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  • ~~ (smart match) (31)
  • regexp improvements (28)
  • switch statement (given, when) (29)
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    The Perl Review interviews Curtis "Ovid" Poe

    Journal written by brian_d_foy (44) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.07.20 21:50   Printer-friendly
    Earlier this summer, I interviewed Ovid about Perl Hacks, grants from The Perl Foundation, logic programming, and various other things. Ovid put me off my game by promptly replying with detailed answers that messed up my whole editorial process of nagging and badgering, so it's only my fault that you had to wait so long to read it.

    YAPC::Europe::2006 - Call For Proceedings

    posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.07.20 21:35   Printer-friendly
    " Speakers, please note that we are moving the deadline of technical papers for the proceedings to end of day Friday 11th August 2006. This will be an absolute deadline and no submissions past this will be accepted. All materials will be prepared and submitted for production over that weekend, and we cannot delay this any further."

    Meeting Announcements: Copenhagen Perl Mongers Tech Meeting

    posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.07.19 10:08   Printer-friendly
    jonasbn writes "Tuesday the 8th. of August, Copenhagen Perl Mongers are having a technical meeting at:
    Fredericiagade 16, 4.
    1310 Kbh K

    Meeting Announcements: Madison Perl Mongers

    posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.07.18 17:12   Printer-friendly
    rizen writes "I'm proud to announce the formation of a new PM in Madison, Wisconsin, USA called the MadMongers, aka Madison Area Perl Mongers, aka We're the only Perl Mongers group in Wisconsin, so if you're in Wisconsin, you should check us out.

    This Week on perl5-porters (10-16 July 2006)

    posted by grinder on 2006.07.18 16:08   Printer-friendly

    "Kindly avoid inflicting upon this one the same fate shared by so much other documentation produced by a patchwork of well-meaning but disparate contributors seeing more the trees than the forest as they continually apply peephole optimizations that inadvertently compromise the overall integrity of the work, where the presentation eventually more resembles an illegible patchwork quilt of no especial application or intended purpose than it does a dedicated garment of one cloth woven." -- Tom Christiansen, at the height of his form.

    Features: Volunteer for The Perl Foundation Booth at OSCON

    posted by Robrt on 2006.07.17 1:26   Printer-friendly
    dha writes "The Perl Foundation will again make its presence known in the vendor room of OSCON. If you would like to donate a couple of hours of your time to help run the booth, we'd be happy to have you! If you're interested, send an email to <> We look forward to seeing you in Portland!"

    Perl 6 Summary: 2006-03

    Written by audreyt and posted by grinder on 2006.07.17 0:58   Printer-friendly
    Summary updates

    Perl 6 Summary (March 2006)

    AJAX timelines and SVN::Web

    Journal written by nik (3476) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.07.16 14:59   Printer-friendly
    A day or so ago I started seeing references to AJAX timelines, by Simile in a few blogs.

    Thinking that they looked rather interesting, I've taken a couple of hours to integrate them in to SVN::Web.

    The work's been carried out on this branch, if you want to follow along.

    The code works well enough to draw a scrollable timeline of Subversion commits. rules

    Journal written by fglock (5723) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.07.16 14:56   Printer-friendly now has rule declarations. It still needs some additional work to process parameters, etc. Then v6 will be able to compile it's own grammar, and maybe it will be entirely rewritten in P6 (except for the runtime modules).

    Unfortunately, the build is currently broken in windows and osx - at least for unexperienced users, it seems. I'm planning to add eval() around the required binary modules, so that at least a subset of the language can work without XS compilation.

    News: Diagram for Perl 6's CPAN stack

    posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.07.16 14:51   Printer-friendly
    ajs writes "The Perl 6 development whirlwind that has seen the release of a new version of Pugs and the first release of continues apace. The latest tidbit is audreyt's posting on the Pugs blog of the Perl 6 CPAN stack diagram along with some interesting commentary on how both Perl 5 and Perl 6 are expected to benefit from this."

    OSDC Israel 2007, Call for Participation

    Journal written by gabor (1626) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.07.16 14:44   Printer-friendly
    Call for Participation

    Please mark your calendars! The organizers of OSDC::Israel are glad to announce that the next conference will be held on 20-22 February 2007. There will be additional events such as tutorials and a Perl 6 hackathon near the main conference; the exact schedule will be announced in the next month or so.

    YAPC::NA Hackathon leads to Vanilla Perl Build 4

    Journal written by dagolden (6584) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.07.16 14:40   Printer-friendly

    At YAPC::NA, Alias challenged me to have a new release of Vanilla Perl and an alpha release of Strawberry Perl out on Thursday during the hackathon. Of course, when he said Thursday, he didn't realize that would be Thursday of this week. The installer can be downloaded from

    Pittsburgh Perl Workshop: Final Call For Papers

    posted by davorg on 2006.07.12 9:28   Printer-friendly
    ehdonhon writes "On 23 September 2006 the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop will take place at Carnegie Mellon University. The idea is to have a low-cost, one-day conference on the theme of "Perl at Work":


    Although the call for talks has officially ended, we know that some excellent would-be speakers need just One More Day to get their proposals in. No problem: If you submit your proposal in next 48 hours, we will extend the deadline for you. Don't delay!

    Strawberry Perl 5.8.8 Alpha 1 released

    Journal written by dagolden (6584) and posted by davorg on 2006.07.12 9:27   Printer-friendly

    I'm declaring my YAPC::NA 2006 hackathon over. Perl::Dist (Perl::Dist::Builder), Perl::Dist::Vanilla and Perl::Dist::Strawberry are all submitted to CPAN, and checked in to Alias's subversion repository.

    Practices of an Agile Developer

    Journal written by jmcada (5846) and posted by davorg on 2006.07.12 9:26   Printer-friendly
    After quite a break for YAPC, house guests, and getting a new place, Perlcast is back with another great interview. This interview is with Andy Hunt of the The Pragmatic Programmers. In the interview Andy discusses some topics covered in the book "Practices of an Agile Developer".

    Parrot Summary (corrected): 2006-02-13 through 2006-02-28

    Journal written by audreyt (6654) and posted by davorg on 2006.07.12 9:24   Printer-friendly

    This is the Perl 6 Internals correction summary, for the weeks of 2006-02-13 through 2006-02-28, by Ann Barcomb.

    Summary updates

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to point out that I had accidently used February 2003 rather than 2006 for the internals section. This is the actual summary for February 2006.

    Due to the comments received on short URLs, I have decided to use the originals, as I also prefer them.

    News: #news on - The Perl News Channel

    posted by rjbs on 2006.07.11 22:59   Printer-friendly
    jbisbee writes "I'd like to formally announce Perl-related news aggregation in #news on The channel has been up and running for a while, but after YAPC::NA 2006, I replaced all my code with Plagger and a YAML config file.

    This Week on perl5-porters - 3-9 July 2006

    posted by grinder on 2006.07.11 17:01   Printer-friendly

    "CPAN is an unorganised anarchy. The checksum only guarantees that your downloaded file is identical to the one on CPAN, but there's no guarantee whatsoever that the file on CPAN is sane." -- Johan Vromans, reflecting upon the joys of open source software.

    Calling for Parrot janitors

    Journal written by petdance (2468) and posted by davorg on 2006.07.11 3:54   Printer-friendly

    I've put on my overalls and rubber gloves to help Perl 6. I'm the chief Parrot Cage Cleaner, and I'd like you to join me in helping to keep this crucial bird healthy.

    Parrot is the virtual machine designed to efficiently compile and execute bytecode for interpreted languages. Parrot will be the target for the final Perl 6 compiler, and is already usable as a backend for Pugs, as well as variety of other languages.

    The Parrot project was re-energized by a week-long hackathon at YAPC::NA 2006, with Parrot wizards from around the world converging on Chicago to create more magic. However, when wizards create magic, they spend less time fighting entropy. The Parrot project is starting to accumulate technical debt, and that helps diminish the potential velocity of the project. It often turns out that without janitors, the wizards get stuck.

    Call for proposals -- Perl Foundation Grants

    Journal written by Ovid (2709) and posted by davorg on 2006.07.11 3:51   Printer-friendly
    It's that time again! If you have an idea for doing some work for the Perl community and you think it's worthy of a grant, please send your grant entry to Grant applications must be in by the last day of July and we will be awarding the grants at the beginning of September.
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