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  • When SourceForge updates the files section of my project [], you should be able to download a tarball. Not that it will really help you that much.
  • If you have Perl installed on a Windows box, Perl Oasis [] looks like a similar program if you want to try it out.

    Why Windows-only? I wrote it to learn Win32::GUI.

    Why not port it to wxPerl? Well, the code isn't _quite_ up to the MVC ideal :)
    • Hey, that looks pretty cool. Thanks. I download the source and I will have to look at it tonight.

      Do not feel bad about it being Windows only though---I would really like to make a Mac only version just so its faster and integrates well with everything else (e.g. cut and paste, AppleEvents, and what not).
  • ;) It's a cool perl script that could become one of the often used programming tools <wink>.

    Just one thing I didn't get... The breaking apart of the modules into the right panes. What are you planning to do? A pane with a summary, another pane with examples, etc??

    It's a great script and runs without any problems (even after repeated pounding of the module tree view) on a Ti PowerBook 1GHz/1GB 15" running Panther 10.3.2/Perl 5.8.2.


    Btw. The tar ball on sourceforge just explodes an empty

    • Ah, fudge.

      I did not have a MANIFEST file in the frickin' directory. I am so discombobulated trying to set up a development environment. That's not an excuse, just a bit of venting.

      As for the right panes, you mean the tabbed thingys? I just want to make all of the stuff (docs, code, etc) easily available without creating a bunch of windows. That's the big design problem in my opinion---how to keep from creating windows all over the place. I often jump between the docs and code, so I like to keep those th
  • Sounds like a nice thing. Too bad it doesn't seem to run on my machine. I get an unknown option "label" at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/i686-linux/ line 246. with Tk 804.025 that I just installed.

    Is this thing supposed to run on this version of Tk? It could well be that my Tk is screwed. 'make test'ing looked a little fishy for me.
    • I do not know much about which versions it should work with, even which exact version I have.

      This reminds me---how do you test Tk things?
      • This reminds me---how do you test Tk things?

        That was what I asked me as well when I saw the Tk tests fly by. NI-S has obviously found a way.

        Those tests are maybe a little flaky. I have my window manager configured so that I place any newly created window on my desktop with a mouse-click. That made some of the tests, that apparently expected to create a new window right away, fail.
        • I know I can test that things like window creation happens, but how can I test that when I press this key this menu gets updated, and other GUI events like that? Chris Nandor has some stuff like that for one of his Mac distros, but it also relies on the user doing the thing that the test tells him to do (and doing it correctly).

          I suppose that a Test::Tk could delve into the main window data structure and look at things, or could simulate some events somehow. Someone with more skill than I have would need