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jbisbee (2452)

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Journal of jbisbee (2452)

Tuesday July 08, 2008
06:15 AM

UTF8 perldoc Rant!

Man this is annoying, I cut and paste code form a SYSNOPSIS to test a module for the first time and come to find out that my single quotes aren't single quotes and my dashes aren't dashes... This definitely doesn't seem like the right behavior for any text that is indented (ie code samples) I don't care about the rest of the text, make it pretty and all, but leave the characters in code sample's alone!

"’" used for single quotes ('), "−" used for dashes (-)

As I was writing this I went and changed Terminal -> Preferences -> Advanced -> International -> Character Encoding from "Unicode (UTF-8)" to "Western (ISO Latin 1)" and its no longer an issue (the original characters are being used throughout perldoc's output)

So the question is, is this a problem with perldoc or a just a problem with And if it is perldoc, should I submit a bug?

Tuesday June 24, 2008
07:37 AM

Module Build System

What are recommendations the tools that you use to build, test, automate change logs, and release your CPAN modules? About 2 years ago I used Module::Release, but at this point I'm looking to re-evaluate my options.
Tuesday July 11, 2006
10:29 PM

#news on - The Perl News Channel

I'd like to formally announce #news on It's be up and running for awhile, but after YAPC::NA 2006, I replaced all my code with plagger and a yaml config file.

Currently rssbot watchings the following Perl sites and notfies the channel with updates

  • CPAN ( rss not pause uploads)
  • AnnoCPAN
  • CPAN Ratings
  • use Perl
  • use Perl Journals
  • Perl Monks (Newest Nodes)
  • Perl Jobs
  • The Perl Foundation
  • The Perl Foundation News (Moveable Type - Steering Committe Blog)
  • The Perl NOC
  • Perlcast
  • The Perl Summer of Code 2006

some sample output from the channel (minus the URLs)...

20:50:19 * rssbot [perlcast] Perlcast Interview with Andy Hunt on "Practices of an Agile Developer"
20:50:19 * rssbot [perljournals] [schwern] Julian Cash is a genius.
21:00:29 * rssbot [cpan] SWF-Chart-1.4
21:00:29 * rssbot [perljournals] [jmcada] Practices of an Agile Developer
21:10:22 * rssbot [perlmonks] [PerceptiveJohn] Perl On Server
22:00:44 * rssbot [cpan] MP3-Find-0.06
22:30:31 * rssbot [perlmonks] [Petruchio] Who would win in a swordfight?
22:40:34 * rssbot [cpan] CPAN-Mini-0.500
22:40:37 * rssbot [cpan] Perl-Critic-Bangs-0.01
23:00:17 * rssbot [perlmonks] [ehdonhon] PITTSBURGH PERL WORKSHOP: FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS
23:00:17 * rssbot [perljobs] Perl Developer for Test Automation
23:20:14 * rssbot [perlmonks] [llee] windows events

Hope you see you in #news!

Tuesday July 05, 2005
01:20 PM

Perl RSS Feeds

I've been collecting perl related RSS feeds for awhile now and I'd like to share my list and add to it. Here goes:



People (who don't use or just other sources)

What I'd Like to See

Perlmonks RSS made easy (

So if anyone else has any other RSS urls they'd like to share and grow this list, just add a comment. (especially the perlmonks feeds, the homebrew nature of the site is great for asking for help and providing feedback, but not so great for finding what RSS feeds exist without digging through nodes and comments) :(

For all the folks who aren't using RSS yet... What the hell are you waiting for? :)

Thursday May 12, 2005
10:22 AM

Javascript for Perl Hackers

This morning I was going through my daily ritual of reading Use Perl journal entries and came across Torgo's Journal entry Higher-Order Javascript.

It got me thinking... I often find myself struggling to do simple things in javascript and end up avoiding it because I'd rather code in perl because it just seems to flow.

After reading Sean's notes it got me thinking how cool it would be to show have some kind of javascript for perl hacker's reference. Showing common perl patterns and showing the javascript equivalents.

The best examples (like some of Sean's) would be hte ones that say... It works like this in the perl world, but in javascript you can fake it like this.

Anyway, a wiki for it sounds like a first good step, anybody else have any feedback, suggestions, or comments on the idea?

Monday August 23, 2004
09:42 PM

Old Sig, Old Times

After seeing brian d foy's post on google's news group searches, I decided to find my earliest 'hit'. Turns out I was looking for James Bond movie posters before I moved out of my parents' house.

Its funny looking back at something you wrote so long ago (8 years!). Anyway, I thought I'd share my really cool signature that I had back then... :)

Jeffrey J. Bisbee                     Program and Design
Transterra Co.                        Internet Group
Phone 402.596.8504                    Fax 402.597.7789 - - -

It's funny looking back, Transterra Co. went on to be come Ameritrade. The humble beginings were fun. I knew enough perl to write the the first brokerage application (with globals all over the place).

Looks like ECODE can't handle my monster sig :P

Friday April 02, 2004
11:28 AM

mutt/vim Spell Checking E-mail as You Type

Casey posted in his journal about forgetting to spell check after composing his e-mail. I broke down a couple months ago and went through the some of the top vim scripts on to see if I could find a decent spell checker.

Well I found one called vimspell.vim and this is how I implemented it only to auto spell check my e-mail as I type and not any old text document I open up (which got REALLY anoying)

  1. grab vimspell.vim
  2. mkdir ~/.mutt
  3. cp vimspell.vim ~/.mutt/.
  4. vim ~/.mutt/vimrc # should only contain the following 5 lines

    source ~/.vimrc
    source ~/.mutt/vimspell.vim
    highlight SpellErrors ctermfg=Red cterm=underline term=reverse
    set filetype=mail " correct syntax highlighting
    set textwidth=72  " wrap at column 72

  5. In your ~/.muttrc or (in my case ~/.mutt/mutt.settings) tell vim to use the new ~/.mutt/vimrc file:

    set editor = "vim -u ~/.mutt/vimrc"

and presto you should have spell checking as you type.

UPDATE - fixed line wrapping issue with long "highlight..." ~/.mutt/vimrc line

Friday September 05, 2003
10:15 PM

Stopping the Joe Job Bounces

Like many of you I have my own domain ( and some time ago someone harvested a bunch of domains and started Joe Jobbing them. They did this by using

When this first happened it really sucked because my poor filters weren't ready for it and not only did I get bounces, I got people replying to the e-mail and complaining to me about the spam I didn't even send.

Up until this point, I just said screw it and decided to let Spam Assasin and my Email::Filter do the work. I've been thinking about how to stop from even seeing the bounces and I've determined that if I could actually get a list of all the aliases I've used over the years, I could block any mail not set to those know addresses. So the task at hand, parse all my mboxes and pull out any address to build a master list.

I tried a couple of mbox parsers, but settled on Mark Overmeer's wonderful (and huge) Mail::Box because of all the OO goodness. I also used File::Find::Rule to build a list of all my mboxes. With these modules, I was able to put together the follow script to generate a list of the aliases I use with my domain.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use File::Find::Rule;
use Mail::Box::Manager;

my $directory = "/home/jbisbee/mail";
my $domain    = quotemeta '';

# to count the number of occurences for each address
my %aliases = ();

# get all your mboxes within your mail directory
my @mboxes = File::Find::Rule->file()
                             ->name( '*' )
                             ->in( $directory );

my $mgr = Mail::Box::Manager->new;
for my $folder_name (@mboxes) {
    my $folder = $mgr->open( folder => $folder_name );
    foreach my $message ( $folder->messages ) {

        # Mail:;Address objects for to, cc, and from
        for my $ma ( $message->to,
                     $message->from ) {
            if ( $ma->address =~ /$domain$/i ) {
                $aliases{ lc $ma->address }++;

for my $email ( sort { $aliases{$b} <=>
                       $aliases{$a} } keys %aliases ) {
    print "$aliases{$email}\t$email\n";

Now armed with this list I have setup my mail aliases file to only accept mail to those addresses. Never again will I have to deal with bounces to e-mails I never sent and never again will I have to deal with people asking me to remove them from a spam list I don't have.

Saturday June 21, 2003
10:53 PM

Moving My Journal Back to use Perl

So I've decided to move my journal back to use Perl and get away from my nasty home brewed blogger. Spoke to gav at YAPC and he gave me his MT plugin to pull my posts off of use Perl and post them to MT. cwest has a similar thing kind of syndication, but he posts to his site and syndicated on use Perl.

At any rate, my PHP crap sucks really bad (go figure) and I really like the idea of comments on my journal entries.

On a side note, if you use linux and would like to get Kazaa running under wine, take a look at this HOWTO I threw together some time ago.

Monday March 04, 2002
10:04 AM

My Journal Has Moved

I've moved my journal to my personal website