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  • Here is a design I made:

    perl6.png []

    It only took a few minutes. I hope it fosters some talk and maybe helps understand why I think the current one is defective. It is only a work in progress, and we can change and improve on it a lot; but I just want to put this on the table to show that I'm not being deliberately obtuse; I seriously want the best for perl.

    -- ank

    • Here is a design I made...

      It's a fairly decent start. However, sorry to say but (and I'm putting this politely) I don't think you've exactly endeared yourself to the point where you'll be listened to constructively

      Burned bridges and all that. See above comments from you and the varied responses from active Rakudo/Parrot/etc devs for the smoking evidence. It didn't have to be so.

      • Oh righteous devs! Please forgive me for daring to say something you didn't like!

        It's sad that a bit of thorny commentary takes precedence over actual work. But I guess that's how it goes in the perl 6 dev circles.

        • A brilliant arsehole is still an arsehole. Many a free software project has gone to pieces because of people who thought the quality of their work should make up for their bad attitude – and then several of them ran into each other. That includes various phases in the lifetime of the very project you are disparaging for its lateness.

          But feel free to continue to look down on others.

          • Anyone can have a bad day or a bad week. I usually just clean up the mess and continue on a more positive note.

            • Good! (I’m not being sarcastic.) It just seemed you were trying to say bad general attitude can be justified.

              • No, of course having a terrible attitude is not justifiable. I had to consider not only eating my words but also my career before starting to post.

                I'm deeply saddened by some of the events in the perl 6 development; but I just don't know what else to do. The logo just seriously felt to me like a kick in the teeth and killer of hopes. Like a last straw.

                • (I mean, of course, having a terrible *general* attitude)
                • I can understand that. I was quite disillusioned for a long time… recently people seem to have gotten into the project who are really pushing it along, though, so I’m finally feeling hopeful. And the thing about extremely ambitious projects is… well, the flip side of high risk is high rewards. (I still haven’t seen anything close to the awesomeness of Apocalypse 5 implemented anywhere else, even so many years after it was written. I still can’t wait to play with it.) I do cring

                  • I think that a lot of that can be implemented using a mixture of FORTH-like defined words and parser combinators. I would make the syntax a lot simpler. But it would not be "perl 6", it would be something else entirely (because I don't own the brand *grin*).

                    If you haven't already done so, have a chat with the factor guys. They have some really cool stuff.

                    • Hey, a fellow FORTH hacker. I have looked a bit into Factor, actually, but not gotten sucked into it.

                      Haskell’s Parsec is also pretty keen, FWIW.

                      They run along different lines though… there’s a reason I like Perl 5 so much, and Apo 5 has that quality too… those others just don’t (they have other nice qualities… but different).

                    • I believe the quality is the overall good Huffman coding :) If you were to apply that to a mixture of those langs, you could get something very very nice. I hope I will at one point have time to work on that, as a hobby or otherwise.

                      -- ank

                    • Yeah, but I think it’s a bit more yet… along the lines of willingness to break regularity for the sake of Huffman coding, in spots where it will make a real difference. And it’s not just the parsing bit but the entire language around it as well, that’s huffmanised in a similar fashion. Whipuptitude and manipulexity… hard to describe.