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  • I noticed all of these discrepancies, and the inventions -- especially in re: Faramir -- did affect my enjoyment. I guess the more of an invention it was, the more it annoyed me.

    I quite enjoyed the dichotomy between Faramir and Boromir in the books. I think it added a lot of depth to the characters, some insight into the race of men, and the fitness of Gondor to lead Middle Earth into the next age. Well, that's all in the crapper now. :-) I wonder if he did this to make up for lost time; in The Two Towers, Frodo and Sam essentially lose a couple of days while traveling into Mordor, if you follow the timeline closely.

    At the end of the scene there, at least I got a good chuckle when Sam said, "we're not supposed to be here," and I thought, "damned right, you're not." :-)

    The Ents thing bugged me because it seemed so pointless. It made the Ents seem far less aware than they are (how could they not know about the happenings at Isengard?), and for what reason? Maybe they did it to play up the idea that the Ents wanted to stay out of the affairs of men/hobbits/elves/etc., but couldn't they have done it without making the Ents seem stupid?

    The things with Aragorn and Theoden bugged me less, I suppose, since they didn't seem to affect the story much. I have no idea why they added the thing with Aragorn, seemed pointless. Make the movie longer? And the elves maybe they added to make the stand against 10,000 Uruk-Hai more believable, or maybe to show a bond between Elves and Men we didn't really see before, but still ... they weren't there.

    It frankly did affect my enjoyment of the film ... the first time through. But, I learned to Love the Bomb for FotR, which similarly (though not as acutely) annoyed me with its (less significant) discrepancies, so I guess I'll probably do the same here. But it might take me until the Extended Edition to really enjoy it fully, as it took with FotR. :)

    [FWIW, I tried to post this on your site, and it didn't work. Maybe I messed up the cookie or something, but whatever.]