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  • For me DreamHost fills the following niche.

    * Cheaper than a virtual.

    * 90% of the features I need (svn servers, cron, shell)

    * Unreachable disk and traffic limits.

    * Control panel that doesn't suck.

    * As many domains and shell users as I want.

    It's a great place to shove lots and lots and lots of generic or bulky stuff where CPU doesn't matter, distribute large binary packages, hold all my system backups, store my SVN repositories (except for and general get stuff done.

    It is, however, NOT the place w
    • I realize its discount shared hosting. But thus far, DH has had serious problems delivering simple static pages, not to mention email. Even discount shared hosting has certain minimum requirements. A great config panel isn't much use if no one can view your website. E.g., in response to everyone's support tickets for the *latest* issue, the response included this happy little tidbit (posted on 3/23):

      Some of you are also asking when this issue will be fixed, I wish I had concrete information for you, but if I had to estimate I would say by the end of the week. Unfortunately I can not guarantee the issue will be fixed by then

      Coupled w/ their billing gaffe at the end of '07, I can only assume they are descending into incompetency. There are certainly other equivalent services (e.g., BlueHost), that provide the same or better features for the same cost...and so far appear to be more reliable.

      • Oh, and I forgot to mention, Bluehost has perl 5.8.8! w00t!

        Alas, they don't appear to have SVN...

        • I have to say though, bluehost look very very good.

          In comparison to DH, I get IMAP and Postgres, at the loss of SVN.

          So if I moved all my svn repos over to my virtual host, I could probably get the rest into bluehost pretty easily.
        • Looks like BlueHost has had their share of problems as well.

          For example: []
          • Yes, I noted some of BH's issues. But relative to DH's disasters, those seem like minor hiccups. And Mssr. Heaton's response was certainly more like a responsible CEO than the script kiddie, yuk-it-up [] behavior at DH.

            FWIW: I did note a bit of slowness at BH this AM, a quick ps -ef|wc -l indicated a high process count (well, high in BH terms; on my DH server, they were mid-low end numbers...) but things have since settled down.

            I also noted, when transferring the website tarball to BH, that the tarball unbun

      • I assume I've been relatively lucky, because only one of the outages impacted me, and that's the first time I've seen it go down in the entire time I've been hosting there.

        I do see nigglies though, that makes me doubt some of their back-end competency.

        Archived log files that don't get chowned and are stuck as owned by root.

        Root-owned site paths no cleaned up when websites are dropped.

        Etc etc... No major impacts, but certainly warnings signs.

        And they are hiring a Perl coder. I'd almost be curious to go do a