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  • How can the US forgive and forget the US ship that isreali fighters straffed and bombed, killing the entire crew to cover up intercepted radio transmissions about the massacre of palestinian civillians by the isreali armed forces.

    Ignoring the blatent trolling for a moment, what's your source for the last paragraph ?

    • panorama and the independant and the guardian [].

      google for USS Liberty.

      This isn't a troll. I am serious when I say that Isreal is a far bigger danger in the middle east than Iraq.

      Iraq is only a danger to Isreal and possibly Kuwait - neither has a better Human Rights or Denmocracy record than Iraq - They just happen to be US Allies.

      Desteroying Isreals military infrastructure and weapons of mass destruction would bring peace far quicker than bombing iraq - so bombing isreal makes more sense than bombing


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      • Interesting. I hadn't heard about that.

        As a matter of accuracy however, since this page will end up getting indexed somewhere, I feel obliged to point out that (a) the entire crew was not killed as some crew members are quoted extensively in the article; and (b) the US covered it up themselves as there was an election coming so it's hardly in their interest to make much of a fuss about it now.

        BTW - It's not that I disagree with you on the need to deal with Israel's breach of UN resolutions. Oh and we could mention Zimbabwe and any number of other places too. It's just that this isn't really the place to air your views. Perl is non-political and use.perl should be too. Use Slashdot, that seems to be what it's for :)

        • Actually Isreal is very relevent to perl for several reasons

          Firstly there is the matter of YAPC::Isreal and the isreali perl monger groups. How would we deal with other pariah nations that are involved in perl like North Korea, Zimbabwe or Iraq?

          Then there is the matter of Isreal being a big-hitter in the IT industry - the IT industry and the perl community is part of that - cannot just ignore the actions of Isreal when.

          Look at how academia is dealing with isreals actions - boycotts and brushing under


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          • Best just to get rid of perl all together then !

            If you're a USian of a certain viewpoint, you want YAPC::Europe canned [].

            Some might boycott YAPC::NA for the American handling of military aid to Columbia [].

            One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter etc etc.

            Perl is above all this. Since I've been involved with perl I've met so many interesting people from all over the world with many different views and cultures. As individuals we all have our part to play in the world, but perl is independent of it

            • on the contrary.

              The people on use.perl are on the whole intelligent - if we don't agree on which templating system to use there is no reason to agree on politics.

              Intelligent disscussion is better than boycotts or heads in the sand. I don't see a problem with pointing out that the gains from bombing isreal rather than iraq would be greater.

              I don't support bombing of any nation, regardless of its regime or people. I was against the bombing of kosovo and I;m against the bombing of iraq.

              I believe we nee


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        • I feel obliged to point out that (a) the entire crew was not killed as some crew members are quoted extensively in the article

          I was going to correct this but I see you already did. I thought I'd mention that we had one of the surviving crew members speak at a military function when I was stationed at Fort Meade. Now *there* was a man who hated Israel.

          In case anyone is wondering *why* they attacked our ship, it was an attempt to draw us into the Yom Kippur War. Israel was rather pissed that we weren't

          • The ship was listlening to radio broadcasts that incriminated Israel in genocide so it was desteroyed before the secret got out. This is well documented.


            @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
            print reverse @JAPH;
            • Oops, I thought it happened during the Yom Kippur War, not the Six Day War. I'd be wary of a story like this though, simply because it relies on supposedly classified information that has supposedly been leaked. It's not impossible, though.

              Oh, and wacking prisoners is hardly something that's unique to Israel. Happens in almost every war on every side.