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  • I certainly like the idea. Many people have been frustrated by the slowness of CPAN's RT. I don't know if the grant committee will approve it since we don't have a proposal, but it's worth a shot.

    • For such a small organization with so little work to do, it seems that waiting for a proposal is just needless process. You can make any rules that you like, and you can awards grants how you like. Be proactive rather than reactive.

      Really, shouldn't TPF be out there looking for things to improve rather than waiting for someone to make a grant proposal (which apparently are often summarily rejected just on format)? If you really want to be helping the community, you make it as easy as possible for the commun
      • by Ovid (2709) on 2007.11.01 6:43 (#58731) Homepage Journal

        For such a small organization with so little work to do...

        Allison does very little handling our legal issues. The new artistic license just wrote itself. Jim Brandt finds running the conference committee a breeze. Ask and Robert are just laughing out how little work it takes to maintain all of our servers. Andy just waves his hand and press releases get written for him. I found running the grant committee so relaxing and stress free that I finally stepped down. Kirsten just looks at our Web sites and the pages write and redesign themselves. I'm sure Kurt has written a spreadsheet that simply handles all of the treasurer tasks for him. His printer magically spits out the checks for him to sign, no thought involved.

        And there's more. So much more. We're doing better at communicating this (we've gotten tons of positive feedback on our blog), but this is still one of our biggest stumbling blocks. Since Andy handles PR for Perl, care to volunteer to join us and write up everything we do (that can be publicly discussed, that is)? :)

        Oh, and we still need a corporate liaison. You could volunteer for that. I was suggested for it, but I need a break. Oh, and I've ideas on software we need written to make some of our processes smoother ...

        • Ah, bullshit Ovid. Whine whine whine. TPF isn't an organization with volunteers all doing part-time stuff. It isn't a big foundation with millions of dollars in a full time staff responding to thousands of grant applications. You talk about a lot of things that happened in the past by people who don't need to be parts of the grant process. Why are you using that as an excuse about why the grant process can't be different?

          I could volunteer for all sorts of things, but why should I? I don't need TPF to accomp
          • That is, TPF is an organization with volunteers all doing part-time stuff
          • I don't whine about how much work it is unless someone tells me that it's not. And I don't understand why you're getting hostile. I apologize if my tone was offensive. I meant it to be tongue-in-cheek, but clearly it didn't come across that way.