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    Perl 6 Design Team Minutes for 07 February 2007

    Journal written by chromatic (983) and posted by davorg on 2007.02.16 4:24   Printer-friendly

    The Perl 6 Design team met via phone on 07 February 2007. Larry, Damian, Allison, Jesse, Nicholas, and chromatic attended. These are the notes.

    YAPC::Asia 2007 Registration Opens

    posted by davorg on 2007.02.16 4:06   Printer-friendly
    miyagawa writes "Registration for YAPC::Asia 2007 is now open for international attendees. We also announced the selected speakers and sponsors.

    Last year we experienced the tickets being sold out in 2 weeks after the announcement, so go hurry up and don't miss the exciting conference in Tokyo!"

    Perl Critic on Perlcast

    Journal written by jmcada (5846) and posted by davorg on 2007.02.12 2:19   Printer-friendly
    Perlcast is back with an interview with Jeffrey Thalhammer, the creator and maintainer of Perl Critic, a static source code analyzer for Perl written in Perl. In the interview Jeffrey talks about what Perl Critic is, why he created it, and where he sees the system going. February Meeting

    Journal written by cgrau (3787) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2007.02.11 13:26   Printer-friendly
    On Monday, 12 February 2007, the San Diego Perl Mongers will be having our monthly meeting at Panera Bread in Mira Mesa. Feel welcome to drop by to chat about all things Perl, or anything else that sounds interesting.

    Last month we were fortunate enough to have Randal Schwartz drop by for a chat. This month, I've been made to promise to bring my good friend Christel of Irssi, Gentoo, ReactOS, Freenode, and FOSSCON fame. It promises to be a good time.

    For more about the San Diego Perl Mongers as well as where and when to find us, check out our web home at

    Meeting Announcements: NPW 2007 Online registration opens

    posted by davorg on 2007.02.09 6:19   Printer-friendly
    tagg writes "The online registration for NPW 2007 has now opened, thanks to our fellow french mongers and the ACT platform. If you have been to other conferences run on ACT, you can use your existing account to login. The payment interface is not yet online, but please register now and complete the payment later."

    European Hackathon News

    Journal written by kudra (4364) and posted by davorg on 2007.02.08 8:00   Printer-friendly
    European Hackathon News, volume 1

    This is a reminder that the deadline for accommodations for the hackathon is fast approaching. If you want a room reservation, you must register for the hackathon and either pay online or contact Ann about paying later. The deadline is Friday, 9 February. For more information about the rooms, please refer to:

    If you prefer to make alternate arrangements for your accommodation, but wish to attend the hackathon, you still need to register before Thursday, 22 February. There is no cost for this registration. If you have special requests, such as vegetarian food, please contact Ann at the time of registration.

    To register, you first need to log in by either using an existing Act profile or creating a new user. Registration will be limited to the first 30 people.

    Perl 6 Design Team Minutes for 31 January 2007

    Journal written by chromatic (983) and posted by davorg on 2007.02.08 7:02   Printer-friendly
    The Perl 6 Design team met via phone on 31 January 2007. Larry, Patrick, and chromatic attended. These are the notes.

    Perl 6 Design Team Minutes for 24 January 2007

    Journal written by chromatic (983) and posted by davorg on 2007.02.08 7:00   Printer-friendly
    The Perl 6 Design team met via phone on 10 January 2007. Larry, Patrick, Nicholas, and chromatic attended. These are the notes.

    Meeting Announcements: Copenhagen Perl Mongers Tech Meeting

    posted by brian_d_foy on 2007.02.06 22:05   Printer-friendly
    jonasbn writes "Copenhagen Perl Mongers are organizing a technical meeting at Kvarterhuset in Jemtelandsgade 3, room 210, DK-2300 København S, Denmark on Tuesdag 27th. February 2007, at 18:00 about Object-oriented programming in Perl. After this we go to Cafe Bizzaro, Holmbladsgade 15.

    Grants: Call for Proposals

    Journal written by Ovid (2709) and posted by KM on 2007.02.04 15:46   Printer-friendly
    If you have an idea for doing some work for the Perl community and you think it's worthy of a grant, please send your grant entry to Submission deadlines is the last day of February, voting starts in March and we will be awarding the grants by the beginning of April.

    European Perl Hackathon

    Journal written by kudra (4364) and posted by davorg on 2007.01.31 15:53   Printer-friendly

    You are invited to attend the European Perl Hackathon in Arnhem, the Netherlands, from 2 - 4 March, 2007. Familiarity with the featured projects is not required; you need only bring a laptop and a willingness to join in.

    Although there is no fee to attend the hackathon, you are required to pay for your own accommodation and transportation. However, it is possible to book a room at the venue location when you register for the hackathon, at the price of € 74 for two nights plus breakfast.

    Space is limited to 30 participants, and registration is required. Reservations for accommodations made through the hackathon must be made by 9 February; reservations for the event itself must be made no later than 22 February.

    For more information about the event, please refer to

    Meeting Announcements: Nordic Perl Workshop

    posted by brian_d_foy on 2007.01.29 8:44   Printer-friendly
    brian_d_foy writes "The Copenhagen Perl Mongers will host the Fifth Nordic Perl Workshop on April 28-29, 2007. Submit proposals for papers, offer sponsorship, or volunteer to help.

    The price for two days of the workshop with lunch included is 500 DKK (about $US90). As usual, the workshop fee is waived for speakers, so submit a talk!

    Hope to see you in Copenhagen!"


    Journal written by drhyde (1683) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2007.01.29 6:38   Printer-friendly
    I have been continually frustrated by XML modules. They were all either hard to use, had ridiculous dependencies, took too much memory, or some horrible Lovecraftian combination of those. So, when Adam Kennedy recently muttered on the datetime mailing list about his *::Tiny modules, I decided to do XML right. The result is XML::Tiny, which (according to its documentation) implements a useful subset of XML. Secretly, I think it implements the useful subset. The core parser is less than 20 lines of code and is sufficient to parse an RSS feed or the responses from Amazon's web services. It should be compatible with perl 5.004_05 and with XML::Parser with the XML::Parser::EasyTree style, has no dependencies outside the core, and consumes as near as damnit no memory.

    YAPC::NA 2007 Call For Participation

    posted by KM on 2007.01.25 19:52   Printer-friendly
    jfluhmann writes "YAPC::NA 2007 Call For Participation

    On behalf of The Perl Foundation, is officially announcing the call for participation for Yet Another Perl Conference North America 2007. The conference will be held in Houston, Texas, June 25 — 27 at the University of Houston.

    One week to YAPC::Asia 2007 CFP deadline

    Journal written by miyagawa (1653) and posted by KM on 2007.01.25 19:51   Printer-friendly
    We updated the YAPC::Asia schedule a bit recently, and now the Call For Presentations deadline is one week away: January 31st, 2007. If you have an idea to speak in YAPC::Asia, whip it up and submit your proposal using the web form.

    Also, we posted the suggestions where to stay during the conference in Tokyo. If you haven't, go book your flight to Tokyo and book the hotel now!

    Meeting Announcements: meeting Jan 23

    posted by brian_d_foy on 2007.01.22 21:18   Printer-friendly
    bennymack writes " welcomes Randal Schwartz and brian d foy to the area on Tuesday, January 23rd @ 7 PM at the University at Buffalo North Campus, Bell Hall room 242"

    Meeting Announcements: meeting on Jan 23th about POE

    posted by brian_d_foy on 2007.01.22 7:55   Printer-friendly
    dami writes "The Geneva Perl Mongers group is having a meeting on Jan 23th, 19:00 at "Restaurant des Nations". Eriam Schaffter and Sam Carmalt will present POE — Perl Object Environment. Basics and 2 applications. ("

    Meeting Announcements: Perl Mongers tech meeting in Geneva

    posted by davorg on 2007.01.22 4:58   Printer-friendly
    eriam writes "Another monger event in Geneva !

    Geneva mongers are meeting very (very) soon, Tuesday, 23 Jan. at 19:00 at the Restaurant des Nations ( 87, rue Montbrillant, angle av. Varembé ) in Geneva.

    We will have a technical meeting with presentations about POE.

    Come on and join us, the restaurant is a pizzeria and POE also stands for Pizza Of Evening !"

    Perl 6 summary, 14-20 January, 2007

    Journal written by kudra (4364) and posted by kudra on 2007.01.21 15:22   Printer-friendly
    This week on the Perl 6 mailing lists

    "For the first time in the two months I've been working on Parrot, 'make test' completely succeeded -- and with some TODO tests passing, to boot!"

    -- James Keenan, sharing the good news in 'All tests passing!'

    pmtools-perl6: Generator

    Journal written by Mark Leighton Fisher (4252) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2007.01.19 14:51   Printer-friendly

    The pmtools POD commands will be the easiest to port to Perl6, but there's one obstacle – most pmtools POD commands require knowledge of Perl6's configuration, which we don't have yet in Pugs (no So I'm writing a tool in Perl6 (as I'm trying to eat our own dogfood) that will take the output of pugs -V and generate a Perl6 from that output. (Yes, I know this should probably occur during the Pugs build process, but I don't have a huge amount of time for pmtools-perl6, so I'm chopping pmtools-perl6 into small, easy to program (for me) pieces.)

    A minor problem is that my copy of Win32 pugs cannot find $EXECUTABLE_NAME when using it from -e. Pugs can use $EXECUTABLE_NAME OK from a Perl6 program – just not the -e command line. If anyone has an explanation as to why this must be so, please let me know.

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