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  • I apparently did miss it. In fact, I did not even see the word "Bush" in "it". Is the word Bush there in TorgoX's post? Or might TorgoX be concerned about the balance of payments and profligate spending by the US?

    You tell me. Or maybe TorgoX sneakily changed his posting. Maybe I need to check the Google cache.

    Help me here, maybe I missed it.

    And I even looked at the links TorgoX cited, rather than just looking at what he wrote and what he quoted. Mr. Buffett did not appear to use the word "Bush" eit
    • Is it possible that you are putting words into his post that are not there?

      Not only is it possible, it is common [].

      Might you be a little oversensitive about something?

      You can tell if he yawns or claims you are boring [] him. (Something that can be done by simply presenting facts)

      And, if you aren't careful, he'll start resorting to personal attacks [].
      • Thanks for your comments and links, phillup. But in all the excitement of you and pudge going to the races, pudge might have forgotten to comment on my original post.

        I don't post too often. I guess it makes each one seem precious. Maybe not precious, but thoughtful. Well, maybe not thoughtful, but rare.

        pudge sure is a damn good perl dude. I wonder if a damn good perl dude could put up a meta-page of when torgox mentions pudge, and when pudge mentions torgox. I tried googling:

        +torgox +pudge site:per
        • pudge sure is a damn good perl dude.

          No arguments there.

          I actually used his book [] on MacPerl for a while to teach Perl. Like many things "Mac", it was much easier than on other systems. Part of that was because of the very nicely done book.

          I wonder if a damn good perl dude could put up a meta-page of when torgox mentions pudge, and when pudge mentions torgox.

          I was thinking of something similar when trying to look back and figure out what the hell set him off about me... different characters of course.
          • Well, it looks to me that my work here is done. Mr. Nandor might disagree, but here is what I believe I have accomplished in four posts.

            I provided Mr. Nandor with an opportunity to realize that torgox had said nothing about Bush in the cited post. DONE.

            I noted Mr. Nandor's perl prowness. DONE.

            I expressed the hope that Mr. Nandor would educate me, from his personal knowledge, or by citation, about the racism of Che Guevara. DONE. (I get educated in the most unusual places- it is a nice thing about being open-minded.)

            Now, four posts is a lot to devote to Mr. Nandor's post about torgox. But, I am only human, and I took his bait. I played his game. So far, he has made 5 posts, and is way ahead of me on points. But, winning is not everything, is it?

            I watched him define leftist. I watched him write that I bitched. I watched him write I demanded, when I hoped. I watched him write about lies, bullshit, "shrug", and avoid topics. I tell you, it was an engaging ride. Hilarious and annoying both. I will bet you my dollar against your doughnut that he gets in another post- and it will be the last word from my viewpoint, because I have other more productive things to do. We are definitely into the 20% territory for my 80/20 rule now.

            I don't know what set him off on you, but I have a pretty good idea what set him off on me- I called him on his characterization of torgox's post, and then we were off to the races. And I think we both enjoyed it on some level.

            I should have known better than to get sucked in, but I had fun, and now I leave. Mr. Nandor provides plenty of opportunities to get to know him on the web. My recollection is that he is young, and interested in music, sports, and perl. Games obviously mean a lot to him- he gamed an on-line voting system using perl. The slashdot mindset obviously means a lot to him, it is where he works. Where points and karma are noted. It must gall him on some level that torgox is way ahead on points. But at least you and I are way behind.

            And to me Mr. Nandor is obviously quite politically conservative in his thinking, though also he shows many thoughtful moments. He seems embarrassed that the right is commonly associated with racists, or vice-versa. I am guessing that he would not be characterized as a racist, though he appears to me to be quite conservative.

            To me, notable examples of conservative racists would be the Klu Klux Klan, George Wallace, and Strom Thurmond. But let's recall that George lived to regret many of his racist actions, and Strom supported his biracial daughter. Even racists have a soul, and can improve themselves.

            Mr. Nandor obviously cares a lot about winning. I note that he usually gets the last word. I can not think of an example where he admitted he was wrong- such a topic is often ignored. Typically a new topic is chosen by him for further emphasis. I would call this action "sniping"- it is impossible to hold him to one topic, we have to play his game. Alternative viewpoints are seldom mulled over. But I expect there are exceptions- can anyone cite the google search that puts Mr. Nandor in a better light in this area?

            He has his flaws, as I do also. Che Guevara was certainly A leader of communist Cuba, though not to my knowledge THE leader (based upon wikipedia), and Mr. Nandor's post left ambiguous whether he was talking about THE leaders or A leader. And of course Mr. Geuvara was certainly a flawed individual, many of whose actions we can condemn, such as torturing his opponents and the killings he committed. He lived in a tumultuous time, seeing many of his friends die violently or tortured, and of course did not die of old age with an opportunity to right the wrongs he had done. An amazing life for a physician, whom I would guess was aware of the Hippocratic Oath. But I am unaware of Mr. Guevara's failings that would allow a reasonable person to conclude he is a racist. My fault, though I did make an effort to educate myself.

            I am generally liberal, often libertarian, and I hold many leftist views. I use many litmus tests of my leadings, since no test is perfect. What would Jesus do? is fun. What would Machiavelli do? Martin Luther King, Jr.? Che Guevara? George Bush? After those mental exercises, sometimes I even do what GB would do. But not often. And knowing what someone would do does not commit me to doing a thing. Just like George Bush might have considered what would Jesus do before Mr. Bush invaded Iraq.

            I have lived during the time when John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr, and Robert Kennedy were killed, and George Wallace and Larry Flynt were shot. I know it is easy for the young to be liberal, and many get selfish later and become conservative. And many liberals are taken advantage of, or take advantage of others. But I remain proud to be for welfare and welfare reform, to be for a woman's right to chose and the state's obligation to protect a fetus at some point in time, against any commingling of church and state, and against making war except in defense. And even then, you would have to convince me... What would Ghandi do? Mohammed? Attila? the Pope?

            I remain proud of seeing shades of grey, when others shout out black, or white. And listening to those who talk sense when they talk different.

            And I am not above waving a red flag in front of a bull, and wanting to get in the last word. Even if I become a marked man to the guy who owns the place. And fail in getting in the last word.

            Take care, have fun, keep smiling, and don't sweat the small stuff. Breath in, breath out, relax. Those are my goals.



            ps- I was joking about the headache on the right. And thanks for your concern!