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  • I'm really sorry to hear that, Jonathan!

    While I myself will continue to argue that Perl6 ist vaporware until it is actually released, I will kick people from the Workshop if they attack other people personally.

    I hope the guy will have the balls to publicly apologize to you without any wenn und aber or else I'll try to track him down and refuse to let him attend any further German Perl Workshops.

    Cynic, n.: A blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be. -- The Devil's Dictionary
    • While I myself will continue to argue that [Perl6] ist vaporware until it is actually released...

      Seriously? New Rakudo [] release next Wednesday, just like every month.

      • You keep saying that [], but I guess what people mean by "Perl6" is not "Something that somebody decided to slap the label 'Perl6' on", or "Some executable named perl6", but something that lives up to the promises made by Damian and others, and the venture into Science Fiction, published by O'Reilly. I guess you will have to put up with telling people that Rakudo is Perl6 even after the release of Duke Nukem Forever.

        I'm still waiting for my flying car.

        • I'm still waiting for my flying car.

          You're no dummy. I know familiar with how community-driven software works. I can't understand where the feeling of entitlement comes from that drives you to complain continually that we haven't somehow magically pooled all of our volunteer time to produce everything what you want on precisely your schedule for exactly the budget you've given us to work with.

          On behalf of every volunteer (such as Allison, Jonathan, Patrick, Larry, Damian, Audrey, and Jerry) who's actually done something to make Perl 6 happen, including taking time off from work to volunteer, I offer you this "OH NOES PELR SIXX IS LATEZ!" official raspberry: thpppt.

          You can redeem it for a Full Official Blessed Final Version of Perl 6.0 when it's done.

          Or, you know, you could actually help.

          • You misunderstand me. I'm not complaining about that Perl6 is not here. The only thing I'm pointing at is your constant railing against such claims as:

            [Perl6] ist vaporware until it is actually released...

            You claim that

            Seriously? New Rakudo release next Wednesday, just like every month.

            as if that were any indication to that Perl6 were actually "done" in any way.

            The progress that has been made in the last few years is amazing, but Perl6 is in no way "done" or "ready". Rakudo has a long way to go to

            • Rakudo does in no way change the vaporware of [Perl 6]...

              The fact that multiple implementations exist and people can use them (hey, I wrote working Perl 6 code two and a half year ago) doesn't mean that the software actually exists outside of a hidden code repository that no one outside of the company can see or even outside the minds of the marketing department?

              If you downloaded and build Rakudo right now, you might see that it supports features natively that Perl 5 doesn't have.

              If you want to rede

              • I wrote working Perl6 code two years and 10 months ago myself [], thank you. But that does not mean that the then implementation of Perl6 included any features that differentiated Perl6 from Perl5.

                If you get all sorts of righteous indignation knotted up inside when the people actually doing the work to make all of these lovely features exist start saying "Hey, this part works now, and we release a new stable version every month in case you don't want to check out trunk continually," well, that's one sort of

                • You can have as many Rakudo releases as there are months in the year, but that doesn't mean anything in the progress of [Perl 6].

                  I only responded to quote that sentence. You, sir, left me speechless. Few people do.