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Journal of mako132 (2925)

Monday March 08, 2004
05:06 PM

Sony Clie TH55

I haven't had any new technology in a
while, and my Palm m505 was feeling kinda stale. Excellent
form-factor, but dim, fuzzy color screen.

I'm a long-time Palm user (going way back to the US Robotics days) and
a Mac user, to going Sony was a bit of a stretch. But I liked the big
screen and the third-party 'The Missing Sync' software plays well with
Chronos' Personal Organizer.

It's got 802.11b, voice recording (don't need that), less than 1
mega-pixel camera (sort of useful), mp3 player (fun), and supports the
larger Memory Stick (I got the 256 MB).

Sony Electronics is a pure Windows-only device maker, so I've got this
useless install CD, but I'm making do. I went into this with open
eyes, especially after struggling with the Windows-only NetMD minidisc

There is some satisfaction making Sony bend to my will - forcing it
co-exist in a Mac OS X environment.

I thought about the Zaurus . . . but didn't like the form-factor and
the mechanical pop-out keyboard. Too impatient to wait for Palm to
come out with something new.

Wednesday March 03, 2004
05:17 PM

Variety is the Spice of Life

1) Another video encoder is transfering files slowly on both its 100Mb and 1Gb interface

2) Someone's ssh connection freezes after a while

3) A Win2K install is failing to copy a DLL

4) Where's my new Clie? Fedex tracking shows that it left Rialto CA 4 days ago...

5) CGI::Kwiki's kwiki-install --upgrade and now KwikiBackup won't work

6) We're getting joe-job spam from central administration. Of course the warnings about it (which have the message copied inside) and discussions on how to handle it are ending up inside my junk mail box.

7) Video encoder runs out of disk. Finger pointing between the sys administration and the application programmers - who's responsible for checking?

8) Finally the virus updating is working on the servers, but desktop users need to initiate an upgrade

9) Do we buy Red Hat Academic support or move to Fedora?

10) Create /etc/init.d script for a Perl daemon

11) Kernel param change for said daemon

12) Negotiating an 11th hour accounts and permission change request for an Oracle course

13) Examining past year's RT tickets to see where we can add more tests

Tuesday March 02, 2004
04:55 PM

My Crib's Full of Switches

Our 100Mb private network has been falling apart lately . . . clients falling into half-duplex, switch ports falling as well. Packets are passing, but like glue. Looks like we've gotten a handle on it. 3Com--

Just moved my RSS readin' from Amphetadesk to Bloglines because the organization is better.

Won my first iTunes song, via a Pepsi paper cup, after a half-dozen tries. I'm too embarrased to try the peeking up the Pepsi bottle approach.

Thursday January 08, 2004
04:35 PM

Sucking In Those Journal Entries Again

I generally read the use.perl journal entries via the RSS aggregator Amphetadesk or via Plucker on my Palm.

I upgraded Plucker (I was using an old old alpha version) and it choked on parsing the Recent Entries page. Probably some HTML strangeness...

So instead I'm using brian d foy's SOAP-based article grabber, wrote the results locally and tweaked the template just enough to look good in Plucker viewer.

Wednesday August 13, 2003
04:15 PM

Can't See The Forest For The Trees

Agghhh. I'm so %$!@#$@ old.

In April, I got glasses because after programming all day, especially when under pressure, my right eye would start to ache. Turns out I've got some astigmatism there, but otherwise I see fine. So I put them on when I'm in hardcore coding mode (once or twice a week).

But lately it seems to be getting worse. I think I'm going to have to wear them all the time.

Add that to my chronic shoulder basketball injury, my plantar injury (basketball, Mexican folkdancing), weak lower back (basketball and wicked spin serve in tennis), it's a wonder I can still sit on the toilet and take a dump :(

But hey, I made it to 38 before the implosion.

Saturday August 09, 2003
05:47 PM

Chomping at the bit

I have all these ideas for testing, but I can't access the machines from home - they're all behind the firewall, and we can't get VPN working for us Mac OS X folks. I'll probably end up ssh-tunnelling for my Unix systems, but I need to figure out a way of getting Windows Terminal Services work through an ssh tunnel.
Wednesday July 16, 2003
03:42 PM

Blood-Splattered Server Room

One of our sys admins just dropped a server while trying to put it into a rack. Gashed his hand on a corner and sprayed blood all over the 1U, rails, docs and window.

He's hustling over to the urgent-care ward. We're mopping up and trying not to laugh.

Wednesday July 09, 2003
06:35 PM

OSCON - Enough with the T shirts

I now have to keep a separate box next to my dresser at home for all the T shirts I own.

Like everyone, I used to love snagging a T shirt at a conference. But I really wish they gave out something else.

I play basketball three times a week, so I actually can go through them at a fast clip.

Maybe I can make pillows with them: stuff a T shirt with other T shirts, tie the bottom and the sleeves and you've got an instant pillow.

I suppose people think that T shirts make for good advertising, but given the fact that no one comments on what T shirt I'm wearing, no matter how controversial, I think people consider T shirt messages background noise.

01:52 AM

OSCON: Breezin' Into Town

Drove back into Portland from Kennewick.

Gorgeous views of the Columbia Gorge.

Basalt, basalt.

Read up on the geology of the region at my father-in-law's house.

Kids screeching to the 'Mamma Mia!' CD all the way.

Hotel's American Grill closed.

Champion's won't serve my kids.

End up on the Waterfront.

Crabcakes good, chowda salty.

Hefted my sound-asleep 4 year-old back to the hotel.

Thursday July 03, 2003
09:05 AM


Everyone else has announced that they're going. So's here's my journal entry, just to see my self in the recent journal entries column.

I'll be flying out to Portland Saturday, driving out to Richland WA to visit my father-in-law, and then driving back Tuesday for the conference.

I might have an Apple iSight the folks back home can see my overly-airconditioned-weak-hotel-coffee-too-many-pastries face.