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    This month on perl5-porters - August 2006

    posted by grinder on 2006.09.09 16:43   Printer-friendly

    "Insistent rumors claim that we used to have Perl compilable with C++ -- I doubt it a bit, given the kind of problems I found when doing this latest cleanup work." -- Jarkko Hietaniemi, having now found a new wall against which to bang his head.

    Perl 6 Design Minutes for 06 September 2006

    Journal written by chromatic (983) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.09.09 10:58   Printer-friendly
    The Perl 6 Design team met on 06 September 2006. The attendees were Allison, Nicholas, Jesse, Damian, and chromatic. These are the notes.

    Perl 6 Design Minutes for 23 August 2006

    Journal written by chromatic (983) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.09.08 18:57   Printer-friendly
    The Perl 6 design team met via phone on 23 August 2006. Larry, Nicholas, Jesse, and chromatic attended. These are the minutes.

    "Minimal Perl" book has been released

    posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.09.08 17:56   Printer-friendly
    yumpy writes "I'm happy to announce that my book entitled Minimal Perl: for UNIX and Linux People has just been released from Manning. Its mission is to show readers "How to do the most with the least" while using Perl in UNIX/Linux (and related) environments. For additional details, see and"

    Pittsburgh Perl Workshop: Register before the 18th

    posted by davorg on 2006.09.08 6:30   Printer-friendly
    ehdonhon writes "Credit Card registration has re-opened for the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop!

    We had a hiccup with the registration process that prevented some people from registering when they chose to pay via credit card. This problem has been fixed. Now your payment options are PayPal, credit card (via PayPal, but no PayPal account required), and check. If you tried to register and had a problem, please try again.

    If you haven't registered yet, now is the time. The fifty-percent "Early-bird" discount ends September 18th. Save your money and register today!"

    cpan6 - moving forward

    Journal written by mugwumpjism (1871) and posted by davorg on 2006.09.08 6:29   Printer-friendly

    Mark Overmeer gave a talk at YAPC::Europe 2006 about cpan6, the design so far is the result of a collaboration between Mark and myself. The talk was generally well received, and during the conference we have heard many more peoples' concerns. The good news is that there were no new requirements that didn't fit cleanly in the design, in fact it gave some people lots of ideas. I think I can say that we have support for the general direction of things, and now we can open up the debate widely, and start implementing pieces.

    I invite people to join either the pause6 mailing list (for infrastructure discussions) or the cpan6 tools list (for client-side installers and upload tools).

    The earliest task will be looking at the big picture, and seeing which pieces are the low-hanging fruit that we can write tests for straight away. I'll start the ball rolling after we have a few subscriptions.

    Damian Conway in Lisbon: Life, the Universe and Ev

    Journal written by cog (4665) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.09.05 14:25   Printer-friendly

    Damian Conway will be in Portugal next week, lecturing his Perl Best Practices training class.

    However, those not lucky enough to attend the event will still have a chance to see Damian in person, and speaking.

    Life, the Universe and Everything, a wonderful talk by Damian, September the 13th! Read the page (in Portuguese) and send the requested email if you plan on attending.

    First Technical meeting

    Journal written by larsen (1903) and posted by davorg on 2006.09.04 8:17   Printer-friendly
    Thursday the 28th. of September, Firenze Perl Mongers are having a technical meeting, hosted by

    Dada Spa
    Viale Giovine Italia, 17

    Perl 6 summary for Aug 27 - Sep 2, 2006

    Journal written by kudra (4364) and posted by kudra on 2006.09.03 11:15   Printer-friendly
    This week on the Perl 6 mailing lists

    "I once saw an overfilled waterbed that was almost as tall as I am. I would have called it PHP, but it didn't explode and throw cold water all over the house."

    -- chromatic

    YAPC 2007

    Journal written by davorg (18) and posted by davorg on 2006.09.01 10:20   Printer-friendly

    Congratulations to Houston and Vienna who have just been announced as the venues for YAPC::NA and YAPC::EU in 2007.

    Update: Here's the official YAPC::EU announcement that kudra would have posted if I hadn't beaten her to it with my unofficial version:

    YAPC::Europe Foundation is pleased to announce that Vienna, Austria has been chosen as the site for YAPC::Europe 2007, the eighth European YAPC.

    Vienna faced tough competition from Lyon, France and Pisa, Italy, and we hope that these groups will give us the opportunity to consider their proposals again in the future.

    We are confident that's experienced team--which was responsible for several Austrian Perl Workshops--will put together a wonderful conference. The theme for the next YAPC::Europe will be 'Social Perl'.

    We hope to see you in Vienna next summer!

    CPAN::Forum RSS feeds per PAUSEID

    Journal written by gabor (1626) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.08.30 12:43   Printer-friendly
    After a long time, recently I had some spare time to work on CPAN::Forum.

    There are many back stage changes (e.g. finally I wrote some tests). The change that might be the most important, especially for module authors is that from now one can subscirbe to e-mail alerts to any module based on your PAUSEID. That includes any future modules as well. This can be done on mypan

    In addition there is a collection of all the posts made to modules by PAUSEID. In my case that would be CPAN::Forum of SZABGAB. While looking at that page with Firefox you get an RSS feed sign in the location bar. Clicking on it will let you add the rss feed of the given PAUSEID to your Bookmarks Toolbar.

    Don't try this at home kids...

    Journal written by jk2addict (4946) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.08.29 21:54   Printer-friendly

    I'm a trained shaved monkey. Take a look at FormValidator::Simple::ProfileManager::YAML. It allows one to load FVS profiles from YAML. That's a nice compliment to FormValidator::Simples ability to load error messages form a yaml file.

    But apparently, some things can't be easy. Using the [REGEX, qr//] validator is one of those things.

    Strawberry Perl 5.8.8 Alpha 2 released

    Journal written by dagolden (6584) and posted by davorg on 2006.08.29 2:15   Printer-friendly
    Strawberry Perl 5.8.8 Alpha 2 for Win32 is out. Largely synchronizes with Vanilla Perl Build 7, but with updates to and other toolchain modules.

    Pittsburgh Perl Workshop information

    Journal written by rblackwe (5489) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.08.28 22:22   Printer-friendly
    Just a few things about the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop. The Workshop is Saturday Sept 23. The Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Bengals the next day. So you might want to go. Good luck getting tickets. We have posters to promote the workshop. Please print some off and hang them up. The schedule is out. adds support for CPAN::Reporter

    Journal written by dagolden (6584) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.08.28 22:21   Printer-friendly

    As of version 1.87_57, has support for CPAN::Reporter. I wrote about this project in my last journal entry. At that time, one needed to install a subversion branch of to use CPAN::Reporter. Now, it's easy to set up directly from the CPAN shell:

    Announcing the Chicago Hackathon 2006

    Journal written by petdance (2468) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.08.28 22:19   Printer-friendly

    The Chicago Perl Mongers and The Perl Foundation are proud to announce the Fall 2006 Chicago Hackathon, the weekend of November 10-12, 2006 in suburban Crystal Lake, IL. It will be a round-the-clock weekend of programming on Perl-related projects with your colleagues in the open source community. Dozens of programmers from the open source community in the midwest, as well as others from around the US, will be getting together to share ideas, work on code, and move their Perl-related projects forward.

    The participants set the agenda for what we'll be working on, but Perl 6 and Parrot are already on the roster of projects. Chip Salzenberg, pumpking for the Parrot project, will be on hand to help with Parrot and Perl 6. Andy Lester will also be driving some Parrot maintenance tasks, and other midwest programmers will be working on their own projects. There's sure to be something interesting for everyone!

    Participation in the hackathon costs nothing. The Perl Foundation is even providing hotel rooms at a special rate if you want to spend the night. Even if you're in the area for just an hour, stop by, grab a snack or some pizza and talk with other people interested in Perl. You might contribute more than you think just by talking with other programmers.

    To find out more, visit If you'll be attending, please sign in on the Attendees wiki page, and/or email . You can also send questions to Andy Lester at

    Weekly Perl 6 mailing list summary for August 20-2

    Journal written by kudra (4364) and posted by kudra on 2006.08.27 9:14   Printer-friendly
    This week on the Perl 6 mailing lists

    "My school's punch card machines were in the same room as the TRS-80 Model I ("THE COMPUTER ROOM"). These kids today with their hula hoops and fax machines and intarwebs..."

    -- Chip Salzenberg, arguing in favor of lines in excess of 80-characters.

    News: Pittsburgh Perl Workshop schedule posted.

    posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.08.26 10:40   Printer-friendly
    ehdonhon writes "The schedule of speakers for the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is now available.

    The Workshop's talks are divided into two tracks. The Basic track, which takes place in the pair Networks Room, features our special speakers brian d foy and Peter Scott and offers eight talks filled with practical advice and ready-to-use Perl-programming ideas. The Advanced track, which takes place in the Socialtext Room, features seven longer, heavy-duty talks that cover a fascinating spectrum of deep Perl wizardry.

    Whether you are new to Perl or an old hand, you will find a ton of great talks waiting for you at the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop.

    There is still time to register. Two good reasons to register now:
    1. The "Early bird" discount registration period will soon be closing. Register now to come to the workshop at half price!
    2. All participants that register prior to Wednesday, August 30, will have free wireless access for the day of the event.

    Don't delay. Register now!"

    pmtools-perl6 on SourceForge

    Journal written by Mark Leighton Fisher (4252) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.08.26 10:35   Printer-friendly
    I've made enough progress in experimenting with Perl6 for module management that I've created the pmtools-perl6 SourceForge project, which will give pmtools-perl6 developers access to mailing lists and bug tracking among other tools. The pmtools-perl6 sources will live on CPAN, just like the sources for Perl5's pmtools – I just didn't want to host my own mailing lists, bug tracker, etc. Since you request the SourceForge humans to create your mailing lists as well as your project (as I understand the SourceForge setup process), it will be a week or two yet before I have the pmtools-perl6 mailing lists fired up.

    An initial note to pmtools-perl6 developers: Perl6 exception handling in Pugs (as of v6.2.11) in my experimentation does not give you the new Perl6 exception info yet, so likely you will want to use the Perl5 $! to figure out what exception was just thrown when you try to load a module (pun intended).

    Interview with Patrick Michaud

    Journal written by jmcada (5846) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2006.08.24 12:20   Printer-friendly
    Perlcast is here with the first of many podcasts recorded at O'Reilly's Open Source Convention 2006. This first interview was with Patrick Michaud. Patrick is the author of PGE, the parrot/Perl6 Grammar engine and is also the Perl 6 compiler pumpking.
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