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  • (ten minutes after my prior comment)

    It occurs to me that my previous comment appears to be blaming Paul for what we did.

    It isn't.

    It's pointing out that among his several pages of constructive bitching, at least half of the points in which we've now addressed and the rest we're trying to as volunteers' time provides, the lack of female badges was one of them, and this is what we did about it given the resources available.

    I take full and absolute responsibility for any and every gender related issue involved in the Iron Man competition. The decisions were all mine, and I am comfortable with them - and if you want to hate me for them, do feel free.

    But Paul, and Jess, and Gerda Shank, and others, provided useful feedback direct to me and to the other organisers. You, instead, chose to complain in a public forum about how the contest was exclusive and you refused to take part, without ever contacting the organisers and explaining your reservations and seeing if we were able to find something we could do about them.

    I'm sorry you think that public complaining that I just happened to come across thanks to Jess is a more useful contribution to open source marketing than a suitable bug report to the authors of this scheme. I'm not sorry you aren't taking part; this competition is for people who want to do something for perl, who want to collaborate and help each other achieve a better marketing image for our language, not for people who think that public complaining without bothering to speak to the people or contacting the organisers or maintainers you're complaining about is a net positive.

    You just stood up as a representative of every person who has ever posted "$module is shit" on a public message board without ever mailing the CPAN RT queue. I gave you an email address. I'm fucking obvious on IRC or you wouldn't have used my nickname in your post. But no, rather than saying "well done for making a start, can we fix @these things" like Paul did ,you just complain here without ever talking to me, without even trying to open a dialogue.

    Well, fuck you. You're part of the problem.

    So if you don't believe in this, let the people who actually give a flying fuck about community and collaboration, the people who've meant we're pushing seventy five signups so far and five more every day since I announced it, get on with marketing our language, with showing the world that perl isn't the pissy, insular, self hating dead system half the world thinks it is.

    And if you change your mind, then please do mail your grievances to ironman at where I'll still be as willing to respond to them in a constructive fashion as I always was, and perhaps the next public statement from both of us can be "bug resolved" like I love to for the CPAN modules I help look after. Maybe you could talk to me and we can collaborate. Or you can just bitch here some more and I'll listen and laugh it off just like I do every other person who would rather complain than help, rather ad hominem than try diplomacy, rather put down and blame than try to find a way forwards.

    The choice is yours. I'd much rather you'd have chosen to email me in the first place so we could have discussed this, but apparently that was too much to hope for.

    Yours, more interested in a better future than complaining to the ether about the present, mst []

    • jarich is married to pjf.

      I think you'll find that much of the useful feedback you mentioned that pjf provided was a product of both of them.

      • I hadn't made the connection - I've only ever seen the nick 'jarich' on and then here complaining about this. I was enlightened fairly shortly after I posted -

        On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 11:26:42AM +0930, Paul Fenwick wrote:
        > G'day Matt,
        > Matt S Trout wrote:
        > > pjf is jarich's husband :)
        > >
        > > shit.
        > Oh my! I think that's the closest I've ever come to death from laughter. ;)
        > Jacinta's e-mail address is (redacted, fuck you spambots), although i

    • The White Camel awards last year made it clear that jarich is not a part of the problem. The fact that she chooses not to participate in your project in no way means that she isn't doing a heck of a lot for Perl. And the fact that you don't realize that just makes you look bad.

      As for her complaining in her journal, the way that I read that is that she is trying to raise awareness in the Perl community in general. As a way of reaching you it is spectacularly inefficient. But emailing you as a way of reac

      • Except Paul's feedback just said "change the title of the aggregator to 'Planet Perl Iron Man'". And actually, no, the reason she complained here rather than direct to me is that she assumed I wouldn't listen. Amazing how easily even the best of us can be messed over by implicit assumptions, eh :) - fortunately as I noted above, this ones now corrected and we're having what will hopefully be a very productive discussion via email.

        The best way to raise awareness in the perl community would IMO have been to s