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  • by hfb (74) on 2003.09.12 2:08 (#24137) Homepage Journal

    get a lot of teenage weddings. Of course, they likely aren't going to fund marriage counseling and daycare for all the babies...or even education for that matter. But, for the unthinking who want or need to be told what to do, it's certainly a winning strategy since not having sex is an effective method of contraception.

    Good thing they're not Catholic as the pope issued an encyclical a few years back telling widows [ mind not widowers ] that sex with another husband was amoral. It seems like religions go well out of their way to may sex a far more fucked up deal than it should be. It's good to be an atheist living 3500 miles from the nearest US border.

    • But not only. Advocating chastity as the only contraception method leads as well to delegitimize delivering information about sex to teenagers. That's a sure way to spread unwanted pregnancies, abortions and sexual diseases. And of course all this craze about sex being bad is just going to give another boost to an already too powerful porn industry. Not mentioning prostitution. Even Paul was saying that chastity can't be enforced on everyone.

      In most civilizations that have a rule of no-sex-before-marriage, forbidding sex is just one way to keep women under control, so they can be used as money between tribes. This explains the gender descrimination in the encyclical you quoted. And this is a rhetorical rule. Noone in France ever thought seriously it was to be followed (except by ugly old women), beginning with our kings, who were also official leaders of the gallican church. Even nowadays Jesuit missionaries distribute condoms in countries where they are needed (and they give the finger to the Pope in the purest Jesuit tradition). But the modern protestants seem to hate sex just because they love to hate sex. Go figure.

      • Yes, people can go too far to extremes, but consider this gem from the article: "During the last few years Planned Parenthood itself has been forced to mention abstinence as a strategy for avoiding pregnancy and disease." Oh my gosh, you mean you can avoid pregnancy and STDs by avoiding SEX? What will they think of next? I can't even imagine what kind of warped logic it takes for anyone to find it remarkable that Planned Parenthood would mention abstinence.

        There is plenty of room for middle ground. It'
        • The problem with abstinence-only education is that it leads children to avoid speaking and asking questions to their parents, who (in an ideal world) should be the primary and only teachers and authorities for that kind of private and intimate thing. (And you seem to agree with me on this point. Schools are just an expedient.) And usually abstinence-only education means no education about sex at all. (At least that's how it works in the Catholic families in southern Europe.) And without family or schools, t
          • The problem with abstinence-only education is that it leads children to avoid speaking and asking questions to their parents

            Not always, no. That is dependent on the parents.

            And usually abstinence-only education means no education about sex at all.

            The fault of the parents.

            And I think we agree on this, but the problem is that I see no logical line from "the parents are shirking their responsibility" to "therefore the government should do it." It's the wrong direction. When people are not required to
        • > It's not that I hate sex. It's that I don't trust other people's
          > ideas about sex, and on this planet, the parents get to make those
          > sorts of judgments, because they are the ones who make those sorts
          > of judgments every day. That's what it means to be a parent. And
          > if you think I am being unreasonable, answer this honestly: would
          > YOU want ME teaching YOUR kids about sex? I thought not.

          The thing I find galling about the billboard is that it is exactly
          what you're complaining about:
          • I am not in favor of the billboard. However, the reason it exists, the reason why people push for such things, is out of reactionary tendencies to the last few decades of things swinging the other way. Simply saying the billboard is wrong doesn't do much, if anything, to solve the problem.