Friday April 21, 2006
05:47 AM

Updates to Sub::Uplevel

I've taken over maintenance of Sub::Uplevel. Two new versions have been released that address some stalled bugs.

  • 0.10 -- fixes undefined value warnings under Perl 5.8.8
  • 0.11_01 -- major change to the internals; now tracks uplevel calls using a stack, which fixes major breakage with nested uplevel and non-uplevel calls. I've also added a prototype to match that of the built-in caller function it replaces (which maybe should come back out given issues with prototypes).

The 0.11_01 release could use some field testing by those using Sub::Uplevel before I release it as 0.12.

Tuesday January 17, 2006
11:22 PM

Inside-Out Objects talk at Perl Seminar NY

[ #28394 ]
I gave a talk tonight at Perl Seminar New York on the inside-out object technique. I've posted the slides for anyone who's curious.