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  • by hfb (74) on 2003.10.24 0:54 (#25132) Homepage Journal

    You'd think if there was a nameless deity that said nameless omnipotent deity would have better shit to do than fuck with the guys getting the movie of your life totally wrong. I mean, lightning is so...Thor-esque. WHERE ARE THE STIGMATA?! :)

    Of course, it's entirely possible that zorching people with lightning is the deity equivalent to hanging out on #perl; ennui with noplace to go.

    • "You'd think if there was a nameless evil entity that said evil entity would have better shit to do than fuck with the guys getting the movie of other entities totally right."

      The cool thing about theophanies -- miracles, sacred scriptures -- is that they can always be interpreted in two completely opposite ways. J.L.Borges, in his short story the Sect of the Thirty, gives a very rigorous proof that the Saviour and the Son of God was actually Judas Iscariot. I haven't still found where the flaw in his proof his...

      • :) LOL...I've never read that. It certainly gives new meaning to 'betray onesself' and to 'fuck yourself over'! :) I'll giggle about that all the way to the apple store here in HELLsinki where all of 3 mac users will be buying Panther.

        • Correction (Score:3, Interesting)

          After verification, I was actually referring to the short story Three versions of Judas, published in Fictions, where each story involves some paradox. (One of these is a crime story where the detective is named Lönnrot. Knowing Borges, that can't be without an implicit reference to the Kalevala.) Borges always enjoyed theology, which he considered as a part of fantastic literature.
          • Re:Correction (Score:3, Informative)

            Hmm...we live on Lönnrotinkatu [ Lönnrot's street ] which is named for Lönnrot who collected and wrote down the legends in the Kalevala so I'd say that's a good guess :) I'll have to look that book up as it sounds like something I'd get a kick out of since I share his viewpoint :)
          • Re:Correction (Score:3, Informative)

            For some reason the English translation of Ficciones leaves the title in Spanish (it's not called Fictions). The same collection of stories (or at least a very similar list) is also sold under the title Labyrinths, which makes it odd that Amazon suggests buying the two as a set (but possibly they're different translations). The story I remember best from it is "The Library of Babel".