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  • It doesn't do that here. It doesn't affect the stacking order of the windows at all.

    By the way, in the Spaces overview you can drag windows between workspaces. If you hit 'C' it'll collect all the windows back to the current workspace. Which has nothing to do with your question but someone might find it amusing :)

  • Personally I like You Control : Desktops [] but I havent upgraded to Leapord yet, so YMMV.

    - Stevan

  • Almost every X11 Window Manager I've used manages to get this right. Perhaps if Steve Jobs had looked at a Unix after 1987 for the base of the new OS....

    • Re: (Score:0, Flamebait)


      is it a bot in your head that generates this stream of bilge or is it a butt?
      • If Our Jobs had intended us to control windows by licking candy-like widgets, he wouldn't have included a mouse and keyboard.

      • You mean Spaces does the right thing in your opinion? Congratulations, you’re the first person I’ve seen talk about it who is happy with how it works.

        • Err, no: can't see anywhere I said Spaces worked the way I would like it to. Try reading the rest of chromatic's comment (and then contextualize using every other comment/blog-entry he's made on the subject since realising that OS X isn't isomorphic to linux).
  • When I switch to a new space either with F8, Control- or Control-, the application in that Space becomes the frontmost one. Maybe you're doing something different?

    I usually switch Spaces by switching applications though. I don't have to remember which Space it is in because the right one pops up (although I tend to have terminals all over tha place).
    • Ah! I think that the "problem" is that I don't have any windows open on the other space, so Finder gets brought to the front. Then when I switch back, Finder remains the active application, and one of its windows is brought to the front. If I start another application there, then all is happy, and nothing (visibly) gets restacked. But this still irritates me - why does Finder need to be swapped to the front if zero applications have windows open? Still smells like a design bug - with or without Spaces it's

      • Well, I like that Finder comes to the front of an open Space. That's my new way to switch to the Finder and not have anything obscuring the desktop. :)
  • Try disabling the swoosh: defaults write workspaces-auto-swoosh -bool NO []
  • I use Virtue Desktops [] under OS X.4. Works well.