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  • I also use Haskell and Common Lisp, and they both have non-beautiful websites. I care about what a langauge will help me do, not whether or not some websites that talk about those languages are pretty. This, I believe, is because I am over the age of 4.
    • Those who ignore marketing are doomed to repeat it.

      No offence, but marketing is not evil and ignoring it doesn't help. And citing Haskell and Common Lisp as examples of languages which don't need pretty Web sites is, well, you know :)

      • Marketing is evil and like Bill Hicks said to PR-guys: kill yourself. you satans little helper and there is no rational behind what you are doing.

        but on the othe hand, its no marketing, to have a nice looking and usefull site with fresh content. while I understand jrockaway attitude, there lies no problem because such a site would not scare him away from perl, but he would appreciate it, when wie achieve something good. But perl noobs could be scared away, which raises the question what is it we have a si
        • We don't have a site like Pudge has a site like It's his testbed for Slashcode. That's it's main purpose. It's not yours. It's not ours. It doesn't "represent" anybody.

          If you (or a "we" that you are part of) want to have a site, then start a site.

          J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
          • If that's true, and I'm not convinced it is any more, is the defacto perl news site. There are others, such as Perl Buzz but this place is "blessed" by The question is - would pudge be open to collaborations to improve this site? - if not, any discussion about improving it is wasted.
            • What does "blessed by" mean?


              • It's the only news site listed on the home page of, i.e. the people who run that site deem it the worthy of putting up there as a valuable resource (which it is, don't get me wrong).

                I see that stories from perl buzz are listed under the news feed but the site is not separately listed.

                • Yes, it's not listed under "Community", it's in the news feed. Part of this whole perception issue that is so baffling to me is that people, including you, seem to think that a listing on a site somehow makes the site more valuable. We need to get away from this image of the Ivory Tower of Let's let 1,000 flowers bloom! Let's have so many Perl sites that can't possibly keep track of them all! See also "Perl needs to decentralize, diversify and colonize." []


                  • I completely agree that diversity is good but every project/product/language needs a focal point. It helps beginners find their way into the language and the commmunity that surrounds it. I don't think it would be a stretch to suggest that the languages with the best buzz have the best focal points.


                    Which one would you find most appealing as a newcomer ?

                    For that reason, the resources that are listed on the "official" lan