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  • if you don't mind changing your paths a bit, use local::lib '/opt/perl' and forget about it.

    I'd say you're missing the arch-specific dirs (you probably are), but that can't be all, because that wouldn't explain Moose and Test::More.
    • I don't mind changing my paths inside regular Perl stuff... works good lasts long time already there.

      It's just when I'm sudo'd to run the cpan shell. I can't change root's paths (at least, not permanently) without defeating the purpose of having the libs separated. And even so, I'm doing a straight-up sudo, and PERL5LIB carries over.

      So I'm not at all sure that's the actual problem... it seems like whatever's doing the installation (Module::Install, I think) is failing to locate it internally. Not a failed r
      • I don't mind changing my paths inside regular Perl stuff... works good lasts long time already there.

        I didn't mean inside Perl, I meant in your shell, like the local::lib examples give:
        eval `perl -Mlocal::lib=/opt/perl`
        (in .bashrc or similar)

        This will cover all the bases -- Module::Install, Module::Build, your arch-specific dirs, etc.

        • The problem is (was) that Module::Install and everybody all worked fine... *if* I installed manually. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with "my" configuration, I just couldn't figure out why the cpan shell, specifically, wasn't honoring it. So it didn't seem like local::lib would help.

          The key, it turns out, was that by the time I reached "make install," the only bit done with sudo, my personal PERL5LIB had already set all the appropriate paths, so the fact that it wasn't being passed wasn't a concern anymore.

          My bash-fu is weak, so I don't know if local::lib would get around that similarly... I'm fuzzy on when sudo actually switches users. (My CNFIGSSP-fu is strong, though. So there.)