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Skud (28)

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Journal of Skud (28)

Monday March 19, 2007
06:58 AM

PAUSE problems

Ever have one of those days where you have a great idea, implement it, then completely forget that the implementation exists? Perhaps it's just me.

Last October I had a not-particularly-brilliant idea about how to deal with a website I was working on for a friend. I figured I needed something like Template::Toolkit's "ttree" tool, but since HTML::Mason is my drug of choice I wanted a similar tool for Mason.

That's why I wrote MasonX::StaticBuilder, and uploaded it to CPAN. And while I waited for it to wend its way from PAUSE to CPAN proper, I went off and did some other things, and got sidetracked, and to be honest I kind of forgot about it til now.

What? It's only six months!

Suffice it to say that I haven't actually found a need for MasonX::StaticBuilder since October, and haven't missed it at all. Which is just as well, as it seems it never made it to my author page (

Googling for the module name shows that it's turned up at ( and at cpantesters ( but not on The URL shows that the .tar.gz is there but there's no readme file extracted. Odd.

So I went to PAUSE and told it to force a re-index, but that doesn't seem to help.

Anyone know what might be up?

Not that it's the end of the world either way, but it seems like I've got an awful lot of 5+ year old cruft and nastiness in my directory, and it'd be nice to have the more recent, less horrible stuff at least show up.

(The same problem seems to have affected Test-File-Contents-0.04 and Test-Mail-0.04 which I uploaded on the same day (both being just packaging cleanups and the like). This afternoon I uploaded Test-Mail-0.05 which superceded 0.04 and dealt with the problem in a roundabout way, so it seems that re-uploading with an incremented version number would be a workaround for MX::SB, but I'd really prefer to find out what the hell went wrong the first time, if I can.)

Friday March 16, 2007
05:25 PM

The All Skud RSS Mashup

A couple of days ago I installed Plagger (

Wait, back up.

A couple of weeks ago I installed Catalyst. I sat on the #catalyst IRC channel while doing it, and commented in passing that it required half of CPAN. Someone then said, "yes, and plagger requires the other half," reminding me that I'd been meaning to check plagger out ever since audreyt(?) had mentioned it at a meeting a year ago.

So I downloaded plagger. And it downloaded half of CPAN. I mean really.

And while that happened, I went googling for plagger docs, and found that almost all of them are in Japanese, and I felt rather daunted by the whole prospect (not least because and Module::Build don't much like working in my home directory on my hosted server, and I keep having to manually install shit and it was taking forever) and then somewhere in my googlings I came across which does about 80% of what I wanted anyway.

So my rather small achievement for yesterday -- but I'm proud of it anyway -- was setting up a doohickey that picks up my posts from all the various places I hang out (here, LJ,, LibraryThing, and so on), merges them, and combines them on my homepage to make it easier for stalkers to follow me.

You can see it at

I used XML::RSS::Parser instead of the XML::LibXML that I've previously used for such tasks, and I have to say that XML::RSS::Parser is very slightly nicer. No less lines of code, really, but apparently it behaves better if your feed is somewhat broken. And when you're mashing up a heap of feeds, something's sure to be broken sometime.

And that, boys and girls, is why I've finally started posting on my use.perl journal. I'm user #28 on this system and I'd never done it before, but now I've got my shit together to feed it out to my own webpage, it feels more useful.

Wednesday March 14, 2007
04:31 PM last night

To last night, along with Josh H from work (ex Gave a talk on test modules -- basically just a quick overview of some of what's out there on CPAN -- which I think went pretty well. It got that eyes-lighting-up response from a few people anyway, and someone at the pub namechecked Lessig wrt my presentation style, so excuse me while I preen briefly (though I thought I was doing the Takahashi method (, sorta, only with code blocks). Must clean up my CPAN modules. It's a mess.