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  • I feel your pain, all too well. I've had to make myself make time to destress of late. . . too early to tell the results, but I'll let you know when I have something worth sharing :-)

    I used to run a lot, and have recently been remembering how less stressed I felt when I did. I'm waaaay out of the shape I used to be in, but I've forced myself to take 15 minutes to go run. I'm hoping taking a little time now will make me force myself to take more later on down the road.

    Part of my problem is that I don't
    • My real problem is that I take my job too seriously; I end up devoting my weekends to the house and kids because I work too many hours during the workweek, and feel guilty about neglecting my other responsibilities.

      I used to shoot competitively; I keep thinking that I should start shooting again. The great thing about shooting is that you must be calm in order to shoot well... you quickly learn to forget about everything else for the hour or so that you are shooting. I've been trying hard to get in shap

  • I hear you. I work from 9am to 8pm 4 days a week. It's nice to have 3 day weekends, but the 4 work days can be long. I used to get up at 6:30 so that I could shower before I woke my son up at 7:00 to take him to pre-school at 8:00am. Then it's work until 8:00pm and a bus ride home. I spend a few minutes with the family, eat dinner, do a household chore or two and then try to wind down a bit. I've felt so time constrained that I used to stay up and just do something mindless like a game, but that cuts into s
    • I would love to do that, but for two very annoying problems: I turn to dust if I get up before 6:00 am, and I snore like a banshee, so I try to let my wife get to sleep first.

      I think it would work better for me to get up later and stay up later... that way, my wife would be off to work with the kids in tow, and I could lounge around the house. Letting my wife get the kids ready on her own would not promote domestic tranquility, however.

      Maybe I should plan on sleeping in a different room once or twice

  • Two mistakes (Score:3, Insightful)

    by autarch (914) on 2003.10.20 21:10 (#25015) Homepage Journal
    You made two mistakes which make it highly unlikely you will ever be able to be lazy:

    1. You got a job where you have to carry a pager.

    2. You had kids.

    In fact, these are two things I've worked hard to avoid so far, and will continue to do so in the future. Thus, I am able to go out on weekends and play Go, watch fansubbed anime downloaded off the net, read books, go to concerts, etc.
    • While I agree a job that requires me to carry a pager is, indeed, a mistake, I would have to strenuously disagree on your second point. Children are a huge amount of work, but they're worth every bit of effort you have to expend.

      There are some rare things in life which produce a net energy gain. Children are one.