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  • I was working on some funky PDF thing based on the XML, but didn't get very far due to:

    not well-formed (invalid token) at line 590, column 180, byte 28770 at /usr/lib/
    perl5/site_perl/5.6.1/cygwin-multi/XML/ line 185
    • I was working on some funky Template Toolkit/XPath magic when I got the same error.

      To bad because my next evil was going to involve Bot::Pluggable.
      Casey West
    • Sorry for that--bloody Windows and its bogus ASCII. Almost all were the uncharacters Microsoft uses to represent slanty quotes. Thanks Bill!



  • You actually dare to call this XML? A snippet:

    <p> TUTORIAL OUTLINE: <ul> <li>Introduction <ul> <li>What are references and why are they useful? <li>What kinds of data structures does Perl support? <li>Using a hash as a data structure </ul> <li>Syntax of References <ul> ...

    Bloody hell.
    • Wow, you must be an early adopter--I fixed that within minutes of making my post. Lots of ampersands and lt; gt; floating around now. Please do try again--sorry for the inconvenience.


    • No, those HTML tags are actually &lt; and &gt thingies. Whatever you're viewing the XML is converting them back to < and >.

      [wait, maybe you selected plaintext or HTML when you submitted your comment...]

      But yeah, this XML is basically some database fields and big whopping chunks of text for the descriptions.
      • Yup, it's not rocket science XML here. This is XML as "comma separated values for the new millennium."


  • This is great, but not very useful unless room information is also added so I know where to go. Does cs_rid mean "Room ID"? Can you give us a mapping? (or add it as a field in the XML file ;-). Cheers!
    • Sorry. cs_rid is the unique identifier for the session. I've added a new field that holds the room name.

      Programming bug that lead to this: I was asking for but fetchrowhashref gives me back just 'name'.


  • Here [1] is a quick little AxKit/XSLT toy that I whipped out that lets you select a session or tutorial and shows you what room it is in on the map. (note: requires an SVG viewer)



    [1] []

    • Sweet! At least, it was briefly before the SVG viewer threw a shitfit on my iBook :-)

      Is SVG good for 3d flyby kinda things? I'm picturing being able to zoom through the rooms to see what's on right now ...


      • gnat writ:

        I'm picturing being able to zoom through the rooms to see what's on right now ...

        What is it about SVG that invites featuritis?

        Next you'll want to see a little realtime 3d articulated garden gnome giving the Advanced OO Perl tute...


    • very neat.

        The internet quiz show location doesn't work.

      -- ask bjoern hansen [], !try; do();