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  • Re:Good luck (Score:2, Insightful)

    by clinton (131) <> on 2001.06.01 9:35 (#1224) Homepage
    This is one of my hot buttons, and I can't even speak about it without getting too upset most of the time. Bring it up at YAPC, and I'll buy you beers till I stop ranting.

    Please, please start answering questions and ignore the flames out there. If I see one of the usual gang harass ya, I'll come to your defense as long as you're nice about it. (*putting jon on my newsreader's hot list*)

    *resisting urge to rant...failing*

    I had held out hope for perlmonks to be a flame-free kind of place that welcomed others to answer, but its turned into the same quagmire that is comp.lang.perl.misc. Different cast, but same kinds of flames. I'm even beginning to enjoy the charm of Godzilla!, because even if she's wrong a lot of the time, she's nice to newbies.

    In #perl, it was a whole other story: that's the virtual lunchroom for people who have to deal with this stuff all day. You walk into the company break-room being stupid, and you're gonna get flamed. No "customer-service" facade in there. For service, try #perl-help down the hall.

    The situation that irks me in particular is when someone posts a bit of code, asks a question and the responder takes the time to stroke his ego by criticizing the poster's coding style, practice his golf a bit, and to force their idioms on the supplicant. If the poster wants to use Baby Perl, let them use Baby Perl. Larry says that's okay! If the poster has a few style issues and isn't as efficient as it should be, that's okay! Perl's a language for getting things done, and there's a lot to be said for programmer efficiency, maintainer efficiency and the like.

    When the poster asks for a critique and a full re-write, that's another story. It's even polite to offer some suggestions. But this typically doesn't happen in Usenet or Perlmonks. The poster is told "NO, THAT'S WRONG", his code is savaged, his ego ripped to shreds , and the responder gets his superiority complex fed for a few more minutes. And the Perl Community's image is tarnished that much more.

    Answer the question they asked. If they have an X-Y problem, answer the question and then POLITELY offer the real solution. Answer their question in the language they understand. If you can't remember how to write Baby Perl, then you probably shouldn't be answering questions at that level.

    You can't drag someone, kicking and screaming, up the programming learning curve.