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sir_lichtkind (5541)

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(brave) Perl monk from Eastern Germany
Friday March 06, 2009
05:56 PM

Kephra 0.4 pl 5 released

i found a crashing bug in the stable tree and fixed it immediately. Some other things were also fixed previously but this critical thing triggered the fith patchlevel of 0.4. see details in the changelog
Wednesday March 04, 2009
05:18 AM

Kephra on Softpedia

Yes 0.4.2 still not out but look at this. More than a month ago i started to spread Kephra into some alternative places and its starts to showing up.
Sunday February 01, 2009
05:38 PM

sanitized Kephra boot sequence

because, starter is now simpler and don't have to care about logging (tha app has). main app moved to proper namespace (Kephra::App). some initial path retrieving and file moving is now unified and packed into the right place so we will be able to fork a worker thread before anything other than logging is loaded. await next release, which will be the wirst that will install smoothly on linux and darwin.
Thursday January 15, 2009
10:05 PM

great quote

just a minute ago I found this great quote I want to share with you. see it please as a followup to my last einstein bashing post (to keep obama and his sith lord some days rest :)).

This is what Albert Einstein said 1949, on his 70th birthday:

Now you think I'm looking at my lif's work with calm satisfaction. But on closer look, it is quit different. There is not a single concept of which I am convinced that it will stand firm and I am not shure if I was on the right track after all.

Well said. lets show some respect for the passed, and remember that there are a lot materialistic belief systems that keep peoples minds hijacked.
Monday January 12, 2009
11:27 AM

Whats holding Kephra back?

last year there where a lot of answers to this question. nowadays most of them vanished. it has a name, internals are much saner, the release tools work again, we have a recent stable version and half of website is rewritten or filled with fresh content.

some of most demanded features where implemented but still there is one big thing. the installation cpan had its hurdles due some misquoting of install bathes in the build process. stupid bug but fortanetly fixed by recent patch from andreas kaschnitz++. currently some internals are opened to rewrite the Document::* namespace modules and to make the view::editpanel settings and events work for more than one instance of STC. when its done, patch applied and the test suite fixed Kephra will finally install flawlessly under Linux and Mac.
Thursday January 08, 2009
08:10 AM

How much Tycho is in you?

Tycho sounds a bit like silence in slawik languages but here I mean Tycho Brahe. He was in the 15-hundrets a cutting edge scientist, having most precise data and contact to other big researcher like the later to be known Johannes Kepler.

But why I'm telling all this? because afterwards everybody is wise, like an old german saying claimes and he shows a great example how things can go wrong even under the name of science. He had the data to knew that there was something out of sync with the theory that earth is middle of solar system. but he hadn't courage to think things through or maybe was to weak to question authority so he made a fairly ugly compromise to be seen here. I have more beautiful photos of ancient drawings of that at home. But my point is: that's exactly how scientist act 'til today. thats how they came with monsters like string theory. just drop the shit einstein and others once proclaimed and there will be far simpler and more elegant solutions like that explanation that all planets go in near cycles around the sun.

Einstein did the same kind of mistake, making our dimension the center of existance and everything had to fit relatively to the observers material eye. but what if the center of all matter/energy is somewhere else and what we experience is just one expression/dimension with some really special attributes like linear time? I think that espcially einsteins ideas about gravity are fundamentally flawed and thatswhy even with 11-dimensional supergravity and branes moving throug 26 dimensional space they don't fit into the rest of physics. (remember the complicated formulas people once had to calculate planet positions on base of geocentric view :)). so einsteins argument for his so called relativity theory (if it calulates the reality, the theory underneath must be right) is an error like pointed out by many (also velikovsky in a letter to him). to be fair, einstein died weeks after this, but i don't think its likely that he would change he views, given what list of peoples writings he read before, like bose (einstein-bose-condensat), heim etc. and that couldn't change him too. So maybe he will be remembered as a kind of Tycho Brahe by our ancestors.

ask questions folks! :)
Saturday January 03, 2009
08:49 PM

Me on Folding

After a discussion, which wasn't that big like wished but i got me some insights. I was thinking about the whole thing but in the end its a no brainer. lot of people use recursive folding, it has advantages so i put it in. of course simple current node folding has to be in. thats the stepping stone for beginners. i took my new sibling fold because it was fastest and intuitive to me and of cause fold all if you want to clean up a mess.

the second stage was the key binding. renneb++ pointed out he wanted a key binding and since it is in the kephra policies to be able to do the way you prefer. it had to be in. poth you use most i made on easier to reach kombos alt+plus and alt+minus. the minussymbolize that its about one point (like in a enumeration list) and the plus is about more. and the to are related. for the other to ops you add the shift key. And from alt+minus to alt+shift+plus its alway more you fold (in average code). so all fits logically. i was really satisfied.

but then the mouse binding would be a problem becaue you have 3 keys and 4 actions. (you cant rely to have more keys on a mouse). right click is normally context menu but using that for folding is to complicated. i want just on clik nav and it should be done whatever you wish, or fairly close. leftclick is simple toggle fold. thats logical, understood and everybody does it, so can't touch that. middle have to be recursive all 4 folding ops perform a toggle mode. thats consistant because its looks like single fold and middle button is the next. but you do it not that ofen because once folded recursively you unfold you way mostly with simple left click. thats also a reason to put in on middle because people aren't used to click middle that oftern. and right click that is sibling fold. it looks a bit like opening context menu so the metapho fits. if searching for something you do it more often and people are more used to right click, so that fits too. but where to put fold all? after some fiddling and some practically nasty approaches i found somthing that first sounds nasty but does the thing better than expected. (yes volker p. ruleZZZ). right click when left button is down. that is the metaphor of doing all together and to take a inrun in other direction before approaching the big heap at once. since it doenst matter in which line you click it workes mostly very well. only if you fold the first head it unfolds because fold all orientes always on this first head. that can be somtimes nasty indeed but for my part the workflow is nearly natural.

Of course all the clicking has to take on the folding margin. i wrote some subs for the right margin detextion so context menu comes now only over edit area which was a long time wich of mine. i reached a lot of these goals in alst times which makes kephra hacking to real joy again. the margin number switch which clean some dark corners but has still one: if reload conf it breakesthe msontext menu binding for right click. have to figure somthing out but were not nearly to a stable version so its time. I also inserted (optional of cource) the folding flag line. thats nice because you always se where is the gap in the folded code. padre people left that out because the black colour was too abstusive to them and thy don't couldn't change default style because this is always visible and it woul make the normal text look silly.

actually it dindt because default style is displayed where no text is at all so you see jus beackground color sou you can colorize the foregrounf of the flag lines without any side effect. i did the in same color as the fold marker in the margin (that you can of course define in config soon in dialog too) so you can see that it belongs together. because i liked the folding marker theme of scite i enabled that too. (rotating arrows).

So now with Kephra the chapter folding is closed and im really happy with it. to havy the most of this i have to rearrangethe main design of the widgets, and use the Wxnotebook in the intended way. and also use multiple stc instance instead of one and playing with doc pointers like i do now. that will also resolve some longstanding issues with unexpected jumpes of the visible text area when changing docs, which was another longterm issue of kephra. down side of this will maybe more RAM consumtion and i can't get stretched the tabbar over full window width when opening a panel on a side. but it will look more standeart and that tabbar belongs to the main editor unit. it also enables to make special pages like kommodo have. or insert dialogs on notebook pages. AUI will also follow but opional. so you have free draggable splitview of all doc panels.

good enough for tonight. it will be a while until 0.4.2.
Thursday January 01, 2009
10:15 AM

Kephra on CPAN again

due problems with changed policy on CPAN no accept world writable files and dirs i had to repackage under linux (there is an easier way and i will find it). Yes the test suite is the next problem but i will solve that as well. so will have and flawless CPAN installable Kephra before Frankfurt.

Meanwhile folding gets better and better. After my meditation on perlmonks i added some function and made the margin also right clickable to fold all, but its still not perfect. i think will bring the solution to that that you have easy and efficent folding with mouse and keyboard.
Monday December 29, 2008
03:43 PM

Grabbing Attention

I should maybe compare obama with hitler. But I'm not interested in flamebait, just to be understood and nobody listen if you are speak from righteousness. i even don't want to dwell on sad things so why speak about obama.

because its not about him, he is just a symptom like bush, not the problem. people in fear want to believe rather in outside things than in themself, in their ideas in their abilities, in their goals. that always caused problems. any dictator could not gain more power than people where willing to give him. if people comprehend themself as individuals with greater power than they might imagine, then we will still have different opinions but most of the brutality will be gone. cruelty comes from fear. fear comes from the thought that you can't have something you desire, which is always an illusion.

i was raised in GDR and got my fair share of brainwashing from the early on. everybody knew it that it was propaganda. but most people had some trust in the basic goodwill of mankind and the basic concepts behind socialism. in eastern propaganda nearly everything coming from west was daemonized as fascist and reactionist. and we all know that in some areas there is some truth to it like was in western propaganda. noone likes war. but in all that overstated speeches I never had a personally felt understanding how hitler could raise to power until i saw obamas speeches.

i don't say he is a fascist to throw mud, he just is. If you dissect the technical definition of fascism, given by benito mussolini, the propagated founder of italian fascism, where the term was firstly used in modern context (but with conotation with roman tradition). he described fascism as combination of all powers under one strict leadership like the "fasce" means bale. if you take a look on obamas team there is not much doubt left about that.

last time i spoke about that and got a lot of attention here, many said: how can you know that he is lying, have you ever spoke to him personally? .. and so on. Yeah, and gut feelings are ridiculed as truthiness. But in my case its more than about gut impressions. Watch him carefully. Listen to you heart. if you look at him its cold.

All so called leaders don't matter. you matter. follow yourself and be happy. its you life, so where you want to go today(tm) .)

Thursday December 25, 2008
09:00 AM

Kephra 0.4 PL 4

due my policy no critical bugs in current stable, there is a new patchlevel. the new improvements in eventtable from head trunk had to go in because on of the bugs was caused by event triggered callbacks that executed upon nonexisting toolbar buttons. all this is hidden behind the Kephra::App::ToolBar API, so if you call their destray all tools will disconnected from their events before.

After making the CommandList so far feature complete (maybe export on command to Kephra::Config::Tree) we are two steps closer to sane and mighty extension API shich will see daylight before next stable I hope.