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  • Innovation (Score:4, Insightful)

    Yes, yes, the best way to foster innovation is to stifle any discussion of ideas which counter Microsoft's innovation.

    Sheesh. If that Web log is even remotely accurate (and given Microsoft's behavior in the past, I'm inclined to believe it), then Microsoft is digging themselves even further into a hole. They are failing to realize that they face a fundamentally different business model and traditional tactics against a non-traditional "enemy" are foolish. It reminds me of the French defeat at the hands

    • Your comparison with the Azincourt battle is most accurate, (but nevertheless optimistic), but there is more : the French at Azincourt were simply incompetent, and it took only a few hours until they realize that all their attempts were doomed. In this case, the Microsoftians appear to simply and purely reject any challenging of their Weltanschauung, or even any allusion to an opinion different than theirs. In other words, they're victims of the propaganda of their own Boss. You know who they remind me ? the current American and English warmongers who can't explain and discuss reasonably why they think the war against Iraq would be a good thing, and who seem to be only able to ignore or attack ad hominem-ly the people that don't agree with them.
        • At the contrary, you should not take personal offense at this. Your comments, and other ones by pudge et alii, demonstrate that you understand the situation, that you can explain it, and discuss beyond ad hominem arguments. I do really appreciate them, and I'm happy to discuss with people that don't passively agree with me, as I can assure that you actually made my opinion on this war evolve, because I learnt. When I speak about warmongers, I'm not targetting the useperlers, or not even the goverments, who are supposed to be more informed than us (they have intelligence services!), but the insupportable media tabloids such as the english Sun or the like. (yes, I'm actually comparing Microsoft to the Sun ;-) Is this more clear ? Sorry again, I know that sometimes foreign languages are a difficult limitation.
          • I should apologize. I should not assume ill will on the part of anyone here.

            I think I have a hard time accepting that people with whom I have a disagreement are of good will. The funny thing is, that I still argue endlessly, which is funny since if they are not of good will then argumentation would be of no use.

            I think I get so upset exactly because I assume ill will toward me by others, when in fact, it may be ill will BY me toward others. I've learned (and forgotten many times) that usually the thing

        • Please feel free to moderate this as 'offtopic'. Any discussion of moderation in a discussion that's not about moderation really is offtopic, but...

          The above really isn't a Troll. It's probably better classified as Flamebait. See Everything [] or The Jargon File [], if you're interested in the distinction.