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  • If you bash out some requirements (like how you want to use it, how much information you're likely to be wanting, whether you'll be wanting alerts, prioritising (by importance, by time it has been on the list, by function of the previous two, whatever), and all that sort of stuff), then we could be near a start.

    I'm tempted to do the 'start a committee' approach, make a mailing list (can do myself; with web archive), invite people and see what people want in a TODO program. I, for one, also wouldn't mind on
      ---ict / Spoon
    • I'll put more thought into a an additonal comment later, but to expand...

      One reason I tend to email myself so many little
      notes is I have a custom CLI mailer I wrote
      It ought to be about that easy to add an entry.
      (I should add the ability to invoke EDITOR)

      So there might be multiple interfaces, given
      the requirements of incredible ease of use,
      and access form anywhere. I'd guess a web interface, and some kind of CLI that might
      map over it.

      Another thing is that management/organizing
      entires tends to be non-trivial. Especially
      for me, because I tend to end up with lots
      of fragments of ideas, and to interweave
      bits amongst various projects. So just now
      I was thinking for the CLI perhaps a POD
      like syntax, so that with a single invokation
      multiple items could be added.

          =item Foo

          Twiddle the bar.

          =item Quux
          =item warble
          =item fiz

          Something pertinent to all 3?

      And data storage. Well it might be nice if
      you could just open it up in an editor,
      and such a flatfile scheme would reduce requirements. OTOH an actual database has it's
      advantages, perhaps just use DBI defaulting DBD::AnyData?

      Of course another issue is that with the
      emails, it's incredibly easy to add the
      entries, and as previously mentioned, not
      so easy to manage. However, actually getting
      around to reading them etc. instead of
      merely paying them lip service is another
      matter. So err, I guess that goes with your
      alert thing.

      This got a bit longerwinded than I thought,
      and probably not too coherent, so I should
      wander off and contemplate.
      Were that I say, pancakes?
      • A quick bit, if a CLI is a handy wrapper
        over a web interface (security in the web
        (outside of exploits) is left to the end user)
        then one needs to take some kind of security
        into consideration. Entering a user/pass
        everytime could be optional, but is not
        convenient (or even say path to a key).
        Probably an INI File for storing the info.
        Likewise, perhaps the ability to bypass the
        web interface if the database is local,
        or the database is listening to an
        socket that is accessible from the client.
        Hrmm, ssh-tunnel?

        I sup
        Were that I say, pancakes?
      • FWIW, I've started using my POD Wiki for my Todo list. This enables me to add many different structures, and also allows me the freedom to create links from ideas to full blown project pages.

        I've only just started doing it, so I'll know better how it's going in about 6 months!
        • How well does it work?
          I haven't gotten much done with this project.

          I was just thinking about it today, and decided
          to start working on the transports soon. Had
          some other ideas too. Like using GPG. And maybe
          using MH mail as a possible backend/interface.
          Were that I say, pancakes?
          • It works well, depending on your expectations. Remember a Wiki is just a big notepad with hyperlinks. The one advantage it gives me is I can access and edit it from anywhere. (Of course being a Wiki, so could anybody else ;-)