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  • Odd, just tried the grammar example using r27368 and it isn't working (Mac OS X). Maybe additional commits broke it?
    • Did you try it in interactive mode, or by putting it into a file (test.p6 or some such) and running it?

      In interactive mode, if you try and do that it won't work out, since it doesn't recognize that an opening { means that it should wait for more input before attempting to parse. You need to change the last three lines to be on one, like:

      if "100s of 1000s" ~~ Many { say $/ }

      Otherwise, not sure why it isn't working for you - I've just svn up'd and it runs here (tried it in interactive mode and as a file
      • I ran it both ways as well and still am having problems (ran a clean svn co); not sure why just yet. I'm running a normal 'perl' w/o optimization nor ICU; OS is Mac OS X 10.5. The other examples seem to work fine, including assigning undef to typed variables.
        • Well, oops. I asked for people to reproduce this on IRC, and Tene++ spotted that I'd managed to mess up the HTML. Thus the second line of that example was incorrect. Updated the post - please try it again with the updated example (second line was missing the calls to the inherited rules).

          Sorry 'bout that. Seems HTML is harder than compiler writing...
  • Great work Jonathan! I'm playing around a bit with a Perl6-ish implementation of BioPerl classes, maybe to kick-start some interest in the BioPerl community.
    • Great to hear you're working on that! If there's any specific things that you'd like to have working in Rakudo that currently don't but would help you a lot with this work, please do mention them. There's a roadmap that we're generally following, but we also try to get stuff done that helps people too. :-)
      • The main part will be implementing the various classes and roles, then setting up parsers for various file formats (so maybe IO/grammars). Most of that appears to be on the TODO list already, judging by the features list pmichaud posted recently. Again, thanks for all the hard work (and thanks to for funding you!)
  • IMO, we ( and the Perl community in general) have to thank you the huge amount of work you put into Rakudo! And I really love to be able to do stuff like

    perl6 -e 'say "hello world"'
    Now I only need to learn a bit more complex Perl 6 :-)