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  • See, this is exactly why I love Perl, cause there is always a something on CPAN that will make your life easier.

    use Sub::Current;

    print sub {
        my $num = shift;
        return $num < 2 ? 1 : $num * ROUTINE->($num - 1);

    - Stevan

    • That's great, but solve my 'yield' problem and I'll really love you :)

      • I took the dog for a walk and thought about this a bit and realized where my scoping issue was. Here is a sugared version, probably could be a little cleaner still, maybe even with some subroutine attributes (sub foo : continuation { ... } or something).


        use strict;
        use warnings;
        use Scalar::Util 'blessed';

            package Foo;
            sub new { bless { val => $_[1] } => $_[0] }
            sub inc { $_[0]->{val} += $_[1] }
            sub val { shift->{val} }


        • Damn. I am doing the bit with passing around the sub, but it really does read like what you've done is much cleaner and actually makes it read like Ruby.

          • Actually took a look into rubyisms, I think that is just another case of Cozens "egoware" (only one version ever released and not meant to actually be used, only for people to look at and go "wow"). All the DB:: fiddling means it is bound to be very fragile with things like eval, etc.

            RE: reading like Ruby

            I actually find the desugared perl one to be the most readable since it doesn't obscure what is actually being done.

            - Stevan