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  • According to the excellent YSlow plugin [] for Firefox, about 900K of that is uncompressed YUI javascript. There's no excuse for that -- the raw YUI libraries are very well documented, which is pointless for a production website. I use scriptaculous [] and prototype.js [] for my own work and I use yuicompressor [] to squish my JS and then gzip it. Gzipped content works smoothly on all browsers except Safari.

    To make it work with Safari too, you have name your file .jsgz instead of .js.gz and then do the following in
    • More to the point, does ANY of that shit get used on the front page?

      If not, and they are just there for caching purposes, the script tags can be moved down to the end of the page just before the so that the page renders FIRST and doesn't block while it pulls the JavaScript to cache it.
      • When I complained about the horrendously long load times due to Javascript [], pudge nitpicked my whatever it was about how I complained about it, basically told me I have no idea what I am talking about, and refused to engage the question on technical grounds to any extent whatsoever. Maybe if the complaint comes from someone he doesn’t personally dislike, he’ll actually manage to listen.

        • Nope. Nitpicking is just what Pudge enjoys doing, and he's really good at it, for what that's worth. As he unfortunately "runs this place," we just have to STFU and deal with Teh Slowness.
          • Or fork it and run your own!
            • I'm sure tons of people would love that but are scared off by the tons of mindshare that use.perl has accumulated over the years.

              • Well, you know, with the so-called 'community' and its pool of people if not dwindling then certainly stagnating having five 'forks' of the same shit simply because someone needed to jerk themselves off so they could either have their own or just to shit on someone elses' stuff, you'd think somone would get a fucking clue that maybe it's not all that productive.
                • It's so nice to know that you're always right behind every volunteer with a "Thank you!" You are truly the kind, generous, sweet role model you've always said the Perl community needed.

                  • I don't have to be the effusive lavisher of praise to note the pathological egotism that prevails with those who, when they either don't get their way or want something of their own, decide to fragment that which already exists. I don't know if I'd call it a community so much as a collection of mutually self-interested egotists. There's plenty I don't really like about the look and feel of use.perl, but it does the job its supposed to and I respect the time, energy and resources that Pudge has invested in i
                    • I don't know if I'd call it a community so much as a collection of mutually self-interested egotists.

                      Works for me. That's my definition of community. Why should I be interested in people who don't even find themselves interesting?

                      J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers