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What I like most about perl 5.10
  • say (30)
  • state variables (3)
  • // (defined or) (61)
  • ~~ (smart match) (31)
  • regexp improvements (28)
  • switch statement (given, when) (29)
  • all of the above (115)
  • none of the above (write-in) (15)
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    This Week on perl5-porters - 5-11 June 2006

    posted by grinder on 2006.06.16 2:28   Printer-friendly
    "Perl has always been very good about builds. Lets me spend my time fighting other software issues." -- Alan Olsen

    New website

    Journal written by Alias (5735) and posted by davorg on 2006.06.12 5:02   Printer-friendly
    After my CPAN-compatible Win32 Perl competition earlier this year, and my nursing of the bug-fixing efforts for the new Vanilla Perl, to my amusement people keep asking me when I plan to create

    So after an entire hour of development, I'm happy to announce the creation of, a community website that will act as a central location for everything Perl and Windows, with initial hosting donated by Phase N (i.e. my corporate and tax-deductable incarnation)

    In the spirit of community, and because I'm not sure yet exactly what people are looking for in a Win32 Perl website, I have started by redirecting the front page straight into a wiki. As the site expands, I'll be adding more functionality beyond the raw wiki to add whatever additional functionality the community demands.

    If anyone would like to get involved, I'd be more than happy for your help. Please see the Request For Volunteers page on the wiki for things that need doing. And being a wiki, of course you are encouraged to be bold with your edits.

    TPR 2.3

    Journal written by jmcada (5846) and posted by davorg on 2006.06.12 5:02   Printer-friendly
    Perlcast interviews brian d foy about The Perl Review version 2.3.

    This Week on perl5-porters - 29 May-4 June 2006

    posted by grinder on 2006.06.09 4:39   Printer-friendly
    "Funnily enough I developed a patch for this exact problem a few days ago." -- Dave Mitchell, commenting bug #39252

    Best Practical Solutions Announces SVK Acquisition

    Journal written by jesse (2531) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.06.07 23:09   Printer-friendly
    Best Practical Solutions Announces SVK Acquisition - Total World Domination Plan Proceeding Apace.

    This Week on perl5-porters - 22-28 May 2006

    posted by grinder on 2006.06.05 12:47   Printer-friendly
    "This isn't supposed to happen, obviously. It's unusual for Configure to pick up libraries that it can't, in fact, use." -- Andy Dougherty, commenting bug #39195

    Meeting Announcements: Copenhagen Perl Mongers Tech Meeting

    posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.06.03 0:12   Printer-friendly
    jonasbn writes "Copenhagen Perl Mongers is having a technical meeting on the 7th. of June, at 18:00 at Sifira (Fredericiagade 16, 4.,1310 Kbh K) Since we are going to NPW 2006, jonasbn will test his presentation at the meeting. Everybody is welcome and we can squeeze in some lightning-talks if you have something on your mind. If you want to attend please inform us via the mailing list."

    News: Artistic License 2.0 RC1

    posted by davorg on 2006.06.02 3:14   Printer-friendly
    Allison writes "The first release candidate for the Artistic License 2.0 and the Contributor License Agreement are now up for review. Thanks to all who contributed questions and suggestions. Please post any comments to artistic2 at perl dot org."

    Countdown To YAPC::NA

    posted by davorg on 2006.06.02 3:09   Printer-friendly
    jmcada writes "Well, it's June so the countdown to YAPC::NA is on. There are just over three weeks left until the conference begins. If you were thinking about waiting to the last minute to register, that time has come. Though we will officially take registrations up until the weekend before the conference, I'd advise you to register as early as possible. It just makes things easier on all of us ;)"

    Meeting Announcements: Milton Keynes Perl Mongers June Technical Meeting

    posted by davorg on 2006.06.02 3:04   Printer-friendly
    tomhukins writes "Milton Keynes Perl Mongers will hold our second technical meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 13th June, featuring the following talks:
    • Writing a perl/swig interface to the C++ CLucene search engine (Peter Edwards)
    • Beautiful and Unique Snowflakes (Matt Trout)
    We also have a couple of lightning talks planned:
    • Better Living Through Perl (Michael Lush)
    • Tracing Code with (Tom Hukins)
    If you're anywhere near Milton Keynes, please come along. If you need help with transport, please ask. Please see our Web site for more details." Meets Again!

    Journal written by jmcada (5846) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.06.01 0:55   Printer-friendly are getting together on June 6th at 7:00 PM for an evening of lightning talks and YAPC volunteer recruitment.

    The meeting will be held at Performics at 180 N. La Salle, 12th Floor, Chicago, IL

    If you are planning on attending this meeting, please RSVP to joshua.mcadams-at-gmail-dot-com

    What are lightning talks? They are five minute presentations on just about any Perlish topic that you can imagine. Feel free to rant, rave, instruct, whatever! Just have it done in five minutes are get heckled off stage :) No rush to think of a talk either because topics and order will be hashed out at the start of the meeting.

    Don't forget that we are still taking applications for lightning talks at YAPC, so you could always use this as an opportunity to test your talk in front of a smaller crowd.

    Israel.PM Meeting on 5-June-2006

    Journal written by Shlomi Fish (918) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.05.31 1:48   Printer-friendly
    On June 05, 2006, the Israeli Perl Mongers will hold their regular monthly meeting. The program:
    • 18:00-18:30 -- Assembly and very light refreshments
    • 18:30-19:30 -- Gabor Szabo: Test::Live - live testing of a CPAN module
    • 19:40-20:10 -- Doron Abraham: Stupid things your boss will always say and how to completely misunderstand them
    • As usual after the meeting we will go out to a nearby pub/coffee-shop/etc. for a post-meeting social gathering.

    The meeting will take place in the offices of F5 located in Habarzel 24 B, Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv.

    A few days until YAPC::Europe submission deadline

    posted by KM on 2006.05.30 9:04   Printer-friendly
    barbie writes "Still planning to propose a Talk, Tutorial, Workshop or Hackathon at YAPC::Europe::2006 in Birmingham? Please note that the deadline is midnight this Friday, 2nd June 2006 for all submissions. We have had some great submissions so far, but we are still looking for more. Please see the website for submission details, but please feel free to make as many submissions as you like. Submissions should be sent to talks at"

    OSDC::AU 2006 - Call for Papers!

    posted by KM on 2006.05.30 9:02   Printer-friendly
    jarich writes " The Australian Open Source Developers' Conference is a conference designed for developers, by developers. It covers numerous programming languages across a range of operating systems. We're seeking papers on Open Source languages, technologies, projects and tools as well as topics of interest to Open Source developers."

    This Week on perl5-porters - 15-21 May 2006

    posted by grinder on 2006.05.26 4:19   Printer-friendly
    "Obviously, that's not supposed to happen. And just to make matters worse, it's deleted all the evidence" -- Andy Dougherty

    Summer of Code 2006 Projects

    posted by Robrt on 2006.05.25 22:48   Printer-friendly
    Robrt writes "We're extremely excited to announce that we have 5 projects for Google's Summer of Code this year. You'll find the latest updates and details here."

    Perlcast Interviews JT Smith about WebGUI

    posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.05.25 9:19   Printer-friendly
    jmcada writes "Perlcast is back with an interview with JT Smith of Plain Black. JT is the creator of WebGUI, a development kit that has morphed into a hybrid content management system, an intranet suite, and web application development framework. This month Plain Black anticipates the release of a new major version of WebGUI. Listen in to hear about this framework that has quietly been used to run thousands of sites across the internet for the last five years."

    YAPC::NA Lightning Talk Call for Proposals

    posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.05.25 2:25   Printer-friendly
    jmcada writes "The call for Lightning Talks for YAPC::NA 2006 is officially open. The Lightning Talks will be held Wednesday June 28th at 1:30pm. Sixteen talks of five minutes each will be presented and one of them could be yours. Submit your proposal today. Be sure to get those proposals in by June 14th for consideration. To learn more go to the wiki page for LightningTalks." tech meeting #3

    Journal written by cog (4665) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.05.25 2:23   Printer-friendly will host another tech meeting on Thursday, June 8th, starting at 21:30.

    Talks (in Portuguese):

    • Perl Meta-programming (Nelson Ferraz)
    • Inline::C - Let's Go Native (Miguel Duarte)
    • - New Game (José Castro)

    The meeting will take place at the Estradas de Portugal facilities. Please ask for directions on the group mailing list :-)

    The Perl Review, Summer 2006 (Special YAPC Chicago Edition)

    Journal written by brian_d_foy (44) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.05.19 20:45   Printer-friendly
    The Summer 2006 issue of The Perl Review comes out June 1. Check your email for your renewal notice if you're at the end of your subscription!

    This issue is a special edition for YAPC::NA Chicago sponsored by LiveText (anyone need a job? They're hiring :), and featuring on the front cover a photo collage of the Chicago skyline created by Eric Maki and Daniel Allen using freely usable images from Flickr and GD. Too bad I can't show you pictures on use.Perl. It's really a wonderful cover, and after reading their article you'll be able to make your own.

    • Perl::Critic -- Josh McAdams
    • GUI Development with wxGlade -- Johan Vromans
    • Programming Parrot -- Alberto Simões
    • Photo Collages with Perl -- Eric Maki and Daniel Allen
    • Peter Scott's review of Perl Hacks
    • Community news, views, and more...
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