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  • I loaded the flash thingy while the TV programme was live expecting to play along. The damn thing said "waiting for tv studio" with a twenty minute countdown....even though the television show had already started the quiz.

    At this point I lost confidence in the whole thing and went back to watching the programme on Kylie on Channel 5.

    I don't know if that decision rates me as more or less inteligent.

  • If they automatically downgraded the score of anyone daft enough to spend their Saturday evening doing an IQ test.
  • The interface is buggy... sometimes, it stops responding to mouse clicks (doesn't register your answer), and then you get an extra 5 seconds where it forcibly puts your answer as the place where you first clicked (no changes can be made)...

    Just finished playing it, I suck at pattern recognition and towards the end, I got calls from outside (yes, I'm making excuses :p)

    Still haven't got the mail from BBC, though :)

    • That sounds to me like you might be trying to answer the example questions.

      I made the same mistake :)

      • LOL... You're absolutely right (everyone in my cubicle is playing it now *evil grin*, which is how I noticed :o)

        Wish they allowed a player to move on once they answered the question instead of waiting the whole 15 odd seconds.. bah.. (still no email, maybe their application doesn't handle IQ in the floating point ranges ;o)

  • I wonder... (Score:2, Interesting)

    How many people used calculators - wrote the addresses down etc...

    But seeing the opportunities for cheating shows intelligence?
  • Does alcohol have any (momentarily) effect on IQ scores? Judging from my own experience it would seem that it actually increases IQ (which corroborates the feeling one gets when drunk): I got 136 after coming home completely wasted at 5am :)


    -- Robin Berjon []

    • Does a screaming baby have any (momentarily) effect on IQ scores? Judging from my own experience it would seem that it actually increases IQ (which does _not_ corroborates the feeling one gets when listening to him): I got 136 while Antonio [] was raising hell in the house.

      On the other hand it looks like it has the same effect as alcohol ;--)

      • Good to hear that, I now have a strong case to continued drinking instead of procreation as they have the very same effect. Whichever future girlfriend tries to get me to become a father will have to beat that argument, HA!


        -- Robin Berjon []

        • I now have a strong case to continued drinking instead of procreation

          Hmm...that's odd. I thought the two were intertwined. :-O

  • IQ tests are utterly flawed. Even if such as thing as intellegence does exist as a single concept, a test only tests the users ability to do tests.

    IQ tests have been utterly disgraced for decades, as it's been known for a long time that they are biased by culture, language abilities (vacabulary in particular), mental arithmatic and previous exposure to the test.

    IQ tests proved that white English males are more intelligent than black African women. Don't laugh that was the basis of US immigration policy fo
    -- "It's not magic, it's work..."
    • Hm. Does the fact that you have no less than six punctuation errors and two spelling errors -- not to mention the argumentation error of saying "it's been known" without saying who knows it -- contribute to your distaste for tests?
      • Dyslexia has it's problems....

        As it happens, I've had my IQ measured by Statutory tests by the UK Government (11+), and had a score in the region of 160. As a result of this test I was allowed to go to a better school than other children, and was easily able to obtain a BSc and PhD.

        IQ tests do not test spelling or grammer...
        -- "It's not magic, it's work..."
    • IQ tests only measure the brain's ability to respond to a variety of mental puzzles, that are supposed to be aimed the both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The word intelligence is misleading as you really need to go into a lot more depth to discover someone's intelligence. However, as a guide to someone's mental dexterity, it's pretty good. Anyone who bases their life on their IQ score has probably missed the point.