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  • How large is the Portugese invasion force? Just 2?

    Hmm. Which makes me wonder, is this the first Portugese invasion attempt on the UK? Historically has the UK ever actually been at war with Portugal?

    Anyway, prepare to meet our fearsome definsive arsenal:

    • People speaking English (not loudly and not slowly)
    • Imperial units of measurement
    • Driving on the left
    • Coins with seven sides
    • Mains sockets with rectangular pins
    • Cricket
    • According to recent newspaper reports on the 'shared' history of portugal and england (and more recenly great britain) we haven't been at war before.

      Apparently a combination of luck and shared enemies meant we could run empires side-by-side while clashing with france and spain (and of course any locals in the colonies).


      @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
      print reverse @JAPH;
    • Well, I'm also going, so +1... And last year, in Paris, the company I work for sent 4 people total.

      Don't know yet this year :)
      life is too short
    • Can I ask is football victories count as invasion?
    • Main sockets with rectangular pins... nice you remembered. Can I get a conversor somewhere there, or should I try to find one here in Portugal? Cheers.
      • I wandered into the hardware shop near work and they didn't seem to sell them, so I'd assume that the answer is "no", at least not easily. You could buy one in Portugal, or you could opt for an alternative plan that might be cheaper:

        1. buy an extension lead with a plug that can be unscrewed
        2. unscrew the plug and leave it at home
        3. buy a British plug here
        4. fix it to your extension lead

        You now have a lead which converts from British to continental shapes, and can rent the other spaces on it to anyone who didn't

    • You should be preparing for our ofensive :-)
      • People speaking Portuguese
      • Metric system
      • Driving on the right
      • Euros
      • Sweet rice
      • Sueca


      • Metric system

        That's OK. We have it too. Does Portuguese spell metre as "metre" or "meter"?

        Driving on the right

        I can cope with that. As long as it's consistent.


        I have some of these. I haven't met any Portuguese coins yet. They're OK, except that I find the 1 and 2 euro coins confusingly similar in size. Apart from (some?) BT payphones and the Pillars of Hercules [] I'm not sure where you could spend them here.

        So 50% of your offense neutralised. :-)

        • Does Portuguese spell metre as "metre" or "meter"?

          Metro! :-) (note that we don't read it the way you do)

          except that I find the 1 and 2 euro coins confusingly similar in size

          Ah-ah!! Now I know your weakness!! >:-D

          I'm not sure where you could spend them here

          Oh, no... we're not spending them... we're *throwing* them at you English people!! :-D

          So 50% of your offense neutralised

          Ok, so I guess I'll have to take something else with me :-)