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  • I also chatted with Marcus Börger for a while and discovered that he has a much better understanding of OO than most programmers out there. Then I discovered that he's the speaker for the PHP OO tutorial. A bit of further digging revealed that he's been around the block a few times. How many Perl folk know anyone associated with PHP? We're shooting ourselves in the foot by not paying attention.

    Yeah, PHP isn't really quite as terrible as many people say. Especially now that it has a decent OO syste

    • In addition, it has not just one, but two built-ins for calculating the date of Easter: easter_date() [] and easter_days() []. It's hard to beat, that way.

      But, seriously: its OO system is pretty decent.

      In comparison to Perl, I do find standard Perl's flattening of lists, much easier to work with than PHP's arrays. Very often, it results in a much small number of required code lines for selected snippets in Perl than in PHP, for the same functionality.

      PHP's popularity has much more to do with its ease of deployme
      • PHP's popularity has much more to do with its ease of deployment, than with the lanuage itself. Because superior, it is not.

        Superior to what? If I could easily write in any language I would probably still be using Lisp for most of my code :-)

        Given a choice between PHP and Perl I'd certainly pick Perl. Given a choice between PHP and Java - I'm not so sure.

        Yeah it's hideously idiosyncratic in places, but it's got a vaguely decent OO system (in some ways better than Perl's) and it's sitting on every web host on the planet.

        While PHP certainly wouldn't be my first choice for development work, with the advent of PHP5 the whole "PHP is a toy language - nobody would/could write anything serious in it" rant seems pretty bogus.

        • I don't think PHP is a toy language, but you seem to be saying PHP5 is the answer, and PHP5 is not "sitting on every web host on the planet". And the Easter builtins seem more likely to be useful than the builtins for the French revolutionary calendar [].
          • but you seem to be saying PHP5 is the answer

            That wasn't my intent. It's a non-trivial improvement certainly, but you can still write reasonable code without that much effort in PHP4.

            PHP3 on the other hand :-)

            I'm just agreeing with Ovid that the seeming instinctual reaction of some Perl developers to start frothing at the mouth and spitting venom at the merest hint that PHP can do useful stuff does more harm than good.