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  • Well, that's a heck of a tricky failure.

    As the culprit (as it were), I would suggest the following:

    • Pod::HTML -- needs to do something smarter with things it doesn't understand. Report that as a bug.
    • Module::Build -- probably shouldn't let HTML errors be fatal. Report that as a bug.
    • Your Pod doesn't render well on either -- you should probably try a different construct anyway, e.g.:

    =item 0

    This is item 0

    =item 1

    This is item 1

    And so on.

    Use the pod2html preview [] to see how it l

    • Hmmm, the POD does not even render as expected viewing perldoc.

              These are the different values:

              =over 4

              =item * 0

              Game is over

              =item * 1

              full card (the default)

      Renders to:

              These are the different values:

              o Game is over

              o 1

                      full card (the default)

      I do not understand why this is a problem and it might be more fundamental. I would expect =item * 0 to regard zero as a string/character since the * (asterisk) is a parameter to =item - so is this a POD bug/issue?

      I did a quick test:


              =head2 numerics


              =item 0

              =item 1


              =head2 bullets


              =item * 0, zero

              =item * 0

              zero with text on new line

              =item * 1, one



      And it seems as if =item followed by * followed by a newline does not work as the above variation =item * 0, zero

      The output:




              o 0, zero

              o zero with text on new line

              o 1, one

      So perhaps a bug report should also be filed with perl/perldoc?

      The above example is available for download [].
      • perlpodspec is pretty ambiguous about it. I think it implies that it should work, but it doesn't really say it. It's probably a bug.

        Generally, I think it's best if one uses the "=item X" paragraph *only* for defining "the bullet" part of the list and using a separate paragraph afterwards for the content. E.g.

        # a list of bulleted numbers


        =item *


        =item *

        0 is a number



      • Looks like someone is testing the string following the bullet with something like if ( $headline ) as opposed to if ( defined $headline and length $headline ). Check what happens if you say =item * Z<>0.

        (In 5.12, the need for the defined will go away because length undef will silently return undef rather than warning and returning 0.)

        But I agree with David that you should not put a bullet and headline on the =item line.