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  • Is it just me, or does this sound like a professional swindle?

    "We're almost done with a project that needs just a small cash infusion and mankind everywhere will reap the benefits. We have little (or nothing) to show for 5 years of work but if you trust us -- and send us cash -- we'll come up with something quickly. Please make your checks payable in Nigerian funds..."

    Autrijus seems to have cobbled together much of Perl 6 in a couple of weeks. Shouldn't we rather send money to an inspired hacker like t
    • I don't know the ins and outs of TPF funding but I can't believe that Tim O'Reilly can't cough up some hard cash? ORA has made mega-bucks out of Perl ($$$$$) - what about the Perl/Camel trademark licence how much is he paying for that? If he truly supports "Open Source" then lets have some cash deposits rather then withdrawals from the Perl community coffers!

      Someone should approach him from TPF with a 2 for 1 offer - every dollar raised by the Perl community he doubles.

      I suspect the gate was left open and the Camel™ trademark has bolted - but the TPF has another opportunity with Perl6.

      Offer him an exclusive "book seller's" licence to a Perl6 related-trademark => how about Pugs™ or Parrot™, or even Perl6™ for an upfront fee and an ongoing "community support" licence?

      Make the offer to other publishers who want to move into the ORA patch? They may jump at the chance!

      The Perl6 asset is its stunning intellectual property, combined with the book-buying, conference-going goodwill of the community, and as Larry says the language is designed for the next 2o years - a trademark is the connection between all this and cash. Even in its pre-alpha stage this asset is worth big $$$$$$. A small portion of this asset can be sold off now to safeguard its future - a bookseller's trademark licence may be one way?

      p.s. A grass roots suggestion for raising funds is:

      ORA Book Drive - get everyone to liquidate their bookshelves stuffed with old ORA books and send the proceeds to TPF. Look over at your bookshelf - "How Much has Tim Made?"™ Do you need all those old books?

      p.p.s. I think Autrijus is doing a top job - and Pugs™ should be supported by TPF too.

      • ORA has been terribly generous over the years and always returning to them to solicit them for still more money seems a bit uncreative. I agree about Autrijus though as he has the enthusiasm that has long since left the project. Money can't buy that.
      • Let's call a spade a spade, and a contract a contract.

        I counter-propose TPF:

        * For each of the "milestones" an airtight specification is written before DIME ONE is collected. [Since the Perl 6 crowd isn't big on specs, I doubt this *can* actually happen.] This would become the basis of a contract.

        * Since the bylaws of TPF forbid legal action against members of the TPF, those receiving these contracts would have to step down first.

        * Of the $35 for each milestone we split the moneys into two pots: $32,0
        • * When the contract fails to be met (which it inevitably will) the third party administator can take legal action for damages against the contractor on behalf of the TPF.

          You're intending to collect money to hand out to lawyers? And you expect me to take you seriously?

          • Absolutely.

            No person with grounding in common sense would undertake signing $400k in contracts to unreliable souls without legal representation.

            And given the reliability of Larry & Co., I'd pay the lawyers *first*.
            • After all this polemism, can we have a promise that you won't use Perl6 if it does succeed? Or does the M in your nick stand for Machiavelli?
              • [M is for Mike. Short for Mycroft.]

                If it ever gets spec'd out (I doubt it will, too many cooks in this soup)


                If it ever gets written (I doubt it will, more likely PONIE will become Perl 6)


                It proves itself so useful over Perl 5 that the world-at-large can't help but abandon Perl 5 (doubtful as well, Perl 5's just too spread around and CPAN's too large)


                It proves more useful (faster, better, stronger) than other tools (Perl 5, Java, C#, C, Python, etc..) at my disposal.


                I would use Perl