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  • Hmm. Now to rewrite WWW::UsePerl::Journal to make use of SOAP.

    How does one get the recent journals via RSS anyway? Last time I looked it returned invalid URLs in the RSS.
      ---ict / Spoon
    • The RSS should be fine, it has been for some time now.
      • Hmm. Hang on: is that rss for recent entries of the person or rss of the journal system as a whole?

        The url that provides incorrect urls is: []
          ---ict / Spoon
        • I never knew about this RSS "feed". I was referring to []. If you know of bugs, please file a bug report [], else they won't get fixed!
          • Grr. Logged. After spending a few minutes trying to remember my sf password since anonymous bug reports are disabled. And SF seem to believe that this browser shouldn't be able to log into their website (it did, fwiw).

            Anyone else find the sidebar in sf just about completely useless and just taking up space? (I'm on a rev C iMac at present - not much screen real estate, and I had to regress to 8.6 to get remote access working, bloody thing).

            Come to think of it: anyone got a spare new iMac/iBook so I can run OS X? =)

            At least I have MacPerl and MacVim installed. Now I just need to read about MacPerl a bit more so I can do some fun stuff with it =)
              ---ict / Spoon
            • I should note that the 'Grr' is aimed at sf, not you. You're very lovely.
                ---ict / Spoon
            • We had to disable anonymous bug reports because we had too many trolls posting bug reports. Welcome to the life of running Slashdot. :-)

              MacPerl can run the script I gave for SOAP::Lite, so that's one fun thing you can do with it! MacPerl 5.6.1r1 is due any day now, too.
              • I just need to have working so I can install stuff (easily). It's currently hanging after I enter my continent (from a cmd-1 'perl -MCPAN -eshell').

                I'm probably just going about it the wrong way. I'll be looking into it on the weekend =)

                It's a nice piece of work mind you =)
                  ---ict / Spoon
                • Try:

                  use CPAN;

                  The one-liner will complete and then return, so it is not good for interactive scripts. :-) If you want an interactive command-line, get and install MPW [] (or just ToolServer, if you have something that can talk to it, like BBEdit, but MPW is superior, because ToolServer cannot call other tools, so you can't do "perl -le 'print `files`'" etc., because ToolServer itself is what allows you to call said other tools! :-).