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Journal of rob_au (1845)

Thursday July 31, 2003
08:55 AM

We will rock you ...

I went to a pre-season show of the Queen musical "We will rock you" written by Ben Elton this evening - The score was fantastic (naturally) and the show was most enjoyable. As an additional bonus, I almost walked into Brian May as I left the theatre after the show. I certainly hope he enjoyed the show too ... :-)

(Ben Elton, Brian May and Roger Taylor were in Melbourne today and announced that the cast from the Queen musical will be performing the pre-match entertainment for the Australia Rules Grand Final in September).

Wednesday July 30, 2003
06:04 AM

Matching email addresses ... part 2

Following on from my previous journal entries here and here, if you are attempting to match a list of domain names against an email address, please, please, please anchor your matches to the end of the email address string.


Tuesday July 22, 2003
09:51 PM

Micropayment systems

Slashdot has a story on micropayment systems here - This naturally picqued my interest from the perspective of micropayment systems for SMTP mail delivery.
06:42 AM

Code maintenance and debugging

Multiple upon multiple inheritance, packages with single functions, global variables, poorly chosen variable names, hand-rolled database abstraction, configuration and template handlers, little documentation, sparse and otherwise useless code comments ... *sigh*

I am reminded of the quotation, which according to some Google searching, appears to have been attributed to a number of authors - "Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live".

After doing a solid block on maintenance work today, I could be that psychopath ... :-)

Monday July 21, 2003
12:54 AM

Matching email addresses

Matching email addresses with regular expressions is a complex task - The easiest way to go about doing this is to use the massive regular expression which Jeff Friedl demonstrates the construction of in Mastering Regular Expressions.

I found today that sometimes this level of matching is overkill - The scenario was a PHP form where a users' email address is specified. The regular expression from Mastering Regular Expressions worked nicely, but because the RFC allows for the specification of addresses by local username alone, "invalid" email addresses could still be provided. The work around was to edit the source of the regular expression constructor script so that only the addr_spec portion of the RFC specified address specification was matched.

There was of course, no way I was going to edit the regular expression directly - Have you see that thing? :-)

Thursday July 17, 2003
10:03 PM

Common sense prevails

Naturally I may be seen as somewhat bias on this topic, but I am glad to see some common sense prevailing in the realm of technology patents ...

Tuesday July 15, 2003
04:38 AM

Okay merlyn - I'll bite ...

What's the story with Acme::Current? I'm guessing there has to be a story behind it ...
Saturday July 12, 2003
07:35 AM

New position

I must say that I have been somewhat quiet in my journal over the last month - This is because, as some in the Perl community know, I have started a new position. The position is as technical manager with a company called Bluebottle - The main focus of this company is the development of an enterprise level challenge-response type mail verification system. I started this full-time position just over two weeks ago, prior to which I was finishing up my commitments to my previous employer, and performing some preliminary code review and roll-out management for Bluebottle.

One particularly good thing about this position is that my employer has embraced the concept of open-source for this development and indeed is intending upon releasing much of what we develop back into the open source community.

This is going to be fun ...

Tuesday June 10, 2003
05:48 PM

More perl5.005.03 weirdness ...

Whilst not an issue unto itself, I did come across an unusual error (of my own making) whilst using Perl 5.005.03 on Solaris. The error was:

Callback called exit.
END failed--cleanup aborted.

This error resulted from my foolishly attempting to use an INIT block of code within a Perl 5.005.03 script. For the record, Perl 5.005.03 only supports BEGIN and END blocks - It was not until 5.6.0 that the additional blocks CHECK and INIT were introduced.

Thursday June 05, 2003
11:26 PM

Perl Foundation Grants

With the announcement of the Perl Foundation grants, I must say that I am immensely pleased with the division and allocation of these grants. In particularly I am quite excited as to the grants which have been provided to Arthur Bergman and Autrijus Tang for their work on threading and PAR respectively.

The concept of a SMP aware threaded POE is particularly appealing ... :-)

/me raises his hand to help with testing and documentation