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  • You were officially warned for what actually? Showing an image of bare breasts? Mentioning Playboy? Not having an image of a man for the women in the audience?

    I wonder what's next. Not inviting Larry to give a keynote because he might mention something that some Muslims or atheists take offence of?

    I bet if you had shown pictures of guns, and talked about screen scraping the NRA website, noone would have complained, and you wouldn't have had a reason to post your note.

    • Showing an image of bare breasts

      No, showing soft-core pornography, which has its time and place; neither of which should occur within a "technical" conference lecture room.

      Mentioning Playboy?

      No. Some people were upset by the mere mention of Playboy but had there been a little more context, and more appropriate images, I don't think that itself would have been a problem.

      Not having an image of a man for the women in the audience?

      The answer isn't "more porn". Balancing it out so that there are equal numbers of naked men as women won't make the people who feel uncomfortable with any porn feel better. It won't make the women who feel singled out and unsafe because suddenly they've realised that they're surrounded by rutting men feel better. It won't make the homosexual men who've just been told that they're "different" than the majority feel better. And it won't make the men who are uncomfortable with images of naked men feel better either.

      Porn has no place at an IT conference. It's not universal, instead it creates very big gulfs around people. Which is the opposite of the conference's purpose. If you want more diversity in Perl, in FOSS, or even in IT in general, the attitude of "we're all just boys here" needs to change.

      Adam's talk could actually have been a great one. When he spoke about it on the train in the morning I had high hopes. I expected pictures of doublets, perhaps an elizabethan model. I imagined a clothed woman with indications of where the measurements applied. I didn't expect jokes about "objectifying women" (it just made things worse). I didn't expect porn. The talk probably has too much history now, but it really could have been fantastic.

      I bet if you had shown pictures of guns, and talked about screen scraping the NRA website...

      You're right, I don't think this would have got the same reaction at all. In my experience Australians don't really think much about guns or about gun laws. By and large most people are happy that guns are not easily available and I'd expect a good 60% or so (of consumers) have never seen a unholstered gun in real life.

      A talk about scraping the NRA website and one which included lots of guns would probably cause a portion of the audience to frown, but not because they felt personally threatened, picked out and isolated. Probably because they feel uneasy about the "right to bear arms" in the US and of the NRA as a corrolary.