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  • CPAN, by design, wants people to upload things at the earliest time possible, even before stuff works in some cases. Get it out, available, and hackable by the community.

    The gateway to that is the Perl Authors Upload Server (PAUSE). You just need a CPAN ID, which is pretty easy to get. You can then upload any module that you like, including ones with names already taken.

    On top of that is the PAUSE indexer, which makes the CPAN meta files. It knows who uploaded what and which CPAN IDs get first right to a module name. Things like CPAN Search use these files to do their work.

    To manage all of this, a group of volunteers do the human maintenance. I'm one of the volunteers, and I do most of the module registrations (with Adam Kennedy close behind). This use to be much more important because there was a "Module List", but we decided to kill that since the size of CPAN and the modern search services made it impractical and mostly irrelevant.

    It looks like you sent tried to register Encode and Jcode in the spring of 2003. Unfortunately, I was off the net that year and couldn't register that for you. It also looks like you announced Jcode on the modules list before we had things automated. Sometimes life sucks.

    We really have been working hard to respond to all requests, and it's a bit of a slap in the face to complain about something from three years ago to make it sound like that's still the situation. Please give us a chance to fix things before you spread false accusations. The who and how are very clear if you watch for a couple of days.
    • Still, just because it isn't reasonable doesn't mean he has a point...

      I'm not sure if there are any obvious steps we could take to make the situation any better though.

      God knows I'd hate to have some web application or something queuing module requests. That would get out of hand pretty quickly. At least when something falls through the cracks on modules@ currently it doesn't hang around to slow things down later.

      Is there anything you would suggest Dan?
      • That should have been

        "Still, just because it isn't reasonable doesn't mean he doesn't have a point..."
      • His complaint would be more valid (but not really) three years ago. Even then, he could have tracked down a PAUSE admin and made a more direct plea. It doesn't look like he tried anything other than submitting the module registration form, so I don't think he really tried hard enough to make a statement about PAUSE other than his module wasn't registered.