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  • In some ways I'm actually more uneasy about WMD now that Iraq has been rendered totally chaotic. It's kind of like how post-Perestroika Russia was hailed as an amazing advance for democraticization (is that a word?), while at the same time it was a hot bed for weapons proliferation.
  • Imagine (Score:2, Insightful)

    Just imagine. You used to be a member of the iraqi government. Now you are unemployed. You need money. You know where the wmds are. A friend of a friend has ties to alquaeda. What's the reason again you lost your job?

  • I guess the camp at Salam Pak which trained people to take over commercial air liners, Abu Abbas' terrorist training camp and Ansar Al-Islam, all operating in Iraq with the support and knowledge of Saddam Hussein are just American propaganda?

    It's clear to me there's lots of evidence that Saddam Hussein was working with terrorists now, and more comes out daily.

    I'm more comfortable with control of the situation whether than just guessing who and how the terrorists are being supported.

    Since Saddam had not g

    • $700,000,000,000?

      Yeah, without 9/11 we'd probably still be buying Yahoo stocks for $100+

      You really think you're safer now. Just because the terrorists can't stay in Iraq? Well, they're gonna move somewhere else. The US won't stop them with force before they either colonized the whole and I don't think that's anyone's plan.

      Ok, I admit I think that is Bush's plan but his mom said she'd be mad if he did it.

      • Yes, $700 Billion in economic damage.

        Remember it closed the US Stock market for almost a week. The World Trade Center was in the heart of the economic district. The insurance industry is still very shaky. Airlines and the travel industry in general took a huge hit. It did a great deal of damage to the overall economy.

        • You really think you're safer now. Just because the terrorists can't stay in Iraq?

        Yes, I think I'm safer when we go out and actually do something about the problem rather than just

        • Yes, I think I'm safer when we go out and actually do something about the problem rather than just quivering in our basements and hoping they won't hurt us again.

          'Something', in this case, has yet to be seen as effective. Simple economics dictate that -- currently -- it's cheaper for a 9/11 than a War On Iraq. It's cheaper for someone to become a banana republic dictator and crash a plane into a building than it is to build the building, or build the infrastructure that produced the building, etc.



          You are what you think.
    • Sigh. Any Al-Qaedaish operations in Iraq were occuring in the Kurdish territories over which Saddam had no control owing to the US-imposed no fly zone. Saddam did not have expansionist goals, per se. Learn your history about the Iraq/Kuwait border and learn something of the circumstances surrounding Iraq's post Iran war economic plight and what the dispute with Kuwait entailed.
  • Opinions like this really sicken me.

    "OK, the old regime was oppressive to its people"

    That's a bit of an understatement. The Iraqi regime habitually and systematically raped, murdered, and tortured. Imagine you're an Iraqi living under Saddam's regime, and you see self-important Americans marching to prevent war, because they're worried of a terrorist threat, a couple of days after your youngest daughter was gang-raped, while being videoed, so the footage could be used to blackmail her. Imagine your brothe
    • There are many regimes as bad and worse than Iraq. The US and UN did nothing for Indonesia's people under the old regime there.

      And the war was about Weapons of Mass Destruction, not human rights. WMDs have not been found and the UN could have continued (at least the atomic agency said they could work with or without the support of the Iraqi regime). But now Blix and those qualified have been pushed aside so some CIA and other dubious agencies for the US can 'find' WMDs.


      @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
      print reverse @JAPH;
    • Oh, you completely misunderstood me. I'm not afraid at all of being struck by terrorism. I feel completely safe.

      I'm just saying that those people who thought that say'd be safer now should get a clue.